Blogger Unleashed & Griz’s Blog on Making Money for Beginners

starting today, i will be posting all the interesting websites/blogs i’ve discovered and will continue reading. i’ve been doing this since last week because i want to start on my way to earning money online or establishing my blogging identity.

Blogger Unleashed ( – the author aims to help out people like me who are beginners in making money online through blogging. i’m not yet done reading all his articles but from what i’ve read, he has really good tips about how to earn through blogging. he’s been successful with his online business so i know i can get much needed tips from him.

i actually like reading his articles. he doesn’t seem to sugarcoat things. he is also a vlogger so you can just watch and listen to his tips.

Griz’s Blog – Make Money for Beginners ( – he is an Adsense expert. i found his website through Blogger Unleashed. again, i’m not reading through his articles but i bet he’s got great tips for me that will be useful when i start AdSense on my blog.

i’ll add both to my blog & website roll. i added some other websites that i haven’t started reading through yet so i’ll get back to them when i have the time.