How to Setup Domains in Moniker for Blogger

I currently own 6 domains and they’re all on Moniker. I transferred my domains from other domain registrars because I find that Moniker‘s system works faster – my domains are active earlier than when I was with Yahoo and GoDaddy even after everything was setup correctly. And, considering the prices of domains today, Moniker offers considerably cheaper prices than other domain registrar.

Moniker actually caters more on bulk domain registrations so if you’re planning on buying a lot of domains at once or if you want to be more organized in configuring 100+ domains, then, Moniker is the registrar for you.

It was quite hard for me to set it up the first time because there was no clear guide on where to go. The setup process in Yahoo was more user-friendly. But, I got around it and now I have 6 domains running on Moniker. So, if you’re a blogger like me who wants to own your very own customized domain name, then, I suggest you go for Moniker and simply follow the steps below if you’re blog is hosted by BLOGGER. If you’re using a different blog host, you can simply follow this guide to know where to setup Addresses (A) and Aliases (CNAME) for your domain to work.

First off, to search for a domain name and purchase one at Moniker, click on the banner below:

After you’ve successfully paid for the domain, you now have to wait for a couple of days (all my domain purchases were confirmed within 24 hours) for your payment to be confirmed. Once it’s confirmed, you can proceed with the configuration of the domain below.

NOTE: Again, this is for bloggers like me whose blogs are hosted by BLOGGER by Google. However, the steps are just the same. You just need to know what hostnames or addresses you need to enter that corresponds to where your site/blog is being hosted.

Click the images to zoom.

1. Once logged in to your Moniker account, click on My Domains on the menu on top of the page.


2. You will be given a list of your registered domains. To configure it to direct to your Blogger or where your blog is hosted, check the box beside the name of your domain then click on IP button, as shown below. For this tutorial, I’m setting this site’s domain as an example.


3. On the next page, click on Template Manager link on the top of the page, as shown below.


4. Click on Create a New Template link on the next page. We will be setting up a template for your selected domain.


5. Now, this is the page where we’ll enter the addresses that should direct the domain to your blog host. Enter a name for this Template.

Take note that the A (Address) only accepts IP or numerical addresses while CNAME (Alias) accepts alphanumeric address.


Notes on Hostnames:

* (asterisk) – For example, anyone who types in my domain would still be led to my blog hosted by Blogger because of this entry.

www would also direct you to my blog.

If you want to add a subdomain, for example, then, enter the following record.
Record Type: CNAME (Alias)
Hostname: blog

For Blogger-hosted blogs, you can simply follow the settings I have below.

moniker6 The addresses are:

Once you’re done entering the addresses, click on the Save button. Then, click on Template Manager link on top.

6. On the Template Manager page, scroll down and check the Custom Templates for your newly added template. For this example, I used Testing. Click on the place selected domains (1) into this Template.


That’s it! Your domain is all setup. You just have to wait for all the settings to take effect. In my experience, it only takes a few hours. For one of my other domains, I only waited for a few minutes before my domain was up and running.

Next: I’ll be posting a guide on how to setup a custom email so you can use your domain as your email address.

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  • I was thinking about moving my blog to I already have my own domain, and I’m not crazy about the lack of control over blogger comments. I used to have Haloscan, but they disappeared, replaced by a provider I didn’t much care for.

    You seem very savvy about blogging, but stick with Blogger. Is there any reason you never went to wordpress? I keep reading that it has all these features and gives you more control.

  • I wanted to blog without paying for a host. If you’re talking about, yes, you have full control but it must be installed in a paid host so you can fully maximize its features.

    As much as I want to have a WordPress blog, I choose to stick with Blogger. I don’t want to pay for my blog’s host. If I was earning huge amounts of money from blogging, maybe I will, but, I’m not so I’m sticking with a free blog host. Hehehe. doesn’t give you full control over your blog so I didn’t go with them. People are saying that WordPress blogs give out more Google juice than Blogger but my blogs are doing fine in the search results so I’ll stick with Blogger because it’s free and highly customizable. Especially now that I’m using Windows Live Writer alongside it. 🙂

  • So buying the domain is not the same as buying the host. I think I pay 9 bucks a year for my domain to 1 & 1. Is a host a lot more expensive? I know charges 10 bucks a month. Maybe for that much I’ll stick with Blogger too.


  • Some webhosts offer free domain registration for free when you buy web hosting from them. It is a lot more expensive to pay for a web host.

    Bluehost is the cheapest I’ve found. They charge $6.95 per month. Still, I’m not willing to pay for that since I’m not making that amount of money every month from my blogs. *grin*

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for this… I’ve been looking everywhere for a guide! I’ve recently started using moniker and find it extremely hard to navigate the site!!! It just doesn’t seem user friendly at all… especially for beginners! lol.

  • Yeah, I agree. I almost got crazy trying to set it up. Moniker’s site isn’t user friendly, but their prices are cheaper so I’m glad I got around setting up my domain with them. There were a lot of testing that went on before I finally did it LOL. Now all my domains are in Moniker.

    I’m glad you found this post useful. 🙂

  • Thank you for this tutorial. I was about to buy a domain in GoDaddy but when I read this post, I decided to go to Moniker instead. A few dollars is still a lot of savings. I just want to ask though because I have my blogger blogs enrolled in some paid to post sites, does that mean I’ll have to wait for 3 months and re-apply again using the new domain url?

  • If you’re already enrolled, you don’t have to. Your blogspot address will still direct visitors to your new domain if you’re on Blogger.

    However, you’ll get better paid post opps if you have your own domain. Since most paid to post sites won’t allow you to change the URL, you can re-submit your blog. They’ll see the posts anyway if you’re blog has been online for over 3 months.

  • Thanks you! Will buy that domain now. 🙂

  • You're welcome! 🙂

  • Thanks. Thats really great!

  • Anonymous

    Hi this has been extremely helpful- have not been able to find a like guide anywhere else. The issue I am having is that when I type in my domain url- in this format: it works like a charm. however, if I just enter in url bar- i get error 404- The requested URL / was not found on this server. I followed your instructions to the T- with cname, @, * and www hosts- nothing has seemed to fix it- any thoughts? thanks

  • Is this for a website or for a blog? If it’s the latter, what blogging platform are you using?

  • Anonymous

    Hi it is just a domain name I bought from Moniker, but it will be used as the blog site for now (but it will eventually be part of a website). I am using blogger platform. Thanks