Teriyaki Boy – Review

me and mai went out yesterday to pick up our backpay check. we were in Cubao so we decided to go to Gateway Mall for lunch afterwards. we couldn’t decide where to dine. since we haven’t tried Teriyaki Boy yet, there we went.

we don’t really like japanese food so we weren’t familiar with most of what they have on their menu, except for teriyaki, of course. so we just ordered based on what sounds delighting from how it was described on the menu.

Gyu-Yakiniku Don
 Grilled sliced beef with Teriyaki Boy Sauce and egg topped on rice
 price: PhP 250.00
mai chose this. i had to taste it after she said it was good. the sauce wasn’t too sweet. i liked it. mai didn’t like the egg, though. she prefers her eggs well-cooked. beef was cooked just right. the sauce complemented it very well. the serving was good enough for 2 people, actually. overall, it was worth paying PhP 250 for it.

Deep-fried breaded pork cutlet with stirred egg topped on rice
price: PhP 160.00

according to Teriyaki Boy’s website, this is one of their best-sellers. but i didn’t order it because of that. i just ordered something familiar (lolz).

so… what do i think? well, first of all, its aroma reminded me of tikoy. i believe it’s because of the egg or something.

it was good though. the slice of pork that i got was 40% fat so i didn’t enjoy it that much. it was really appetizing, though. i’m not sure if it’s because the breading was sweet. worth the price for me.

Ika Fry
Crispy strips of deep-fried breaded squid
price: PhP 145

we really love calamares. so i ordered this because it sounded delish. we were kinda disappointed. it tasted too much of squid, which should be good because that means it wasn’t all breading, but it turned our taste buds off. we barely finished the dish. the sauce that came with it didn’t help either. not worth paying PhP 145.

one thing i observed is they love adding egg on almost all their recipes. i’m not sure why but it works. well, at least for me hehe.

the question is will we dine again at Teriyaki Boy? maybe, just to try their other dishes but the meal we had was too heavy for us. i almost wasn’t able to finish my katsudon, to think that i was really hungry. their servings really compensate their prices but you have to make sure your stomach’s already rumbling before you order one of the higher-priced meals.

we weren’t completely disappointed, unlike with Super Bowl of China. so, yes, if you haven’t tried dining at Teriyaki Boy, go ahead.

(my first food review. more to come!)