Project Runway Season 7 – My Top 3 Designers

Mai and I are Reality TV junkies. Right now, on our to-watch list, we’ve got a few of them listed, like Survivor, American Idol, America’s Next Top Model, and Project Runway.

I love Project Runway. Although I’m not what you can consider as a “fashionista”, I do love watching those designer contestants create amazing clothes! I’ve watched a couple of runway shows on TV and awaited awards show to find out what the hottest celebrities would wear during those events. I’m amazed by how the Project Runway contestants come up with their designs, especially this season.

This season, I actually love all the designers left in the competition. These are some of their designs that I love:

imageAmy Sarabi

image Jay Nicolas Sario

image Jonathan Peters image Seth Aaron Henderson

And based on their designs since the start of the competition, my Top 3 designers are Jay Nicolas, Seth Aaron and Jonathan!ProjectRunwaySeason7Top3

I’m betting on Jay OR Jonathan winning this season. They both bring unique ideas everytime. But, I actually siding more on Jay ‘coz he’s a Filipino… kiddin’! I mean, that’s one of the reasons, but what he did with those trash bags was simply crazy!!! Love it!

And speaking of Jonathan Peters, the first time I saw him, I told Mai that if American Idol winner David Cook and finalist Danny Gokey had a kid, he’d look like Jonathan. What do you think? LOL

DannyGokeyDavidCookJonathanI’m pretty excited to watch the next episode. This is the first time in my years of watching Project Runway that I’m really excited to see what the designers would be coming up next.

I am just amazed by these designers. I can’t imagine how they can finish those designs in such a short time. They’re always on a rush, especially before the runway show. I’m just glad no one had issues wanting to use the same item from the BlueFly accessory wall, like maybe the same Cole Haan shoes or the same bag to match their model’s clothes.

Do you watch Project Runway? I’d love to know who you’re betting on this season.