Cafe World – My Newest Facebook App Addiction

If you’re having troubles with anything while playing Cafe World, leave a comment below and I’ll try to answer it for you.

I’ve been on Facebook for only a few months and I can tell you that the different Facebook applications got me so addicted that Mai and I never miss to include the different Facebook apps we play in our conversations. We’re almost always in front of computers because of our internet cafe business so we got a lot of online time on our hands hehehe. Heck, the game/application feature of Facebook was what convinced me to finally update and jazz up my Facebook profile after months of no activity.

Currently, I’m playing Cafe World, Home Inn and Pet Society (another post coming up about that). I started out in Farm Town but I got so bored with the gameplay I had to leave my farm behind heehee. I needed something simple but challenging.

And that’s what I love about Cafe World. The interface and gameplay is simple but there’s the challenge of coming up with a unique design that works for you and making sure you have enough cooking up for your customers.

I did try Restaurant City but dang, I got bored the first few minutes I was playing it. The only thing I like about it was that you have control over the design of the outside look of your cafe. That’s it.

Going back to Cafe World, when I first played it, it kinda reminded me of Farm Town in the sense that the recipes or dishes have their own cooking times that you need to remember so they won’t spoil. After a few more days of playing it, I was hooked!

There are a lot of things I love about Cafe World. Let me tell you some of them:

  • It was created by Zynga, who brought us some of the most fun and addicting Facebook apps such as Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, FarmVille, and the ever-popular Mafia Wars.
  • You won’t experience too much lag or slow loading times when playing. Unlike with Restaurant City, where you have to wait too long before you get to play.
  • I love the concept of the cooking times for each dish. You have more control and for me, the gameplay won’t get old so quickly because they seem to be adding more exciting features weekly. I can’t wait for the new expansions!
  • I also love the fact that you need to conceptualize on what layout and design will work best for you. I had to try a couple of layouts before I reached this final design. My waiters can teleport the food to the tables and everyone gets served quickly. Still needs a lot of addons but we’ll get to that soon! I’m starting to gradually replace all those cheap chairs with the Ciao Booth so I don’t have that much money on me. Plus, I forgot to remove the doors when I logged out earlier so my buzz rating was really low. Just had to get it out there. LOLz.

  • You don’t really have to worry about the ingredients of the dishes you prepare. I just hate that about Restaurant City. They made the game too complicated but at the same time boring for me.
  • You can help your friends earn more money by sending them gifts that they can serve their customers for a certain amount of money. Plus, all the customers will get served per gift so you’d really appreciate those people who actually send you gifts and it will also push you to send some back. Nice, eh?

Now, the only thing I don’t like about Cafe World is how my avatar/chef and everyone else look like. They’re too 2D. But I don’t really care that much as long as they continue with the updates in-game.

TIPS on Playing Cafe World

How do you freaking close your cafe in Cafe World?!
Easy. Just remove all the doors. Anyway, you can get them back from your inventory without spending another dime.
This way, if you don’t have any more food left, you can close your cafe while you got food cooking and just put them back when you’re ready to serve them. This is good if you want to keep your buzz rating up.

Can’t decide on your cafe’s layout/design?!
Want some tips or ideas? Visit this forum thread to get some ideas: Show Off Your Cool Cafe

How to test your layouts if they’ll work for you?
Why test your layouts in the first place? Well, with your new layout, some customers might not get served by your waiters. That’s why you need to test your layout.
Now, how do you do it without losing any money? After you’ve applied your desired layout, observe. Check if there’s any customer not being served with your current layout. If you see this problem, DON’T let your customers finish what they’re eating! Why? So it won’t affect your buzz rating when your dissatisfied customers leave your cafe.
Just switch back to design mode (click on the Customize or Chair icon) and do some changes with your layout and then test again.

Why are my waiters not serving some of my customers?
This is the most common question people are typing in Google which leads them to this post. There are just 2 reasons why some of your customers or all of them are not being served by your waiters:

  • The server is not yet recognizing your layout or it could be a server timeout. Try refreshing the game. If it continues, then click on the Customize (chair) icon and click on OK to see if the problem persists. If it continues, then, you need to change your layout.
  • Your current layout isn’t effective and needs to be changed ASAP. Like what I mentioned on my previous tip, test your layout if there’ll be some customers who won’t get served. If you experience this, it means you need to clear your waiters’ path to the customers table even when using teleportation. Just play around with your layout ’til all the customers are served. I had to test mine 5x before I got to my final layout that worked.

Want to increase your buzz rating?

  • Add more doors so more people can get in. Trust me, this works.
  • Make sure you have enough food. Don’t leave your cafe open with no food to serve. Try cooking different dishes with different cooking times. I suggest close your cafe and then cook Spitfire Roasted Chicken on all your stoves. Then, once they’ve been served, open your cafe and cook other dishes with shorter cooking time.
  • Serve your customers faster by taking advantage of TELEPORTation. Heehee. Make sure your waiters’ path to your customers tables are blocked so they won’t walk all the way from the counters to the tables. It will save you time and you can serve more customers faster!

How to make more money?!

  • Send gifts so you can get some back. Use them when you have about 6 or more customers sitting so you won’t waste them. I get about 10 gifts daily (my friends are all very kind = meaning they’re all addicted to Cafe World, too, and they know I send gifts daily hehehe)
  • Of course, make sure you have enough food served/prepared for the time you’d be away from your cafe.
  • Check and compare the prices of the dishes when you buy them and how much profit you’d get when you’ve sold all the servings.
  • Visit your friends daily. Leave tips when you do so they’d be glad to tip you, too.
  • Get more people on your friends list to play the game! The more neighbors you have, the more money you’d get from the Daily Bonus. I get 5,000 daily because I got about 30 neighbors already.

How to Level Up Faster?
Well, if you have enough money, cook and then delete Spitfire ROasted Chicken. It’ll give you 60 exp points everytime. It’s really expensive to do that, though. But, if you’re after leveling up faster, you can try this.
If you got too much time on your hands, continuously cook dishes with the shortest cooking times. It’s kinda tiring though. I tried it like 3 consecutive times and I stopped ‘coz it’s really tiring.
Visit your friends daily. I don’t religiously do this but I try. Also, you might observe that after visiting 20 friends, the exp points decrease to 1. At that point, I stop visiting unless when I really need coins hehehe.

MY WISHLIST for Cafe World
Here are a few things I wish they’d change in the game:

  • Fullscreen feature, just like in Farm Town. So you can really get into the game. Ack. I’m such a nerd. LOLz.
  • I find it kinda irritating that when I try to zoom out the whole browser page, the game screen doesn’t zoom out but cuts parts on the right side of the game. I wish they’d do something about this ‘coz I really prefer smaller game screens so I’d have access on all the buttons and icons (I’m using a wide LCD laptop screen).
  • No integrated photo feature so I had to take photos of my cafe manually – you know, PRINTSCREEN.

I really love Cafe World. I can’t really wait for their weekly updates because I want to get the next expansion. If you haven’t played the game yet but you’re already playing other Facebook games, I suggest you try Cafe World. It’s the newest addiction in Facebook today.

If you got any tips you want to share with me, things that you’ve tested yourself to be working, leave me a comment here. I’d love to try them out.

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  • Good website. I like the darkness. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Two Guys
    Blog Life

  • hahaha. thanks!

    i checked out your blog & i love the ipecac post. don’t know if we have it here, though. thanks for the idea of a good alibi to get off work. lolz.

  • I like this App. Forget Mafia wars. That’s a dieing fad. Lol. I only use this one now. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Two Guys
    Blog Life

  • Anonymous

    my waiters dont serve! i dont know why, i have tried EVERYTHING! i need heeeeeeeeeeelp!

  • have you tried changing the layout? it’s better if you can show me a screenshot of your cafe so i can help you identify what the problem is.

    also, make sure that the tables are not too close to the walls or else your waiters won’t be able to serve them.

    usually, when the waiters are unable to serve customers, it’s because the layout is not allowing them to do so. make sure their path is clear.

    send me a screenshot of your cafe:
    blankpixels0 (at)
    — that’s a zero after blankpixels
    i’ll reply there as soon as i receive it.

  • Anonymous

    I am addicted to this game, does anyone know if you can play this game on your phone?
    Iphone or the new Verizon android?

  • I set up my mothers cafe exactly like mine, but she is not getting a lot of customers. Every seat gets serves, and the waiters are blocked in. There are 3 doors, and 6 different menu items. I can’t even make more food because she has thousands of servings that aren’t getting served because of the lack of customers. My cafe is boomin, but hers isn’t, so I don’t understand? What can I do to get her more customers?

  • Anonymous

    My mother’s cafe is set up just like mine, only she has very minimal customers. Every table gets served, so that’s not the problem. The waiters are blocked in. She can’t cook any more food because she has thousands of servings that aren’t getting served. What can we do to fix this? My cafe is boomin; I can’t keep enough food and my buzz is 105. So if hers is identical to mine, with 3 doors and plenty of tables that DO get served, why are there no customers? HELP!

  • @Suzanne:
    Can you send me a screenshot of the layout? My email is blankpixels0 (at) (that’s a zero after blankpixels) so I can take a look at the layout. Or, you can add me as a neighbor in cafe world and I’ll take a look at it. You can simply remove me from the friends list after.

    If the buzz rating is way lower than 105, that’s the main reaason why she’s only getting a couple of customers. Once the buzz rating increases, that’s the time more customers will come and eat at her cafe.

    If she still has food that needs to be served and you really don’t want it to go to waste, you can put the counters back in your inventory or delete the dishes on the counters to make room for the new ones.

  • Hey I just started playing cafe world. how do you delete unwanted furniture? I know how to move it around but it wont delete. I want to replace it with new furniture. thanks.

  • @muchlovechloe:
    On Customize mode, drag it back to your inventory. Then, you can sell it to delete it completely.

  • just read your blog, i never really played online till my nieces intro me to cafe world and now im hooked. I would want you to be my neighbor. i designed my sons cafe world and loving every step of the way – babaw noh! im ginnie seva on facebook id like to add you as a friend. More power to your blogging!

  • Anonymous

    My buzz rating is super duper low, and it has been at 105 for like days, but then I re-did the layout and it is like down to 5 and it won’t go back up!!! I noticed that my waiters are only serving to a few people!!!! What do I do??

  • danno

    thanks for ur top guide. what a game. keep-on-cookin.

  • R L

    i have zoomed in to far and lost the right side of my screen i cant zoom back out HELP!!

  • @Last anonymous poster:
    Play around with your layout. Your current layout is just not working that's why there are customers that aren't getting served. Again, ALL customers should be served by your waiters if your layout is correct.

    @RL: Try pressing CTRL then use your Scroller on your mouse to zoom out. What browser are you using?

  • Anonymous

    hey i just started playing cafe world was working fine one day and the nexed day it lodes to screen and says blank with white and black on it how do i get my game to work agian i love it my daughter plays at her grmoms and i love playing it sighs can u help me

  • Anonymous

    I am unable to close the application. I have to use Ctr, Alt Del several times. I am running a P4 with 4 Gigs of memory. I check the processor usage when this occures and it is at 55%.


  • @Shauna:
    I think that's because of Facebook issues, not really with Cafe World. I had that same problem a couple of days ago but it should work fine now. Otherwise, update me here and I'll try to find a solution for you.

    @Last Anonymous:
    What browser are you using? I suggest you update your Flash player and browser. If the problem continues, I suggest you update your

  • Anonymous

    Hi. I have been playing cafe world for about a month now, and I have changed my current layout about 10 times, but no matter what I do, all three of my waiters just stand around and don't serve my customers. Like none of them…any suggestions?

  • CHS

    I'm having problems with Cafe World. I had a buzz rating of 105 but forgot to close up the cafe and ran out of food. Now my buzz rating wont go above 5.8. It's not the layout and I have plenty of food. The buzz rating each time I go to my cafe resets to 5.0, if I stay on the page, I can watch it slowly go up to 5.8 then resets back down to 5.3 or 5.2 and then back down to 5.0 even

  • @Last anonymous:
    Can you make a screenshot of your cafe? Use Print screen then paste it on MS Paint or any image editor you have there. Then, upload it on TinyPic, ImageShack or Photobucket and post the link here so I can see what's wrong with your current layout.

    @CHS: You now have to leave the game open if you want your buzz rating to go up. I swear, when I started playing,

  • About inviting friends, you should report that issue to Cafe World. Have you tried inviting friends through the Invite Friends tab instead of in-game?

  • Anonymous

    my cafe does not share extra helpings of food, I get the request but it doesn't post to FB – I am getting sick of it, how do I leave cafe world?

  • What browser are you using? It could be because of that. The problem could be a bug in Facebook, not with Cafe World since that posting thing is on the side of Facebook already.

    If you want to leave Cafe World, you can simply block it. Take note, though, that everything you have would be gone. I suggest let it sit and don't block it. Just don't play it anymore.

  • Like your blog! i’ve finally gotten a good layout, good buzz, food/gifts built up… i really enjoy this game, and find myself just watching the people go in and out! the only pet peeve i have is that the zoom seems to skip a step. it goes from too close, past just right, on to too far. have you noticed the same problem?

  • Thanks, Stacy! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yes, that’s also one of the things I didn’t like about Cafe World. I wish they could also do something about that. I also like zooming in, especially when I’m designing or changing up the layout. All Zynga games are like that. Oh well. I think I read someone post that in the suggestions forum. Hope they can do something about it. hehehe.

  • Anonymous

    I am at Level 32, buzz rating 105. With this rating, I cannot cook enough food. I cook several rounds of superchunk salad and then cook duck or turkey on all 11 stoves and every morning, I am out of food. Any suggestions?

  • That’s really how it goes. If your buzz rating is at the maximum, your food servings would diminish faster. There’s really no workaround. It’s a good thing, actually, so not really an issue.

    If you really want to keep your counters filled with food, I suggest you close your cafe and cook all you want ’til all of them are filled with different dishes. Then, open your cafe. I used to do this and it usually takes about a day or 2 before everything is served. That’s if you’re willing to close your cafe. Otherwise, you shouldn’t be worrying. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Hey there, great site, I am at level 19 and recently whenever I visit a neigbours cafe to help or taste their food I no longer get a reward of cafe points and coins the pop-up always says my reward is 0 points and 0 coins. Do the rewards stop after a certain level or is there something I can do.
    Cheers Sarita

  • You’re experiencing a bug like most Cafe World players. I found a thread at their forum discussing this. I don’t think it’s already fixed. Maybe next maintenance:

  • Anonymous

    how do u delete unwanted furniture from ur cafe

  • When I visit my neighbor’s cafe I eat their but don’t no how 2 leave a tip can u tell me how 2 leave tips?????

  • Anonymous

    Many thanks I’ll check the forum ๐Ÿ™‚

  • To remove unwanted furniture, simply go to Design or Customize mode (Click on the chair icon) and drag the furniture you want to the cash register icon to sell them or just drag them back to your inventory.

    @Nathan: there’s a bug now that when you visit friends, you don’t get tips or coins. Check the forums. I posted the link in my comment above yours.

  • chanelle

    hi i’m not able to see my whole cafe therefore i’m not able to buy things and i can’t take my doors off cause i can’t see the check mark

  • chanelle:
    I’m thinking you’re zoomed in that’s why your whole screen is cut off. Try this:
    if you’re using firefox:
    go to View menu -> Zoom -> Reset
    OR simply press CTRL + 0 (zero)

    if you’re using IE:
    View menu -> Zoom -> 100%

    That should fix it if the problem is it’s too zoomed in. Tell me if it works.

  • Anonymous

    i really really really love cafe world play it al day if i can but my game is very very very slow so i just gave up on it but i really miss cookin can u help pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Rufina

    i really love cafe world its the best game on FB but i am realy starting to dislike it and not play it because i am having some probs,whenever i remodel everything in my cafe (tables, chairs, doors etc.)all my foods in my counter lost a thousand of foods its been happin after i remodel my cafe they should fix it soon as before people stop playing the game

  • Rufina Garcia

    I was addicted to this game (cafe world). I sleep very very late, almost 3am. Take note I had 13 stoves and 8 counters full of thousands of foods all gone after i remodel my cafe. It happen not only once. So please do something about it.

  • Anonymous

    does anyone know what avatar items are?

  • Leigh Ann

    Hi, I am not getting any of the post from my friends for the (100 servings of pie, ect. ) to collect from. Do you know why this be?

  • I too can’t understand what avatar items are for the new medals. Help ?

  • Anonymous


  • When you say cook spitfire roast and delete, do you mean cook fully??? or just put it on there and delete it??

  • No need to wait for it to cook completely. Just prepare it… then, delete it to get exp.

  • Hi, same with anonymous..
    What is Avatar means on the App?
    I currently have 26 but I don’t know how to increase it..

  • h! is there a way to regain back my lost food in the counter? what happened is i served newly cooked food in the counter, it’s about 10thou+ but when i tried to rearranged my counters it’s gone, i have’nt delete it…why is it so? please enlighted me on this…thank you so much

  • @ -bong:
    Have you tried refreshing or reloading the game? Unfortunately, I believe you won’t be able to regain the food you lost, sorry. I guess that’s a bug in the game. I haven’t really experienced this ‘coz I always redesign my cafe when there’s no food anywhere.

  • i've tried everything, but it does'nt work…anyway thanks for your reply…i'll follow your blog. good day to you.

  • Hello everyone!

    Regarding the Full Screen Feature… Check this topic on cafรฉ's discussion board.

    I hope you don't mind if I post it here… Thanks in advance!

    Cheers everyone[]

  • I have a problem, my waiters serve all my tables, but random tables get missed they serve a paticular table once then not for the next customer. When I had a buzz of 105 about 3 random tables would not get served, now it's like that even with a low buzz rating. Any ideas?

  • Chris: Change the layout of your cafe. That's the only solution. Test it to make sure everyone gets served. It could be a result of some customers blocking the way of your waiters.

  • Anonymous

    Did the new “updates” get rid of teleporting waiters? I’ve had to rearrange everything… ?? Please let me know.

  • Anonymous

    i have some friend that i cant invite they don’t appear at the cafe list and some do but i cant make them neighbors help thanks

  • Have you tried refreshing the page?
    If you go to the Neighbors tab, scroll down and you’d see your friends who aren’t your neighbors yet. There’s a button there that you can click to add them as neighbors.

  • The view of my Cafe World has been changed. Now I can’t click on some buttons like zoom in and out and on buy with expand your cafe.
    Do you have any tips to change that?

  • Rins: Can you post a screenshot of your Cafe World screen? Printscreen then upload it somewhere like ImageShack, tinyPic or Photobucket so I’ll know exactly what’s wrong.

    Have you tried resetting the view on your browser?
    if you’re using firefox:
    go to View menu -> Zoom -> Reset
    OR simply press CTRL + 0 (zero)

    if you’re using IE:
    View menu -> Zoom -> 100%

  • Jojo

    Same prob as Rins, screen zoomed in too much, tried messing with the browser zoom setting no good, tried for a setting for zoom on flash plyer no good, did a reinstall of flash no change. There’s meant to be a panel in the bottom right to change the zoom but I can’t see it..

  • The zoom setting worked for me before so I’m not really sure what’s wrong. I suggest try resetting your browser completely.

  • Anonymous

    I am relatively new to the game. I am a senior. Having a lot of fun. Please help me. I want to change my chairs to another design. I think I have fourteen chairs and table. How do I do that? How do I exchange them for another design. Do I get credits for my old chairs and tables?
    nowfaithbeejay’s Cafe

  • Anonymous

    Me and my wife are both having lag times when we play cafe world. As soon as we open cafe world our task managers will go to 100%, any other game will not do this. Could anybody help me on this issue?

  • @nowfaithbeejay:
    Click on the chair icon (Customize) below your Cafe World screen. That’s how you can drag your chairs back to your inventory and buy new ones.

    @Last poster:
    Cafe World is really a memory/resource hogger. What browser are you using and what’s your computer’s RAM? 1GB? And how fast is your internet connection? All those things can affect how fast you play the game.

  • Anonymous

    how do you delete your cafe? it’s too much of a time suck for me.

  • You can only block the application. Check your application settings.

  • Anonymous

    We are running internet explorer. 2.31 ghz, 1.93 gb of ram. and we are are on dsl, not sure of speed.

  • There’s no reason for you to have issues like that with the game. We’ve got almost the same specs.
    Try using Google Chrome browser. It’s lightweight and most users say it works faster.

    I’m using Firefox and I’m not experiencing any issues. It can also be a result of a virus that’s running on Startup.

  • Anonymous

    How do i “leave the game open?” on cafe world?

  • I love ur blog. how do u get the teleportation feature to work?

  • leave the game open = leave the game window open

    teleportation just works for me. there were complaints that after the latest updates, it doesn’t work for some players anymore. maybe you’re one of those who were affected by the update.

  • thanks for the reply, but what r the steps to set it up? (teleportation)

  • rbrzezinski

    This layout only works if you follow everything to the letter! Pay attention to the handles on the stoves. They must be facing forward in order for this to work. Your waiters will not get trapped outside! Thanks!

  • tim mcroberts

    i can not even find cafe world at all it won't even let me go it it form other games like yoville cafe is my favorite app. and now i can't play it it has dissapered can you help me

  • @tim: have you tried using this link?

    everything's working on my end.

  • I don't know how much your into this game, but do you know how to post full screenshots of your cafe without using printscreen? Here is a link of what I am talking about.

    See how its not a printscreen? I'm so confused as to going about doing it ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Anonymous hasn't been loading for days. Is the app gone?

  • sdcc

    thanks for the tip of the zoom, it worded for me!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hello! Can you please help me open my cafe world please…………

  • marilyn

    how do u get a bookmark for cafe world. I was already playing the game when they made their switch and it like im locked out, i cant even see my friends post about cafe world.

  • i play cafe world on Facebook everyday but ever since i came back from spring break on the 6th of April my link has not been showing up and it wont let me play it says its something wrong with the link but my mom dad and brother can still play and we all use the same computer.

  • my link for face book wont show up so i cant play and when i go to games and find a cafe world thing it still wont let me play i need help.

  • Zombiemama

    Hi. I love the whole cafe world but can’t realy play. The only way I can get to facebook is on my iPhone. Is there a way I can play using my phone rather then pc? Right now I have my two sister each taking turns running it, in fact I haven’t even seen my cafe yet! Please help

  • p4jazz

    I can’t see the zoom buttons and can’t zoom. i can’t even see my rating. This started last night. I try to refresh, but nothing works!!!

  • Please report your problems through their forums. I can’t help you with that.