A Very Special Love – Review

me and mai watched “A Very Special Love” at Gateway Mall last friday. she wanted to watch it because she saw the trailer. nakakakilig daw so i agreed. i watched the trailer first and was convinced.

i don’t really like watching tagalog movies because they seem to always have the same cheesy storylines. but since this is a new pairing, i watched it with mai.

and, surprisingly, i wasn’t disappointed. they were a cute couple. Sarah Geronimo suited the role of Laida Magdalas very much because of her wholesome image. Laida was so into Miggy Montenegro, played by John Lloyd Cruz, who was always uptight with everyone.

of course, eventually, Miggy fell for Laida’s sweet and funny ways of dealing with everyone around her. she was a very responsible girl, supporting her family financially.

well, the film has a typical Filipino love story. poor girl gets rich, uptight boy. but it really had its very kilig moments. everyone in the theater was screaming everytime Miggy and Laida stole glances lovingly at each other. even the guy beside mai was having his own goosebumps because of how cute the couple was.

and i did too. i just got distracted with all the screaming people in the theater. that’s why mai said that we’re better off watching at home because we get distracted a lot by the people watching with us.

everything in the trailer, you’ll see on the first half of the movie. so i was waiting for what would happen. the story was really predictable but i enjoyed it… really.

when sarah geronimo did the sundance, i laughed even after i saw it more than once in the trailer (see below). it was pretty cute and funny. but i just wished they didn’t overdo it in the end. john lloyd’s version was better and cuter for me, though. (oops, spoiler? hehehe)

i’m just glad john lloyd was paired up with someone who suits him better. i like their team-up. they’re both makulit in real life so they look good together. i don’t like bea alonzo.

if you haven’t seen the movie yet, go ahead and see it! all the laugh and kilig moments you’ll get from watching A Very Special Love makes it all worth it!