Foodies Forever!

Since my partner Mai’s birthday is coming up, you might read more about her on this blog in the coming days. I haven’t really blogged about what’s going on with us because I was too busy with our internet cafe.

image Anyway, previously, I mentioned that we’re setting up a food blog. Me, Mai and my brother Kenneth are foodies. They both love to cook, I do the eating. LOL.

Ken loves baking the most and my Nanay buys him baking pans and ingredients for his cooking. He also shops for ingredients himself, like chocolate chips you can buy cheap at Baker’s Depot. He made some really good desserts and cakes like his very famous Chocolate Mousse Cake (image below). I’ll be posting the recipe and how he makes it on our food blog. It was so amazing it didn’t last a week in our fridge. Better than the one you can buy at Red Ribbon, and way cheaper, too!

mousse1 (7)

Mai, on the other hand, loves to cook meat. She loves re-creating dishes or recipes from what we see on TV or from her favorite chefs Gordon Ramsey (Hell’s Kitchen and The F Word), Chef John Mitzewich of, Barefoot Contessa and Ina Garten among others. When we grocery shop, she makes it a point that she buys ingredients for her next cooking experiment. She also loves making sandwiches.

Mai wanted a chef’s knife so bad. She wants to practice her knife skills after watching Julie & Julia. I told her I want to buy her that knife because I also would love to see her learn more. We can’t afford to send her to culinary school so I suggested that she just continue self-studying since she can follow recipes and video instructions very well.

We were actually eyeing for a Wusthof chef’s knife, which costs around Php 4,000+. But, she wanted to buy something cheaper so she can buy a few more additions to our kitchen like silver flatware. For her birthday, wee’re planning on window-shopping at kitchenware stores like Gourdo’s and Living Well to look for dinnerware, non-stick pans, knives, linens, and grater. I’m hoping we could buy her a chef’s knife so she can start practicing her knife skills already.

Here are a few of the dishes Mai made:

GreysAnatomySandwichCLT = Chicken Sandwich with Lettuce and Tomato

Pierogi1 Pierogi (potato dumplings… yum!!)

image Inspired by Julie & Julia
(2nd version had basil but I wasn’t able to take a photo eh)

image Ham and Cheese Quesadilla

More dishes, recipes would be featured on our food blog so keep posted for that! 🙂

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  • Thanks, Marice & Momsy Katsy.

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  • I also love eating as well as love cooking.Can you share the details how your brother and friend made this recipes.

  • Basically i like these ingredients especially at those buffets. starches, common vegetables, oh and little scraps of meat.thanks

  • I just made angel food cake for the first time. I figured that it would be a high protein cake, but the recipe said there is only 2 grams of protein per serving.Some good ideas are welcome.