Meet our New Puppies Choco and Minzy

After over a week of our Bernese puppy Mocha’s passing, we were given 2 new puppies by my brother’s friend, Jonna. The puppies are sisters and they’re so cute I can’t get over it.

She was the first puppy that Jonna gave us. Mai and I agreed on naming our next puppy Choco no matter what the color of her/his fur is. So, even though she’s got more of a light-brown fur, we named her Choco.

She’s very cute and playful. She also loves sleeping or laying on our bed. Mai has been spoiling her ever since we got her. So, I just agreed to let her sleep on our bed while we watch our fave TV series. There was one condition, though. She needs to wear a diaper when she sleeps beside us. However, this didn’t last long because Choco can’t take the cold in our room ‘coz of the AC.

Choco also loves Pedigree’s DentaStix A LOT. Mai and I will be shopping for more treats and accessories for her this week, along with Mai’s birthday celebration. We’re planning on buying her a new leash and a dog food bowl of her own. We might buy her more toys soon but Mai and I are thinking of buying her clothes that she can wear so I won’t worry too much when she’s on our bed. We saw a couple of hip hop clothes at the pet store last week. Too bad Choco wasn’t with us because I wanted to try it out first before we buy her one. I’m now looking at Snoop Dogg’s clothing line for dogs online and they’re pretty cool. Need to look for something to fit a snob like Choco. LOL

choco1 choco4
choco2 choco3


Mai and I have been calling her “Negra” because she’s way darker than Choco. She looks all dirty, too, because of her fur. She does look a lot like her sister Choco. Jonna gave her to us because her dad can’t take all the dog shit inside their house. That’s why I’m glad they got potty-trained quickly. Cleaning up after them was very tiring… and yucky, too.

Minzy is my brother Kenneth’s puppy. She’s way more playful than Choco. What kinda irritates me about her is that she doesn’t know when to stop. So, I’m also trying my best to discipline her so she’d know when to stop playing around and biting her sister Choco and Levi, our other dog.

minzy2 minzy1

I love that first photo of Minzy. I’ve been trying to get the same pose from Choco, but she won’t budge. LOL


Here’s a photo of them together. They really look alike, except for the fur, of course.

Minzy is very fond of food. It takes her a minute or two to gobble up the meal we prepared for her. It takes Choco 5 minutes to finish so, usually, Minzy would beat her to it.

They’re both very sweet. Minzy even sleeps right outside our bedroom door. I’m guessing because she loves the cool breeze coming out of our air-conditioned room. LOL

Choco, on the other hand, loves to sleep in dark corners of our home. It usually takes us a long time to find her. But, she usually responds and comes out when we call her name. She also has this habit of wanting to go inside our room when Mai and I have closed the cafe and are about ready to rest. She’ll scratch her paws on our door so we’d let her in. Cute!!

levi1Our house was a mess the first week we had them. But, now that they know where to do their dirty business, we only get a few pee accidents inside the house. In time, when they get older, they’d both know to control it so they can make it outside before giving in to the call of nature. LOL

We never had this problem with our other semi-puppy, Levi, pictured on the right. He never was potty-trained, but he know exactly where he needs to go. He used to pee and poop outside, near our gate. Now, he only pees there and he poops at our backyard. It’s way easier to clean up. I actually think he helped us train Choco and Minzy. Maybe they saw him doing his business at the backyard so they followed him. Hehehe. Nice doggy! 🙂

We haven’t brought them to the vet yet because all of them are healthy. I’ll just call Doc Cheng for any questions. But, we’ll bring them in for a checkup and their vaccine shot in about a month.