Which smartphone should you buy to get the best gaming experience?

Mobile phones are more powerful than ever before and this is showcased best when looking at how they perform when playing games. Mobile phones used to have to download all their games in order to play them however now they are so sophisticated that just like at home you can go online and play in your browser. Sites such as http://www.GamingClub.com/au have seen a huge drive in traffic as a result of this. Many people now access casino games and a variety of other games whist on the move. Obviously, in order to do this, you need a powerful mobile phone and so here are a few that you should definitely look at.

Google Nexus

The android operating system was created by Google, so obviously a first party phone created by Google is a fantastic choice and the Nexus five proves this. With its quad core processor and plenty of RAM to back it up, the Google Nexus is a great fun for playing games.

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Caring for your Guitar: Storage and Fretboard

For most musicians, the guitar is more than an instrument; it is an investment that you want to keep for as long as possible. In order to be successful at prolonging its life, you must not neglect its care. And to properly care for your classical guitars, you need to know how to store them correctly and maintain their fretbroad.

Taking care of your guitar


Properly storing your guitars is essential to preserving the instrument. The storage options for guitars can be separated into three categories: bag, stand and case. Each type has its own positive and negative aspects that you should take into consideration when choosing which type to use.


  • Pros: Bags are commonly chosen for their moderate price and versatility. Their portability and handle straps make them ideal for those who regularly travel with their guitar. They are also relatively lightweight and can be worn like a backpack.
  • Cons: Bags provide little protection for the guitar and isn’t the safest way to travel with your instrument.


  • Pros: Stands are usually the most inexpensive option for storing your guitar. This storage option is often used as a way to display your guitar as a decorative piece in your home. Stands are convenient allowing you to easily access or put away your guitar without fumbling with a case or bag.
  • Cons: Stands provide no protection for your guitar, which means they will be susceptible to the elements like dust, dirt, humidity and temperature fluctuations. Moreover, most guitars are sensitive to these elements and can easily damaged by them.


  • Cases are the best way to protect your guitars. In fact, most guitars can be safely stored in cases for many years. Cases are the ideal method to protecting your investment.
  • Cons: The biggest downside of cases is their high price range. Cases are the most expensive method for storing guitars, and for that reason many people choose other storing options.

Fretboard Care
Dirt and sweat is likely to accumulate on the guitar’s fretboard, so special care is required to properly maintained it. This will require periodically polishing it, which should be done whenever you replace the strings. Polishing the fretbroad will require a cloth and guitar polish. Use the items to polish up and down the fretboard thoroughly and carefully. Let the polish sit on the surface for about 20 seconds before rubbing the polish into the fretboard. Guitars with properly cared for fretboards will be easier to play, feel more comfortable and have a more attractive appearance then one that is neglected.

A Well-Deserved Break… in Baguio! :)

The past few months have been a struggle for me. For some reason, I felt exhausted by everything that’s been happening at home and in my personal life. I wanted a break, even for just a week or so, and thankfully, I was given a chance to take a much-needed vacation… and what’s amazing about this is I’m on my second week now in Baguio – one of my favorite cities here in the Philippines. Woot!

I’ve been feeling depressed lately, especially because of financial concerns and other issues at home. I wanted to pause and not think about everything that’s been making me sad, so I was desperate to take a break. I didn’t know I’d be given a chance to stay here in Baguio for 2 weeks, let alone in a cozy hotel right smack in the middle of the city of Pines. :)

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What Do You Do to Zone Out? Online Bingo anyone?

Coffee break

If you lead a busy modern life of any sort, it’s probably true that you’ve told yourself it’s all going to change soon – or perhaps that you‘re going to lean to relax soon right?

And if this is true – just how long have you been telling yourself this for? And why haven’t you achieved it yet?

Many people in the western world suffer from this kind of mentality. Call it the protestant / Victorian work ethic if you like – but whatever the reason, we all seem to be on a treadmill to nowhere that we can’t seem to step off. So, perhaps the best thing to do is simply stop trying to step off it all the time and simply accept what is.

It’s often said that acceptance is nine-tenths of the solution and this is very true when it comes to relaxation. If you simply accept that you’re one of life’s restless “type A” personalities who is always slightly on-edge, unsettled, feels guilty when doing nothing and generally a “driven” type – then it is as it is. This is who you are and what you are – and fighting against it all the time and thinking you ‘could’ and ‘should’ be someone else and that you would be that other person if only you could just first achieve X amount of money, or other goal etc., is a fundamental mistake.

It’s far healthier for your overall mental state to accept that you’re driven and to lean to enjoy the drive itself. In this way you can direct your boundless energies into working for the benefit of other people be they friends, family or generally other people in need – and this is the path to true happiness and inner contentment.

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