American Idol Season 8 Update: Final 7 – Scott is out, finally! | Adam Lambert Should Win This Season!

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Another disappointing week for me for American Idol Season 8. I don’t think that there’ll ever be a week when all the performances are amazingly good this season. Only 1 person really stands out and I hope he’ll take the title home in the finale.

I’ve lost all my hope that this season will actually be better than the past seasons. I’m not just talking about performances but their personalities are bland. Even their group performances come results show night sucked. They’re not in harmony, the choreography and stage presence were awkward. What’s going on? Is that why they were lipsynching the previous weeks? Because they sound awful together when they do it live?

I liked the song choices this week, though. But this group seems to be the worst group ever to be contestants in American Idol (okay, I can’t get over that fact). I’ve never been this bored about the show. I was always rooting for more than one contestant. But, this season, it’s like it’s okay to see anyone go but Adam Lambert. Sheesh.

The only thing that I’m happy about this season is all the weak singers were eliminated already. The last of them was kicked out this week – Scott Mcintyre. I’m so glad he’s out. I admire his courage, alright. But, the voice, my gosh, especially when he “sang for his life” this week, OMG! He proved that he should’ve been eliminated earlier! Too bad, though. He was VoteForTheWorst‘s new pick to replace Megan Joy. I guess it was too late for them to get more support for Scott. It was kinda mean, though, for the judges to patronize him when they all pretended to actually thinking about saving Scott. C’mon, now. What Simon said was right – he’s not more talented than the remaining contestants so why bother? He should’ve been kicked out last week or even before Alexis Grace, y’know.

Since I started with the worst and the eliminated contestant, let’s talk about the second worst for me. No, it wasn’t Anoop even though he was in the bottom 3. Second worst for me this week is Lil Rounds. I am starting to believe that Simon was right – that someone’s giving Lil wrong advice, leading her to the wrong direction. First of all, stop messing with her hair! She looks like a drag queen, with all that makeup and dresses. She needs to be herself. She’s so confused that it’s obvious she doesn’t know what to do. Poor Lil. She has the voice but she doesn’t seem to know what to do with it. I used to like her but her excuse and speech every week that next week, she’ll do better and so hopefully America will keep her for another week, blah blah blah – it’s really killing me. Stop TRYING and just do it, dammit! It’ll be no surprise if she goes home next week. I just hope the judges won’t use the save on her. She doesn’t deserve it ”coz she’s been consistently bad since the start of the finals.

I don’t want to place Anoop Desai in my bottom 3 but he is this week. It’s not because of his performance, his song choice or whatever. I believe that he lost his likability. He did well, singing “True Colors” this week, but I wasn’t moved at all. The last time he moved me was when he sang “You’re Always On My Mind” during country week. It really has something to do with his attitude and personality. Yes, I believe he is a BRAT but not a spoiled one. He realizes his mistakes but it’s just too late. He was again in the bottom 3 this week, I believe, because Ryan had to replay what happened last week. Y’know, the snotty remark by Anoop when Kara criticized his performance. It affected how I felt when Anoop started singing. It could’ve been a beautiful performance for me but that replay ruined it. I was really looking forward to his performance this week but damn. At least he apologized for his behavior. And I think what saved him was Simon saying that he didn’t have to apologize for his behavior, saying that they were horrible to him so he has the right to be horrible to them. It kinda lessened the blow for me. Argh. I hope he’ll do even better next week. I still want him to continue even after all this. At least get Lil Rounds and Danny Gokey out before Anoop.

I’ve never been a REAL fanatic towards anyone so I will never understand how people can get so blinded about their idols. Reading the comments from Anoop’rs from their fan site made me much more confused. For me, I can only idolize someone, especially in American Idol, if he is a great performer, if he’s consistent and if he’s got great personality and attitude. I started to really like Anoop. In my previous posts about the show, you’ll even see how much I like him. But his recent constant talking back to the judges and his body language really irritated me. He acts like he’s already a big star. Too bad. He had the most potential out of their group because of his voice but his bratty attitude ruined it for him. He will not win this competition, trust me.

Danny, Matt and Kris are on the same playing field for me this week. They weren’t great. Matt started out his song pretty well but he started to bore me towards the end so I don’t understand the standing ovation by Paula. Were they so in a rush because their show’s time is almost up that they’re not paying attention? Okay, I’m just glad both Kris and Matt are still in the competition. I hope they’ll sing more soulful songs next week. And I hope Danny will stop acting cute ‘coz I’m starting to hate him again. He’s just so trying hard to be like David Cook.

I so love Allison Iraheta‘s performance this week. I’m so glad she chose the song “I Can’t Make You Love Me“. She showed her versatility and the power of her voice. I just wished she had more personality. That’s the only thing that’s wrong with her. I can take the hairstyle and the outfit. And, damn, I love her voice. I hope she stays until the final 3.

On to the only contestant this season that SHOULD win it all – ADAM LAMBERT. My gosh, he’s really been consistent every week! I really love him! I can’t wait to see him perform week after week because he is full of surprises. He rightfully deserved that standing ovation by Simon Cowell. If I remember it correctly from watching previous seasons of American Idol, Simon Cowell never stood up for anyone. So, him doing it for Adam Lambert just proves that this guy really deserves the win. No one from this season can surpass him, really. I just hope his fans won’t think he’s safe and that someone else needed their vote more. He needs EVERYONE’s vote no matter how great he performed. I also hope that the show won’t do something ridiculous like put him in the bottom 3 and make everyone think he’s going to be eliminated unless the judges save him. Makes me wonder if the judges will even use the save.

My predictions for next week’s bottom 3: Lil Rounds, Anoop Desai, Allison Iraheta OR Matt Giraud
I hope Lil goes home next week. She needs to get herself together and find out what kind of artist she really wants to be.