Nursing Licensure Exam Results for November 2009 are In! Yayy!

We found out last night that my brother, Kenneth, passed the Nursing Licensure Exam (NLE) or Nursing board exam that he took in November last year. You can’t imagine how happy and relieved we all are. I’m so proud of him!

That’s his name on the list of board passers taken from To see if you, a friend or a loved one is on it, follow this link – Philippine Nursing Board Exam November 2009 Results. To find out if they are on top of the list, read this news article from Inquirer: November ’09 nursing board exams result out


Just thinking about all the sleepless nights  of studying he had to endure to make it gives me the shivers. I’ve got good memory, but my brains and whole system isn’t really made for anything that has to do with medicine or biology for that matter. I get squeamish in the sight of blood or wounds. My nanay was a nurse and when I was younger, I thought I’d be a doctor or something like her. In high school, I learned I can’t go that road because I hate Biology. I cursed the day we dissected a live frog. LOL. I’ve been really fond of technology, computers so I ended up as a Computer Engineer who prefers web and graphics design. Hah! LOL

So, I have HIGH RESPECT for all NURSES and Nursing students out there because I know that studying, graduating and passing the board exams is not the easy path. After seeing how stressful it was for my brother made me think of them more highly. Although they’re not DOCTORS, don’t think of them less. They’re the ones who directly deal with patients most of the time, and solely responsible for patient care.

To all newly Registered Nurses of the Philippines:


Be proud of what you have achieved. It’s no easy feat.
May God bless you and I wish you all luck with your career as a nurse.

Now, my brother has to worry about practicing as a Registered Nurse (RN). He’s already working at a call center now, but I told him not to waste all his talent and all that hard work for nothing. I told him he can still do what he wants while practicing nursing. I hope he’ll consider what I suggested. But, whatever his decision may be, we’ll be there to support him.


6  I’M SO PROUD OF YOU! Promise!!
I love you, bro! Good luck!

Image: Kenneth and Nanay