Want to Pre-Purchase Heroes of Newerth?!

February 16, 2010
I am giving away 45 Heroes of Newerth Beta keys over at my blog about how I make money online – Pinay Online Money Maker.
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Dilemma: As much as you want to pre-purchase Heroes of Newerth, you can’t because you don’t have any money to spare… or you simply don’t want to use your hard-earned money for a game.

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For Pinoys, you can use Paypal money to pay for online game load through DigitalMartian. That’s where we buy our monthly game load for Ragnarok Online. Hehehe.

And for Heroes of Newerth addicts, here’s a screenshot of the Pre-Purchase payment options you’d see on the Heroes of Newerth Pre-purchase page:

Yes! You can pay through Paypal! So, why don’t you join any of the online money-making programs I featured on my blog (Complete List of Trusted Paying Online Money Making Sites) so you can start earning your $30 so you can pre-purchase the game?!

If you’re from Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia or the Philippines,
you cannot pre-purchase online.

I was only able to pre-purchase 1 account before this.
I hope they’ll bring back the Pre-Purchase option through Paypal for these countries.

Here’s a message from S2 Games

Purchasing for the following countries will be handled through a South East Asia affiliate, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia and Phillipines. Look for more information in the near future.

HOWEVER, you can purchase a Gift account and just send it to yourself. You can still use Paypal so go ahead and check out my blog about how I make money online – Pinay Online Money Maker.

Right now, I can actually pay for 2 Heroes of Newerth pre-purchased accounts but my partner and I are still deciding if we should pre-purchase 2 or just 1 account and we’ll just share. Hmmm…. anyway, I’ve been working on my new blogs so I might not have time to play anymore. But, hey, I’m still interested in pre-purchasing the game.

Anyway, go ahead and visit my blog – Pinay Online Money Maker – and I hope you can join as my referral. I’m thinking about giving out my remaining Heroes of Newerth beta keys to anyone who’ll sign up as my referral on any FriendFinder website I featured on my blog. What do you think? Hmmm…

If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment there on my other blog. I’ll answer your questions, I promise.

  • Anonymous

    hello, I’ve been trying to pre purchase HON but the “Select your billing method” option is not showing. There’s something else written.

  • You’re from what country? If you’re from Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia or the Philippines, according to S2 games, pre-purchasing will be handled by an affiliate here in South East Asia. It sucks, really. I was only able to pre-purchase one.

  • Anonymous

    Here,the Philippines, I read that too but I assumed I would still be able to pre-purchase. CRAP! Now how will I get the game? Wahhh!!

  • For now, no need to worry since it’s still on beta stage. I think they’ll be on beta ’til probably summer of next year. By the time Heroes of Newerth is finally released, there’ll be options to get it here in the PH.

  • Anonymous

    hello . can you give me a beta key in HON ?
    jonaspogz_11@yahoo.com please send the beta key .. thanks GM ^^

  • Anonymous

    Can you please send me a beta keys please so that i could play it’s hard 2 get beta keys plz send me an beta keys in my email this is my mail: vengeance_andy@yahoo.com


  • Anonymous

    plssss!!!!!!!!!send me a beta keys pls,,,,

  • Anonymous

    heres my e-mail yaykkks@yahoo.com,,i can play that game co’z i don’t hav any beta keys plsssss,, send to my my e-mail–tnx so much ^_^

  • Kyle

    Helloo! I really want to pre-purchase my account in HoN, but I don't think my parents will ever trust me, so I hope the money maker won't have anything to do about bank accounts. 🙁

  • You will only need a bank account if you're going to withdraw your Paypal funds. But, since you'll be using it to purchase online, you won't really need a bank account. However, I haven't confirmed yet if S2 games only allows verified Paypal accounts to be used to pre-purchase the game.

    Where are you from, by the way?!

  • Anonymous

    @blankpixelsHoN i need a Heroes of Newerth beta key. count me in! my email address is fathergunx_10@yahoo.com


    Gud eve..i Really want to make a account in “HoN”,But there is a reason i cannot make my account in “HoN” because i dont have at least any “BETA KEY” for making it… Y_Y please,can u give me…
    count me in my E-mail add. (fathergunx_10@yahoo.com)
    im sorry if i post TWICE Comment
    Thank U!!! God Bless

  • Anonymous

    I would like a Hon key please 😉 my email is: Kgr_jansson@hotmail.com

  • Anonymous

    CAN I HV A BETA KEY ?francislau89@gmail.com

  • Anonymous

    plss send me a beta key at bbokod22@yahoo.com

  • hello just wanna ask, is it one time pay and play forever? and do you know how much does it cost does it even expire? hope not… never tested the game though…


    still waiting for the open beta but not sure if i could pay to play… didnt even have a glimpse of the game.. FAIL

    BTW the name’s AR

  • harold caneja

    im from philippines to, so this means we can purchase or pre-purchase 1 account??? please i need some answer… send me some please or at my email jahlord1@yahoo.com please please please

  • Anonymous

    hi there pixels,, im from philippines to… same prob.. so it means we cant pre purchase or purchase 1 account now? i really love this game… please send some reply i need 1… jahlord1@yahoo.com

  • You can still purchase it, but, you'd need to buy it as a GIFT account and send it to yourself.

    I'll come up with a guide on that. I'll also try to come up with an offer so Pinoys can buy/pre-purchase through me.