I Won @ Yugatech’s Merry Tweetmas Giveaway!

A few posts ago, I wrote about me joining Yugatech‘s Great Gadget GiveawayMerry Tweetmas. I was so anxious to know if I won or not and today, Abe posted the 62 Round 1 winners!
I quickly scanned the list of winners, not reading anything else, to see if I’m on the list. And I was!!
YugatechRound1Winners-2009 Yayyy!! I won a Globe prepaid card worth Php 500!
I was actually eyeing for the Modu or Globe Tattoo prize but I’m very happy that I even got picked out of the hundreds who joined!
Now, I won’t have to worry about prepaid load for the next months. I’m already using Globe’s Immortal Txt so this should save me some more money.
Thank you, Yugatech, for this giveaway! I can’t wait for Round 2! I hope I win again!
For those of you asking me if I received my prize already, not yet. I submitted my details to Abe so I’m just waiting for an email from him or something. I’ll post an update here once I’ve received it.
Now, I’m thinking of a giveaway for my blog, too. I don’t want to do it on the holidays because there are lots of people giving out stuff already. So, stay tuned for that.