Congratulations, Mike! Good Luck to your Future!

March 25th does not only mark my partner Mai’s 27th year on Earth, but also the start of a more mature phase in her only brother Mike’s life – graduation from Elementary school.

I know, some of you might think it’s a bit exaggerated that I consider high school life “mature”. I believe that High School is where adulthood begins. Well, at least that was the case for me and most of my batchmates in High School. It’s a phase in your life that you have to start thinking about your future, what you really wanted to do in life. And that starts with the decision of what course to take in College.

Okay, I’m already fast-forwarding too much into the future, but that has been the case for me. I thought I’d be a Chemical Engineer because I was excelling in Chemistry in high school. So, I took up BS Chemical Engineering in UP Diliman, only to find out after a year that I really wanted to pursue something IT-related, so I shifted to Computer Engineering. There were clues there some time back in High School that I’d prefer to be in the field of IT – I was amazed by ancient applications such as Lotus 123, now replaced by Microsoft Excel, and I’ve always looked forward to our computer and typing classes.

MikeEdcelGoing back to Mike’s graduation, I’m not sure he already knows what he wants to take up in college. But, he’s a very smart kid and he also loves computers. He’s shy, so I’m guessing that he might be interested in an IT course, too. However, since I know their family can afford to send him to medical school, I believe he can also handle being a doctor.

Too bad Mai can’t be with him on his graduation day because we’re on a tight budget. She said she’ll just wait for them to fly to Manila maybe this summer. We’ll just have our own celebration here. Mai’s mom already shopped for a formal long-sleeve shirt and still window-shopping for mens ties for Mike to wear on his graduation day.

I know Mike has a great future ahead of him. He’s got good people around him who love him so much. I know he knows that he’s got the love and support of his whole family.

Congratulations, Mike Edcel!
We love yah!

  • Congratulations to Mike! It's another milestone! Just by looking at his photo, I believe that he's one smart kid.