Ragnarok Mercenary AutoAttack AI – How To

Because of numerous complaints from those who were trying to download the revised ZenAI files, I have updated the links.

I’ve been getting a lot of visits because of this post. Please leave me a comment or 2 if this worked for you or not – that’s all I’m asking.

If you’ve read my posts before, then, you know that I’m a Ragnarok Online addict. And, just a few months ago, we found out that it’s way easier to level up using the Mercenary system. Oh, we’re from Valkyrie server in pRO, by the way.

If you’re not familiar yet with the Mercenary system in Ragnarok Online, I would really suggest you read this informational page from iRO. Basically, a Mercenary attacks for you so you won’t have to. They’re especially a big help to Acolyte and Mage classes.

When we first used a Mercenary, we thought it’ll auto-attack immediately. When we found out it doesn’t, we figured that the only ones that auto-attack are the higher grade Mercenaries. Yes, we didn’t know yet about the AI so they can auto-attack. I’ve already figured out how to get it working the way I wanted to and I want to share it with others who don’t know how to do it. And, yes, just recently, I found out that there are indeed some players who are still unfamiliar on how to get the Mercenary to auto-attack. And I’ve searched everywhere and nothing was specifically written on how to get them working. So, for the lazy ones, here yah go.

First of all, you have to know the basic controls of a Mercenary. To move them around, you have to press ALT then left-click on where you want them to go. If you want them to MANUALLY attack a monster, press ALT again and double-click on a monster. If you’re like us who constantly run from summoned monsters in Moscovia, then, you’ll be very used to controlling your character and your mercenary at the same time (almost). Hehehe.

Another thing. I believe that a lot of people enjoy summoning monsters at Mercenary-invaded areas because it’s like using a non-3rd party bot in Ragnarok. So, if you haven’t tried it yet, here’s your chance. If you’re from Valkyrie in pRO, I suggest go to Moscovia with a BOW Mercenary.

There are other types of Mercenaries – Spear, Bow and Sword. My favorite is the Bow Mercenary. This AI, though, works for all Mercenaries but I revised it especially for Moscovia tambays.

Step #1)
You need the AI files for your Mercenary to use its skills and to auto-attack. The one we’re using is ZenAI.
I’ve already modified the Config_M.lua file so your Mercenary is ready to auto-attack. Download the revised ZenAI from here. (Updated link)

Updated: (5/21/2009) My mercenary AI was working great but my Alchemist’s homunculus AI was messed up. So, if you’re planning on having a mercenary and a homunculus, download my ZenAI revised edition II. (UPDATED LINK as of January 7, 2012)

Note: This was revised for use at Moscovia with a Bow Mercenary. The only skill that will work with a Bow Mercenary is Double Strafe because the rest are just waste of SP. I disabled other skills only for the Bow Mercenary. Anyway, you can manually use other skills such as Skid Trap and Magnificat.

You can read more information about ZenAI from here.

Step #2)
After downloading, unzip (using Winzip or Winrar) all the contents of the file (.lua files) to your Ragnarok Online USER_AI folder.
For example, if your Ragnarok client is installed in your Program Files, then, the folder should be:
C:\Program Files\Gravity\Ragnarok Online\AI\USER_AI
image image
If it’s not in Program Files, just search for the USER_AI folder. All files should go there. If it prompts you to overwrite, just press Okay or Yes.

Step #3)
After the files have been extracted, go login to Ragnarok. Type /merai (as in Mercenary AI) in-game. You should get a mesage saying that the Mercenary will use a custom AI or basic AI. Well, it doesn’t really matter because we’ve already configured the AI.

Your Mercenary should auto-attack already. If it doesn’t, I suggest you re-login and try it again. If it still doesn’t, make it move away from you and when it goes back close to you, it should start auto-attacking all those monsters and you can just watch yourself levelling up like crazy (well, if you’re at low levels hehehe).

Make sure you bring Mercenary Red and Blue Potions with you ‘coz they’ll be aggressive. If you want them to temporarily stop auto-attacking, just right-click on the Mercenary and select Standby.
In case you mistakenly placed the files in the WRONG FOLDER, here’s my original AI files for you to copy. Download it here.
That’s it! It’s as simple as that. If it doesn’t work for you, leave me a message or 2 and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Happy levelling!

  • ryugan

    Nice guide.. Search ak0h ng search nito buti nakita k0h ung blog mu.. hehe valkyrie rin me. ty talaga sa guide ha, /no1

  • http://www.justanotherpixel.net/ blankPixels

    no problem! ako rin eh, i was searching for a guide to actually make it work. kasi meron lang yung download link tapos yun na.

    after some tinkering with it, i got it working.
    so i decided to share it since some aren’t that familiar with scripts like this. :)

  • Anonymous

    haha nice one! ayos tong guide na toh. :) bago lang ako sa ragnarok and wala akong gamit haha buti nakita ko tong guide para sa merce.. ^^

    bait mo paps! salamat sa pag share ng knowledge mo sa AI ng merce. :D may iba kcng tao na sakim eh. :) buti ka pa.. :D

    Godspeed!. :D

  • Anonymous

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    No problem! :)
    Glad to help hehehe

  • Anonymous

    Thank you. It was so hard to find ai for mercenary

  • ryugan

    w0w, dumami nagcomment ah, hehe, question pla, alam mu ba ung battle dance sa mercenary? meron ka p0h jan p help nman..

  • Anonymous

    wlag links ung download??m kelangan p b mag register???

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    No need. Scroll down and you’ll see “Download for free with FileFactory Basic” link on the download page.

  • Anonymous

    Hey why my mercenary dont auto attack it takes 10-30mins to auto attack. what will i use basic or custom for my character to auto attack?

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    Set it to Custom AI (even if it didn’t really matter when I tested it). After typing /merai in Ragnarok, close the window then reconnect. Then, make your mercenary move away from you. It should start auto-attacking when it returns close to you.

  • Anonymous

    pde po pa pahingi ng aether ai? sa valkyrie din po ako, mage plng po ako at mahirap kasi magpalvl.. pwede mo po ba ako matulungan sa mercenary ung sa mosco ung parang archer. nung bumili kasi ako nun sa payon at pag click ko dun sa mosco biglang nag error cannot found AI ung sabi. nag download ako pero di gumagana pag nag type ako ng /merai eh… pwede po pahingi nlng po ng complete Aether AI? ito po email ko nikki_sauza20@yahoo.com

    big big big thanks po sayo….

  • Anonymous

    same kami ng error kakabwiset mali mali 2ro sakin ng naglalaro sa valkyrie. pede po pa2long e2 rin po email add q neoiverson33@yahoo.com

  • http://www.justanotherpixel.net/ blankPixels

    I experienced the same error when I tried Aether AI. So, I would suggest you follow all the steps/instructions here and download the one I have revised. Complicated yung Aether AI kaya nagkaka-error eh. Stick to the basics so download the revised ZenAI that I uploaded.

    Updated yung post. Please follow the instructions carefully. Others didn’t have any problems when they followed my instructions here so read nyo lang ulit yung instructions ko.

    Here’s the link for the revised ZenAI that includes working config for homunculus and mercenary. Again, PLEASE READ my instructions on this post CAREFULLY and follow them para walang problema.

  • Jolas

    Wow.. absolutely GREAT! I just found out about mercenaries kanina (im a ragna newbie, and your guide got my merce up and good to go in no time! Thanks so much! Galing!

    PS>> Im also from Valkyrie… :-D

  • Anonymous

    thanks ah!… kaialangn ko n lng ipon pera para makabili ng mercenary..sa valkyrie din me..ask k lng alm mo b panu mag bot dun??thanks!

  • http://www.justanotherpixel.net/ blankPixels

    No problem po. I’m glad a lot of other players find this guide useful.

    @ last commenter:
    I don’t bot so sorry, can’t teach you about that.

  • Anonymous

    ahhhhm mam can i ask a question? my name in valkyrie is -=*NooB*=- plzzz just plzzz help me to activate auto atack beacuse i cant understand how to make it work plzzz mam help me T_T


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    penge nmn gmit or zeny sa valk..plz jelp me out… pm me *White*Star*

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    wow! thank you for sharing this very useful thing!.. :) keep up d gud work! /no. 1

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    Thanks. Glad I can help. :)

  • Anonymous

    my merce stop do auto attack but it stops and dont attack anymore..pls help me..thanks!!

  • Anonymous

    hi po.. how to get rid sprite errors… pls help! my valkry account is homegirl.. thanks!

  • http://auschwitz.com/ Adolf Hitler

    Thx sa blog mo.

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    ano dpat na grade ng merce ggmitin sa mosco?

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    can somebody please send me a BOT for merce???
    please dis is my email…

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    May AI po kayo para kay Wayne?
    Yung level 10 Merce sa Hypermart.

    Thanks po!

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    thank you po. :)) happy levelling…

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  • notbly

    wow .. ung AI ng homun po ba.. saka AI neto ok lang magsama? kasi i’ve downloaded a mirAI for my homunculus e.. ^^ .. email me nlng.. twism_nickel@yahoo.com .. btw nice guide..

  • http://www.justanotherpixel.net/ blankPixels

    it’s okay. just make sure that when you’re copying the AI files for your homunculus AI na you don’t overwrite these files as they’re for the mercenary:

  • Anonymous

    ty its very good 4 noobies

  • Anonymous

    hi….ito po ba yung dancing ai?
    i’ve been lo0king for it….and wala akong nakikita…

    would really appreciate your help..


  • Anonymous

    bkit ayaw gumana nag download na aq ng AI ayw mag auto atk

  • iori

    elow po, pde po ba to kunyari sa ibang lugar, i mean di sa mosco? i mean pag sa ibang lugar yun bow merce ko mag-auto attack pa din sya?

    and, if ever po, gumagana ba un auto attack let’s say sword merce gamit ko? thanks

  • http://profiles.friendster.com/aljake jake

    kakadownload ko lng nung ZenAI kaso wala nangyari.. ayaw pa rin auto atack…help po

  • http://www.justanotherpixel.net/ blankPixels

    @jake & last Anonymous poster:
    The reason why it’s not working is because you guys are not reading and following the instructions here. I already laid out all the steps. Read them CAREFULLY.

    @iori: yes, this AI will work on any other map. you can also use this for other types of mercenary. :)

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    i can't fint it..

    the mercenary AI

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    is this for bow man only? i was wondering kung pwede sya sa ibang merc class?

  • http://www.justanotherpixel.net/ blankPixels

    it should work for any kind of mercenary since the skills for all other mercies are included in the script.

  • Anonymous

    thank you so much! really helpful…

  • Anonymous

    Question> What level of mercenary is ok for moscovia? What's the minimum coz its so expensive ^_^ pls send a reply at ds_gabby13@yahoo.com

  • http://www.justanotherpixel.net/ blankPixels

    even level 1 bow merce will do but the thing is, they'd die easily.
    level 2-4 bow mercenaries don't have double strafe so you might want to consider that before you decide.
    we stayed on level 1 bow merce and waited til we can buy the level 5 bow merce, which has double strafe skill.

  • Anonymous

    hi I did what it said in the guide and in the comments but my mercenary still doesn't auto attack its my first btw.. anyway i tried making it move away from me and i also tried relogging and it still just stands there pls help… btw Thanks for the very nice guide ^_^ god bless

  • http://www.justanotherpixel.net/ blankPixels

    did you type /merai ?
    do it, then, relogin and move your merce away from you.

  • Anonymous

    yup i typed /merai and then i logged out and moved my mercenary away and he just stood beside me… Thanks for the speedy reply Thank You ^_^

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    hmm… are you sure the .lua files are in the right folder? check the steps again, you might have missed something 'coz this is exactly what i'm using and it's working for me and for most people who've seen this post.

  • Anonymous

    hi..pnu po mag lagay ng sa AI??help nmn po valkyrie din me acolyte char ko..bago lng po ako name ko sa valkyrie ay Emelita…^^

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    Emelita po name ko sa valkyrie

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    TY PO!! THANKS x10^99

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    haist bkitp po hnd nag auauto attack pag may kalaban d nya inaatake eh sinunod ko po ung instruction mo . patulong naman po heto po email ko aebiel01@yahoo.com . . .
    w8 ko po tulong mo aasahan po kita

  • Anonymous

    Brilliant guide! I can really start levelling up faster than ever thanks to you!

    I only have a small problem with my mercenary. Sometimes, it stopps attacking all of a sudden, and even if I re-log in/ move around a bit, it still won’t attack. This doesn’t happen all the time, but it can get really difficult for me when it does.

    Is it because of the AI config or is it my computer for dome reason?

    Anyway, Thank You SO much for uploading this!

  • jan

    nice guide, ive searched far and wide for this config and this blog has been very helpful with the instructions plus link for download, thnx a lot…

  • Anonymous

    ok yan ah

  • Anonymous

    tnx po sa guide. ano po ba ign niyo? noob lang din ako.yung pagpunta ba sa mosco e paano?saka may mga quest paba n dapat gawin para mkapunta dun? or pedeng basta ka nalang pumunta dun? tnx!

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    Patulong po… Bigla nalang pong ayaw gumana ng pRO ko after ko gamitin ung merce “bot”. Patulong naman po. Ano pong gagawin ko? Thanks po. T___T

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    thanks gumagana na cool pala ang mga mercenary! YE! thanks! had a friend in ym to download the file. thanks!

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    how about f i make stanby my mercenary??
    i ddnt atack again after i stanby it..
    how can i resume again the autoattack of my mercenary?

  • Anon~

    Hey. ^^ I’m practically a n00b who miraculously got to level 64 with other people’s help. I’ve been using bow mercs and was wondering if it’s still advisable for me to stay in Moko or if I can go elsewhere. ^^;;

  • Anonymous

    ate may tanong ako .. pde ba habang nag bobot ggmit ng mercenary ?? pa guide nmn kung pde .. thanks

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    bkit gnun ung site po n bngy niu ndi nmn po mdownload .?? pls reply to this nid ko po config nito// plsss// tnk u po wa.. galeng2 niu

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    panu xa idownload sa firefactory??

  • Anonymous

    thanks. tried it today and works perfectly. skeptical at first that it might me anothet scam site.

  • bula

    hmmm meron po akong problem sa pag download po sa filefactory laging wlang free slots huuhu help nman po :S

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    I already moved them to 4shared.
    Please wait for the revised version to be up.

  • Anonymous

    thnx poh sa ai script.. ^^ it works well but.. nmmtay poh kc kagad ung merce q.. gs2 q iedit sna n patayin nya mna ung monster n inaatake nya bgo ung mga umaatake skin n mob.. prang 1 at a time mna ung pagkill nya.. help me nmn kung pano maedit.. thnx^^

  • Anonymous

    Pede po magtanong?

    Bakit ung Ragnarok ko ayaw mag-connect sa server?
    Laging sinasabi “failed to connect server”
    Paano po ba ayusin yon?
    Tinry ko na tanggaling firewall ayaw pa rin.
    Paano po ayusin sa vista toh?

    Pareply naman po sa email ko
    salamat po

  • Anonymous

    Pwede po magtanong.
    Nadownload ko na po yung file pero pagineextract ko po dun sa folder ay nag access denied sya

  • Anonymous

    mam. .tnx po ..hehe,nakita q n kung panu un..merun p po kaung config ung agre n agre tlga? minsan kc d umaatake agad..tnx!

  • kevs

    saan po ba maganda mag palevel gamit ang merci
    ty thanks u for the post pala

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    kua p2ro po d oi kc ako mrunung mag unzip

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    @2nd to the last Anonymous:
    wala na mas aggre pa jan. bug ng merce yun eh. sa game na talaga.

    @kevs: mosco pa rin. kaso ingat sa summons.

  • Anonymous

    ahhh.tnx po mam pixel^_^ minsan kc d umaatake agad. . pero tnx tlga mam

  • kevs

    bakit hinde siya gumagamit ng skill archer po ang gamit ko pong merci ty sa reply

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    kung ang gamit mo yung nakapost d2 sa blog ko, in-edit ko yun na double strafe lang ang gagamitin ng archer. sayang lang sa SP yung ibang skills eh. i noted that on my post.

    also, take note that mercenary levels 2-4 don’t have the double strafe skill.

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    thanks so much

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    Thanks man no1

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    meron p po b kung ibng mpagdadownloadan ng AI nio??
    di ko kxe mdownload eh.. thx…

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    Why can’t you download it? Sa 4shared sya ah. Just try it again. Baka there are other people trying to download it at the same time you did.

  • Anonymous

    ayaw naman gumana eh

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    you’re doing something wrong if it’s not working.
    read the instructions again and read the comments, too.

  • smithees

    :D salamat sa tips! hahah

    tama si blankPixel, pag di nag-work you’re doing something wrong…

    pretty straightforward naman… download, extract, copy&paste…

    salamat ulet :D

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    no problem! hehehe.

  • Anonymous

    kreishna_hotaru yung name ko sa valkyrie…
    uh, na- download kona ‘yung file nagawa ko na lahat but nung susubukan ko na ndi nmn gumana ‘yung game guard! anong ga2win ko? pls. help me! naglalaro ako ngayon ng cafe wold kc ilang beses kko ng sinubukan ulit… ayaw talga… T_T

    evil_hotaru31@yahoo.com ang eadd ko sa facebuk doon na lang po kau mag msg sa akin… thx!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    ermm.. i don’t know what you did but surely you did something wrong. this shouldn’t affect gameguard since they’re merely text files na me bunch of codes lang. and they weren’t supposed to be in the gameguard folder.

    you probably pasted them in the wrong folder. i suggest you do this:
    - copy your current gameguard folder to a totally different part of your hard drive.
    - delete the gameguard folder in your Ragnarok Online folder.
    - try patching again and allow Gameguard to be re-downloaded.
    - that should fix it. if it doesn’t, then, you have to re-install the game.

    please be careful. you probably pasted them in the wrong folder. you’re the ONLY ONE who had that problem so it’s definitely something you did wrong.

  • spongy446

    tatry ko n ngaun, salamat ha? d ko kasi magets ung babaguhin pati nag eerro ung ragna kpag pinaste ko na ung ai, slamat, :D

    go valkyrie! :D

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    ur da man… grabe, ngayon ko lng na-appreciate ung halaga ng mga merce.. i thought na sagabal lng cla at malaking gastos.. sa wakas, napa job 50 ko na ung acolyte ko because of this, hehehhe.. thank u po ulit for sharing this to newbies like me.. hope u could share more guides in the future.. thanks thanks thanks!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    @sonsky: hahaha. no prob. pag 1st job pa ang characters, it’s really advisable na gumamit ng merce tapos dun ka lang sa mosco. congrats sa job 50! sa tulong din ng merce nakapag-high priest na yung job 50 kong high aco :)

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    Very nice, thanks a million,
    Gracias, muy bien,
    Bedankt echt goed,
    Sehr gut, danke schoen
    Merci bien, tres bien.

  • Anonymous

    bakit po nagun ayaw na nag eerror na xa pag lalabas palang ung screen nakalagay error on /AI/AI.lua———-path tas un not responding na

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    Read the instructions AGAIN and follow them CAREFULLY.

    Sa dami ng nagcomment dito na gumana sa kanila, iilan lang kayong di napagana. That's mainly because you did something wrong.

  • Anonymous

    waaw.salamt tlga! ngaun lang ulit ako naadik sa ragna for 3 years since HS. okay pala tong bagong merce ah! nung una akala ko may mga bagong uso na na maraming headgear at napapalitan yung sprite haha. tnx papi!

  • http://www.nico.com/ nico

    salamat papi! dami na palang bago sa ragna. nung nakiwarp ako sa mosco nung una, kala ko biglang pumatok ang maraming headgear at mask.. yun lang pare-pareho ang mga pangalan. haha. tsaka namuti ung mata ko nung di ko na matele yung aco ko nung dati pa eh. pero salamat paps! sarap magpalvl gamit ang merc!

  • Anonymous

    jay here am newbie in ragnarok and i try everything it doesn't work u said search for my USER_AI folder right?i cant find the folder all that show is ai folder and when i extract it the it shows error in the ragnarok when i conect!!
    help plzzz!!

    u can email at ramos_jamil@yahoo.com

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    "For example, if your Ragnarok client is installed in your Program Files, then, the folder should be:
    C:\Program Files\Gravity\Ragnarok Online\AI\USER_AI"

  • Anonymous

    anu ung cnsabi nyung ilayo un merce? anu b un merce?? nag dl n q tapos cnunod q n inst yaw p din gumana., bat ganun., pag tntype q un /merai meron nkasulat n custom ai pero nd nmn naatake!! panu b 2?

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    ilayo ang merce meaning iclick mo sya para lumayo sayo. first, learn how to control your merce (alt click wherever you want it to go). sheesh. if it’s not working for you, IT’S YOUR FAULT. you’re not following the instructions properly.

    and please stop flooding my comments section. BASAHIN MO ULIT AND INTINDIHIN MO ANG MGA INSTRUCTIONS. masyado ka kasing atat, di mo iniintindi yung instructions.

  • Anonymous

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  • tim

    elow poh.. panu poh b iedit ung ai script? mdlas kc mmtay ung merce q sa anubis eh.. pari poh kc aq kya kaya q nmn tanggapin ung damages ng mob.. ang problema the merce will attack all those who attack you. so in short, kinukuha nya ung mob kya nmmty agd xa.. panu q b isesetup 2 n one at a time lng xa umatake ng monster?..

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07124939844701140723 mr.goodfeel

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07064300088726964310 Edge Alucard

    hi…my game char is Zaiz..

    is there a way to revert back to the old AI where the mercenary only attacks when you attack the monster… kasi pag basic AI and custom AI pareho lang auto attack… if there’s a way it would be very helpful…so that the mercenary wouldn’t be left behind when you run away from unexpected summons…uso na kasi dead branch sa mosco ngayon…thanks..i always download your AI sa lahat ng shops na mapasukan ko…spread the love ika nga…God Bless!!!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    Actually, nag-auto attack naman talaga ang mercenary so kaya gumagana talaga kahit basic or custom pa. Learn how to control them na lang pag nasa mosco ka and you’re running away from summons. Ganun ginagawa namin eh. You’ll get used to it. Hehehe.

  • keizen

    sir.. meron po bang auto open ng mercy pag ma wla na xa…. kakapgod kc i open :))
    kung meron po paki sabi kung anu steve_sendo@yahoo.com thanks… more power
    /no1 /gg

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    First of all, di ako Sir.
    And kung napapagod ka pa sa pag-open ng mercenary, wag ka na maglaro. Grabeh naman pagkatamad mo.

  • Anonymous

    bat ung 2nd edition ehh d ko madownload nagana pa ba 2 bka kac matagal ng nkapost 2 at d na nagana

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    I'm still using the same Ragnarok AI I posted here so the problem is not with this version of AI. You might've done something wrong. Madali lang syang paganahin.

  • Anonymous

    pano poeh mag auto atack ung mercenary uhuhuhu help me plzzz bago lang poeh kc akuh

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    woot nag eerror bat ganun nailagay ko na poh pero pag ka log in ko nag eerror

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    Ate ganito poh kac meron akong ragna d2 sa bahay pag nilagay ko yan ehh pag log in ko nag eerror na kagad pag labas pa lng ng screen. Pero poh cnubukan ko sa shop inilagay ko tapos nagana. Sa ragna ko sa bahay d nagana ung sa shop nagana namimile ba yan? Can you please, if you can, kindly explain what's happening.

    P.S. Wag poh sana kau magagalit

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    Valkyrie ka ba? If yes, update using the Ragnarok.exe first. Then, after that, try running Valkyrie again. Also, please check the files if they're in the right folder. That could be the difference.

    BTW, exactly what error ba nakukuha mo?

  • Anonymous

    thx sa guide galing mo

  • renceTakaki

    ayaw naman gumana nung akin e bakit ganun? lahat na ginawa ko, ng re login tpos /merai, tpos tama dn nmn un gnawa q instructions bkt ayaw mg auto attack ng merce ko, wala sya ginagawa?!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    This would be the last time I'll say this…

    If it's not working for you, YOU DID SOMETHING WRONG. Read the instructions AGAIN. It's a plain script file so you might've placed it in the wrong folder.

    Check the comments here. Almost all of them got it working. Those who didn't probably didn't follow the instructions properly EVEN when they claim they

  • renceTakaki

    renceTakaki IGN q sna makareply kau kagad.. at sana mapagana q narin tong AI q, kc tlgang ngipon aq ng mraming zeny pra lang d2… noob plang dn kc aq s ragnarok e

  • Anonymous

    salamat po sa AI
    nagauauto atak siya pero hindi ng auauto skills

  • Takaki Kono -Happy New Year!!!!

    ate tnx po..
    npapagana ko na un AI ko…^^
    ng aauto attack at auto skill narin…
    gingamit q naun mercenary level 5
    pra ms mlkas at mblis…
    srap nga po mgpalevel e… hehehe…
    tnx po ule s blog nyu, it's a big help…

    (ka bwiset na mga taga thor yan, wla gnawa kundi mgsummon ng mga pmatay sa moscovia,
    na mamasacre tuloy kme e!!!!)-Valkyrie server

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    @Last Anonymous:
    Like what I said in the post, only double strafe skill is working since the other skills are waste of MP.

    @Takaki Kono:
    Happy New Year! Oo, kainis nga kasi namamassacre mga tao. Nakakainis din kc yung iba, naka-merce na nga, naka-bot pa. Kaya ganun. Pero sana di pwede ang dead branch sa Mosco hehe.

  • Anonymous

    Maraming Salamat po sa AI!!.


  • MR.yoso

    may error po sa akin
    i2 po ung nakalagay
    cannot read ./AI/AI_M.LUA:No such file in directory

    may tanong din po ako
    tlga po bang may laman ung user files???

    tnx po…

    nung una po ko pong tinype un /merai wala p pong error pero ndi po nag auto attck

    tapos po nagrelog in ako…dun n po lumabas ung error…

    tnx po…

  • MR.yoso

    aus n pala sir!!! mali lng ako ng lagay!!

    tnx po!!!

  • Anonymous

    ask lang po bakit po ganun hndi po nag auauto skill ung akin..

  • Anonymous

    hindi po ba kami ma-ha hack pag nilagay yan?

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    Nope, di kayo mahahack. It’s a simple text script that controls your mercenary.

  • Anonymous

    bat ganun. d parin gumagana. meron bang oras bago ito gumana. paulit ulit na aku nagre-log ayw p rin….XDDD
    pa help po..XDD

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    ate pwede gawa kaw ng video ng step by step nito para sa mga slow type person na kagaya ko…wahahhaha
    …..suggestion lang…….:D

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    Cge, subukan ko gumawa. Hanap muna ko ng magandang video screen capture na app.

  • Anonymous

    ayaw poh skin gumana puro type ako ng /merai ayaw pa din lumabas ng mercenary soldier tapos nag recon ako ayaw din hmmmmmm

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    gumagana pa ba ito ngayon?

  • Anonymous

    ei una gumana pero nung mga ilan minuto hndi na sya tumitira bat ganun

  • Anonymous

    aun ok na kelangn lng pla i alt pra mag auto ulit

  • Anonymous

    tnong lng po.. noob here.. san mkka buy ng bow mercenary po?? ung spear lng kse nkta ko.. ty po..

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    sa payon archer village mo mabibili yung bow mercenary. sa me upper right side ng screen mo makikita yng NPC, pati bilihan ng mga merce potions.

  • Anonymous

    ty po.. thanks for all the info.. tc. godbless. :)

  • Anonymous

    ate sira po ata un link ng zenAi ung wlang homun po. error po kse sa dl site..

  • Anonymous

    auto skill nrin po b ung mercenary? tska pde po b mgvend hbang may merce?

  • Anonymous

    ui… guys… pde makahingi ng file ng ai.. un complete.. hirap nag-download.. pls.. help me nmn… pasend na lng din sa email ko.. iannerem@yahoo.com.. pls.. thanks po..

  • Anonymous

    ms. blank pixel, im from valenzuela city.. ask ko lang bka pde makahingi ako ng file ng ai.. hirap ko mag-download eh… ayaw gumana.. pls..thnks.. pa-send na lng po sa email ko.. iannerem@yahoo.com.. thanks ulit.. god speed!..

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    I just tried the link, it’s working. And the AI files are only text files so imposibleng di sya gumana… unless you placed them in the wrong folder. Me screenshots na nga dito kung saan nyo ilalagay eh.

  • Anonymous

    hi po ate.. ty po.. mine is working really good.. but my prob is how can use concentration potion.. click ako ng click wala tlga eh..

    up for sharing this.. helps a lot.. tnx

  • Anonymous

    nc guide…tnx po sa help ate ^_^…may god bless you !!

  • Anonymous

    ate, ok lng ba kung ung user_AI ko wala nung config.exe, mirai_cp_setup.exe, and uninstall.exe…??XD ala kc ung user_Ai ko nun eh…XDD

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    Oo. The screenshot of my User AI folder was just an example as to where you should copy or extract the files.

    Ano ba yan!!!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03078890984213877387 darwin

    nice guide sana meron din guide for leveling places.. para sa merc but all in all its all good.. /no1

  • Anonymous

    tnx pohh…

  • Kei Es Pee

    ty sa guide mo muah! kc saksakan na tlga kc magpalvel sa r0

  • Anonymous

    pano po aoto attak ng marce naryy de q po pagawa

  • Anonymous

    hi m Xor
    its cool AI
    tnx for this!

    but 1 prob is there that homun vanilmerth uses bolt after 4-5 normal attacks

    how to solve this prob
    reply ffs

  • Anonymous

    Hi. Sinunod ko po yung steps religiously. Di po gumagana sakin e. Di ako makapasok sa game pag gamit ko na yung merce, may error. OS ko po win7. Inextract ko mga files by right-clicking on the folder, then click on extract sa correct path. Would you say i need to download winrar or winzip kaya may error? – kim

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    What’s the error?!

    No need to download winrar or winzip. They’re just a bunch of text files so walang problema yun. Saang server ka? If you’re on Valkyrie, update the main Ragnarok/New Chaos client.


    meron ka po bang auto attack ng FENCER?

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/18272322769604316778 denzk

    waw nakakabweset to ah bat ganun pag gumagana ang ai mo masaya pero pag gamit ako ulit d na gumagana nakak bweset talga! . Weather weather lng pala toh eh! minsan gagana minsan ndi bweset!

  • Anonymous

    ung revised ed mo po wala na daw free slots para ma dl pano po un

  • Anonymous



    send any config 2 my emeail .


  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    The revised edition can still be downloaded. Scroll down the page. The link's there.

    And to the last poster, I don't use bots so I don't know.

  • Anonymous

    i hate your site dine in hell :) lol jowk peace :))

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    The feeling is mutual. :)

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    salamat kaibigan napasaya mu ang araw ko ^_^ love lats ^_^ MUahx

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    di q lam kung bakit pero may prob. un ai q

  • Anonymous

    ako rin sinc nung update di na nagana un akin… minsan na attack pero mas nagagawa q un normal… dl q sana ulit kaso lumalabas bad request dw

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    Try it again… there was an issue earlier.

  • Anonymous

    panu sakin hnd GravitY Level up games un nakalgaY T____T gnwa ko naman pero ayaw nya umatake

  • Anonymous

    uhm… 2ngkol sa merai at homai…

    bwal b clang sabay?

    ung skin kc nag e-error

    tpos mag nag merce ako may error nang lumalabas?

    help anyone?

  • Anonymous

    panu po ung auto lagay ng trap?

  • Anonymous

    panu po ung auto lagay ng trap sa lvl 5 at 6 n archer mercenary??
    plsss help nmn po plssss ty…….

  • Anonymous

    pde nio po bang iconfigure para mag-KS? kasi sa mosc nagkakaagawan eh tpos di niya inaatake pag naatake na..

  • Anonymous

    ate bkt ganun po.?? nag eerror ung account ko kpag ksama ung merce.. tapos kpag nmtay hindi n nageerror.. pano ko po mggmit ung merce ng walng error. please po … thank you po.. need kpo kc.. syang po kc ung pagbile ng merce lage.. nageeror lng .tapos nmmtay .nwawala rin ung merce. thank you po…………..

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15941925779070390493 jams

    ate bakit failed sa akin?

  • Anonymous

    this is really helpful. :) thankyou

  • scott

    kahit anu po bng lvl ng merce pdng mag ai o ung iba lng po?

  • scott

    salamat po d2..

  • scott

    pano po pla ung sa humun wala na pong isusulat?? automatic na po na umaatake?

  • Anonymous

    salamat ganda ng guide moh hehehe
    more power sau

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    I’m no longer answering questions here because, like what I said in my previous responses, if it’s not working for you, you copied the files somewhere else. Madali lang sundin ang guide, madali lang paganahin. I’ve already showed you the instructions.

    And to everyone who thanked me for this guide, you’re all welcome! :)

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uniform_Resource_Locator Kaibigan

    Salamat! Binigay sa akin ng isang sikat na forger yung files kasi hindi ko ma open yung DL link. TY sa iyo at sa kanya.


  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/01043812324102399071 Near

    Gud pm po… pa send naman auto atack mercenary bot para sa moscovia pow email me at senjeru_near@yahoo.com.ph

  • Anonymous

    Anu po b yung BG?? may pinasa sa akin ehh

  • Anonymous

    Thank You :)

  • Anonymous

    ate saan puede mkkuha ng clean file ng AI… i accidentally paste it to AI instead of USER_AI… and the result is every time i open my char with merci a window error would pop up and nd nko mklro… pls help po.. thnx <3

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    I updated the post with a download link for my backup AI files.

  • http://www.facebook.com/album.php?profile=1&id=1304395264#!/photo.php?pid=30871699&id=1304395264 rasta

    Hi maam blankPixels .. I need your help .. It was error my AI folder when i can’t enter in valkyrie with my mercenary . If it’s without mercenary that I can enter in valkyrie online . How? Please send me at leelol21@yahoo.com .. Please help me . /sob T______T

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06683288542416469045 blankPixels

    The instructions are very clear. I even included screenshots to make sure you copy the files into the right folder.

    The post was already updated with a download link for the backup AI files, or the original AI files. Please download that to correct the problem. They’re all a bunch of text files so it’s not too hard to follow the instructions. Copy-paste is all you need to do.

  • emboy

    tnx a lot here!d ako nagkaproblema kahit minsan dito,hehehe
    sana yung fs priest config nman sa susunod ate. hehehe

  • Lexy

    This is the best AI guide I’ve found. Great job! Thanks much! :)

    • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

      thanks! you’re welcome! :)

    • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

      thanks! you’re welcome! :)

  • cOcO

    bakit po ganun?? nagcrash ung RO folder ko..?? pls help

    • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

      Magbasa ka. Nandyan sa guide ko yung link para madownload mo yung original AI files in case you “mistakenly” place the AI files somewhere else.

      Hayyy… next time, I won’t be responding to these comments anymore. The answers are obviously in the guide pero you’re not reading. Mga Pinoys pa naman kayo.

  • killagerz

    /sob naguguluhan ako.. T_T pede po bang kunin ung Y.M. mo? need lng tlaga.. i’ve so many time wasted.. sensa na tlaga..

  • wew

    pag ginamit ko na po ung mercenary scroll nag eeror po …ung lua.file error po tapos dapat i-hold pa po ung enter pra makita kung anu ung nang yayari…plz help someone ty..

  • wew

    pag sinumon ko na po ung mercenary nag eeror po …ung lua.file error daw po dapat pa po i-hold ung enter pra makita kung anu ung nangyayari plz help someone …ty

    • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

      Please check the bottom of this guide. There’s a link there where you can download the original AI files so you can correct your mistakes.

  • aRT

    Super thanks s guide… gumagana po sya… nagloko lang s first try pero oks na oks na! heheheh

    • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

      No problem! :)

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    thanks…..really work for me

    • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

      No problem! :)

  • Hey

    Help please, I did every step posted there, and every time I type /merai and move it away from me it always doesn’t work even I re-logged several times. Help please. Thank you.

  • Band_nan

    im wondering…
    how to make the mercenary dont attack on specific monster??


    • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

      Sorry, I haven’t done that yet with my mercenaries. The mercenary AI was programmed to attack any monster it sees.

  • Asherbardaje

    salamat po! da best ka! gumana kgd ung aken super bilis ng process.. enge zeny!

    • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

      Nyeh. Ako dapat mong bigyan ng zeny ‘coz I helped, di ba? toinkz.

      • Ketch_champ12

        bakit po gnun pagextract ko nung file….tpos ni reopen ko valk ..d na po gumana..nagpatch po since nung umpisa..

  • Mik3L

    hi.. does that work in VanRO???

    • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

      I believe it does since this is a general AI for mercenaries.

  • JoRz

    woah! thx for this one! :D

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  • Jpdb2288

    master! bkt po ganon?? i extracted all the files to USER_AI…. i tried relogging in valk. typed /merai… same thing! /sob my merce doesnt attack… what did i do wrong? what should i do? pls reply asap /sob

    • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

      You might have placed the files in the wrong folder. Madali lang naman kasi ito. Pag di gumana, meaning, me mali ka lang ginawa. Copy paste lang ‘yan. Reset mo yung AI mo using the original AI files na andyan sa post ko. Then, reinstall it.

      • fei

        i just wanna know if i need to extract this lang po
        coz ive been using ai before but im not contented w/ the outcome..
        parang wala po kasing nangyayari.. sabi nila better to dl new ai..
        un po when i tested this and extract parang gnun pa rn.. and parang mas madalang pa cia umatak..
        do i need to clean everything on user ai den extract urs link?! thank u po.

        • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

          I indicated here that the only thing this AI does is DOUBLE STRAFE. The other skills were turned off. I’ll post an update about how you can turn the skills on. Keep posted. :)

  • erwin

    does this work on new chaos?

    • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

      This is a generic AI. It should work on all servers, actually.

    • Shytypical143

      yeah it works with chaos…

  • Greemer_23

    hindi po lumalabas yung mercenary :( bat po ganun ? kase yung RO kopo copy ko lang via usb may connection pu ba un ?

    • Shytypical143

      opo gumagana po un kahit copy folder lang yun.. whew,,, try to copy again..

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    thank you

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    Help po.. Nag auto-attack naman po yung merc ko, everything’s going well na, kaso after 2-3 minutes nag ge-gameguard error sya. nag auto-close po sya.. pano gagawin ko? :(

  • Ketch_champ12

    sir/mam..bakit po nung inextract ko na po ung file eh..ngrepatch ung valk ko tpos dami na error..i try install the original ai folder pero gnun pa din..

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    Thx sa auto attack gumana sa akin Thx talaga!!!!!

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    bka may bot k po pwd ppasa aq ian_dynamic@yahoo.com

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    hello! ask q nmn pde din b yn sa dagger type tulad ng thief? kung pde, mron k bng program n sa thief? thx

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    gumagana po ba ito sa mga ibang mercenaries katulad ng spearman at ung isa

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    bakit kasi madami nagsusummon ng malalakas sa moscovia field..d ako makapagpalvl.. :(

  • privateserverplayer

    sir gumagana ba to sa Kro?

  • Paoloangelosantos


  • Valkyrie RO.ph/Phillipines

    ate bka may bot k poh para sa assasin cross vRO.. aqlngbfmoh@yahoo.com..at bot po para sa thief…krobelusjets@yahoo.com

  • Jseantb_02

    hi, im having a problem on unzipping the files. it said i need to have administrative privileges for me to continue the process. and at the end hindi talaga sya na unzip sa USER_AI.

  • Raiko0829

    d po tlga nagana merce pag naglalabas ako ng mercenary nageerror padin po!!! plz help^^

    • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

      Please check the instructions on how you can restore your old AI files. Meron ka lang maling nagawa kaya nag-error.

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    pnu i download 2?

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    can u give me your AI custom folder…

  • Wanciro

    whats the matter :c i did exactly what to do. how come whenever i tried to open my valkyrie it doesnt work out. I mean my valkyrie wont open after i did this. Is there any virus involved? Whenever im typing my password the tab closes, theres a pop out chat saying that my AI coudnt load, and when i close it another popout msg comes. PLEASE help me remove this!

    • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

      There’s no virus. The AI files here are a bunch of freaking TEXT FILES only. Read the post again to know how to fix it in case there’s a problem.

  • Wanciro

    siguro same case lang kame ni chrisse! pls help us wat to do. 2-3 mins nwawala aq ngppop out chat hnd po ncclose. hnd nren ako mkapasok! gnwa q nmn po lhat, na extract q nmn po ng tma. PLS po NID HELP!!

    • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

      There’s no virus. The AI files here are a bunch of freaking TEXT FILES only. Read the post again to know how to fix it in case there’s a problem.

      PAKIBASA lang ulit ang BUONG post. Andyan yung instruction to revert dun sa original settings.

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    ate bkit ung mga n dl q kulang pero dyn sa wall nyu ang dami bat ganun
    please help

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    thank you for the help to auto attack my mercenary. i have 1 question do you have a bot from valkyrie server pro. please give a link where i can download the bot make sure that the bot is no have error tank you sir i hoping that you can help me plese replay me in may facebook lanzthe@yahoo.com thnx

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    thank you for the file it works hehe..but miss do u have Bot for valkyrie the one with dual log-in? plss help me thx heres my e-add thirdjing@yahoo.com

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    thumbs up 4 u.

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    nice nmn ate… ang galing gumagana tlga… ummm… mei bot po ba kyu sa valk? yng mei dual log in? pra pde overnight nka ol yng akn pra mkpgpalvl. weak pa kc eh.. pa mail nlng po skn. fb q rudy_viray05@yahoo.com

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    sure po talaga na hindi kame mahahack dito ah… scary eh..

    • Baccano

      sure po yan… i been using her since i create RO… ngaung genetic na ako wala nmn ngyayari sakin ^^ i trust this source

      • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

        thanks, Baccano.
        anyway, you won’t get hacked ’cause it’s just a text file. hehehe. :)

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    i’ll try using this for my priest.

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    ..sa agre mobs.. lang ata pu e2 eh.. peo oki n rin.,

    meon b pu kau pang dual log-in,, pahingi nman pu..
    e2 email q pu bhermz11@yahoo.com

    thx..kahit dual log-in lang– thx pu…

    • Bhebhe_nhel

      hey guys meron po b kau original back up ng AI ng RO?paki send nman po sa email ko ohh e2 po bhebhe_nhel@yahoo.com kz nd ko mkpag ranger

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    bakit ganun?! ginawa ko naman ng tama!! ayaw pa din mag auto attack un merce ko.. help pls

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    grabe po maraming salamat, nabura kasi AI folder ko eh, buti na lng may back up file ka po dito marami pong salamat ulit magiging ranger na ako yey

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    dose this work for mimic na merce? mg auto bash po ba sya?

  • Robert Firme

    Hahahahahah im also from valkyrie server. I started using mercenary when i was an acco lvl 40. Almost evey player from valkyrie go there its a good level spot at moscovia well that what before. I meet a lot of  people there becuase well we dont have to do anything there but to watch mercenary fire her arrow and i enjoy running from summon it adds a flavor. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Edward-Campoto/100001084954289 Edward Campoto

    hi guys can u help me im doloaded pRO – philippine Ragnarok online then i patch the new loki icon and the other after tht i always got this message “failed to get/write blah blah blah” and ‘unpack error” plsss help me asap

  • jayson kabingue

    enge po ako mercenary auto attack pD po ba D po kasi anu makapag palvl Ee mage p lang po ako ung D po nag EError Ty po:)))) eto po Email ko…never_2k11@ymail.com and anti_loverz21@yahoo.com….maraming salamt po sa mea meon na adik mod n kac ako ee heheh X3..

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    tnx..works fine for me..

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    thx for the script
    but how to change the config.lua if i want the homunculus only attack one monster, like poring only.
    and also can you give me list number of  all monster please ?

    my email: adaorder@yahoo.com

  • Mark Smith

    Hi, it says there’s a password required for the original AI files… could you send me it, or post a password on this page for it? Thanks! 

    • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

      Try again guys! I disabled the password for the file.

  • Onisisdeathvanity Vien

    Can u Give Me The Password Please

    • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

      Try again guys! I disabled the password for the file.

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    It’s Have Password Can u give it iwanna use it please thanks

  • Ribbit

    Cannot locate file on that File Factory site. D:

    • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

      Updated the link for the revised AI version 2. Check the link and wala pong password.

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    PLzz  guyz pasend nMn poh ng merceNary autoattack ai.. ashtine826@yahoo.com  tnxxx

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    bkit hnid nag aatk sometimes?

  • Zest

    is this really clean?, are safe for using this…Im afraid it might have key logger…

    • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

      Errr… they’re all TEXT files, no executables.

  • Imnottahoe

    the homun ai link is no longer available, why? :-(

    • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

      Updated the link for the revised AI version 2. Check the link and wala pong password.

  • Churaprap

    d ko ma extract nakalagay po the system cannot find file specified

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    cannot read ./AI/AI_M.lua:No such file or directory

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    ty tlaga

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    • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

      Updated the link for the revised AI version 2. Check the link and wala pong password.

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    anu password?? diko ma download te

    • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

      Wala pong password :((

    • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

      Updated the link for the revised AI version 2. Check the link and wala pong password.

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    anu pong pass pls .. T_T

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      Wala pong password :((

    • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

      Updated the link for the revised AI version 2. Check the link and wala pong password.

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    I hv relog over and over..
    but it still doesnt works for me..
    I wonder why

  • Mj

    AI.lua error

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    habang tumatagal mas lalong humihirap ang pagkuha ng files ng AI ah… sna ibalik nyo n s dati.. SALAMAT..

    • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

      Huh? Wala akong binabago, yung site na pinag-uploadan ko ang nagbabago. Magbasa ka kasi or tingnan mo nang maigi yung site. Di lahat spoon-feeding.

  • Chesterserdanco_profile

    bat may password?

    • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

      Updated the link for the revised AI version 2. Check the link and wala pong password.

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    ate may pasword daw po ehh.. T__T

    • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

      Updated the link for the revised AI version 2. Check the link and wala pong password.

      • Amym2992

        “Please enter a password to access this file:” yan parin po. di po kaya ung PC ko ang my prob?

  • Amym2992

    Great! thx ma’am. gumana na po. dun sa link na binigay mo sakin, hindi na po ako hiningian ng pass word….. eto po ung link ng una: http://www.4shared.com/rar/du1SE6Zx/ZenAI_v11_Revised_II.html hinihingian po ako ng password! thx for your help.. much appreciated

    • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

      Good! :)

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    Working and now ONLINE!! thx ma’am

    • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

      No problem! :)

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    wla pong mirai_cp_setup.exe
    config.exe at iba pang files ung sakin.. bat gnun? dinanload ko naman ung zen ai.. bakit kulang kulang ung skin???

    • http://www.certifiedfoodies.com/ blankPixels

      Huh? Wala pong exe yung files. Puro .lua na text files lang ang laman nun. Magbasa ka po ng maigi.

  • Mikej3rbie

    ate ung sa RO ko walang AI Folder meron taz ang laman lang ito
    Homunculus AI Script User Guide.htm
    yan lang wala ng iba… d gaya ng s Example… gagawa pa ba ako ng USER_AI Folder?
    pwede po kaya?

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    Sir pag dinadownload ko po ung zenai revised .. tpos extract or unzip .di po kasama ung mirai_cp_setup.exe

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    wow thnx it works! :D
    hut how can i make changes as i only want the mercenary to kill ‘Les’ n not wood goblin?

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    excuse me po,, anu po code nang arrow shower para sa bow mercenary? wla ksi ds ang 7th na merc. arrow shower lng meron.

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    HI.. its me again… can i ask you some request? can you make an Homunculus AI script for MVP boss? i mean, the hommunculus will only attack the MVP??

  • Ben

    This is great, I’ve been looking for this for a long time already. Btw you’re blog is pretty cool, I’ve checked all those interesting posts and man I gotta say you’re good at reflecting. One thing though, would you mind giving me a link for Valkyrie bot? I’m trying to find something on the internet but it’s full of keyloggers. Hoping for your response :)

  • OliZ

    Hi! does thsi work for private servers? cuz my server dosnt have an AI map, so i copied the AI map from original RO and it still dosnt work :(

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