I’m Moving, Finally!

I'm Moving!

Yes, I’ve finally decided to move out. I know it’s been great. I know I’ve had my say about moving. But, a couple of things and someone’s utmost generosity made me decide this will be the best decision.

No, I won’t need some kind of protective clothing for this move. I’m only moving from Blogger to WordPress. *LoL*

Someone unconditionally gave me free blog hosting. Ahhh. I can’t think him enough. Now, I’m off to setting up 2 more niche-ish blogs. I’ve got 5 blogs in total, and only this one, Just Another Pixel, isn’t niche-ish. Here are a list of my other blogs:

  • Pinay Online Money Maker – My blog about how I make money online. I post proofs here and detailed guides on the different ways I make money online.
  • Certified Foodies – Our food blog where we posts our foodie adventures and reviews. We’re currently looking for other food bloggers for link exchange so contact us, aight?! 🙂
  • Designs by blankPixels – This will be my official designs/arts blog where I’ll share my works. I’ll also be giving away free blog/button/header makeovers. I haven’t set up the design of this blog yet so it doesn’t contain anything yet.
  • Pinay Reviewer – My review blog where I’ll post my opinions on products, services, websites or blogs, and even my views on anything I see/watch online or on TV and the big screen. I’ll also post my poor customer service experiences here along with my raves about the best products or services I’ve tried.The WordPress theme I’m using here is VintMint, which I won from Smashing Geeks’ giveaway. Still trying to configure it to my taste and needs, so, it’s still under construction.

All these blogs are on WordPress, except for Pinay Online Money Maker. I’ll be moving it over to WordPress this July and I know it’ll take longer ’cause I’ve got a lot of posts there already.

I haven’t really decided yet if I’ll be switching this blog, Just Another Pixel, to WordPress. I’ve got posts here dated back in 2008, and I’m unsure if I’ll be able to migrate all of them to my new hosting. Plus, I’m also concerned about maintaining this blog’s PR4 when I switch. So, I might just keep this blog hosted on Blogger.

Why WordPress? When I started using WordPress on our food blog, Certified Foodies, I fell in love with it! Now, I’m starting to complain about Blogger’s features. *LoL*

I’ve list down a couple of reasons why I love, love, love WordPress more than Blogger. I’ll post it soon since I’m still playing with all the things I can do with it. I’m hoping that when I post that, I’d be able to convince people to move to WordPress, too, since there are really affordable hosting out there.

For all new WordPress bloggers out there,
what made you decide to choose WordPress over any other blogging platforms?