Must-Follow on Twitter – DJ Mo Twister (@djmotwister)

I’m writing this post for 1 of my favorite local celebrities – DJ Mo Twister. I love him ‘coz of his wit, his sarcasm and brutal honesty. Some may hate him, but just look at what he has accomplished and the demand for him and his skills. It only shows that people do appreciate his brand of humor and his honesty.
DJ Mo Twister - from his blog www.motwister.comHis candidness has made him one of the most controversial celebrities to-date. He hosts the morning show “Good Times with Mo” on Magic 89.9 and his Forbidden Questions segment (he asks a celebrity guest 40 provocative questions) is one of the most talked about radio segments today.
His brand of humor and personality might not appeal to everyone, but don’t you find it refreshing to hear people say what they really think and not sugarcoat or tell you what’s proper or socially acceptable? That’s why I like him.
If you don’t know yet, DJ Mo has his own blog – – where he posts news-worthy topics that interest him. He also talks about subjects that are taboo for most people, for instance, one of his latest posts (as of this writing) – female self-love. Go ahead and check out his blog. While you’re at it, check his Photo Gallery, too.
DJ Mo currently hosts a Nokia 5230 cellphone giveaway on his blog and Twitter – I haven’t won yet, but I’m hopeful since we’re still halfway ’til the end of the giveaway. He’s only giving away Nokia 5230s for 30 days. So, you still have time to join. All you have to do is visit and bookmark his blog – – and follow him on Twitter – (@djmotwister). Everyday, he’ll post a trivia question on his blog and you need to send in your answers to his Twitter account. He announces the winner the next day.

I encourage you to follow him so there’ll be more prizes after this Nokia 5230 giveaway. He already said that there’ll be 2 more Twitter sponsors after this giveaway so hurry and follow him on Twitter – – (@djmotwister).