1st Philippine Chocolate & Ice Cream Show – I’m Going!

I so love chocolates and ice cream, so, this foodie event is definitely right up my alley. My brother Kenneth and my partner Mai share the same sweet tooth so we really are excited to attend the First Philippine Chocolate and Ice Cream Show happening this week, from July 14-16, 2010 at the World Trade Center.The 1st Philippine Chocolate and Ice Cream Show

Unfortunately, Mai won’t be able to join us ’cause she’s in Cebu right now for a vacation. So, it’s just going to be me and my bro. He loves baking, chocolate and ice cream, so, just imagine how excited he is to be with me.

I wrote about this on our food blogCertified Foodies. I’m just posting here to see who among the visitors of this blog will be going to this event. Would love to meet up with you! 🙂

They already posted the schedule of events on their Facebook page. Here it is:
(Pardon the poor quality. I just got that from their page.)

Philippine Chocolate and Ice Cream show schedule

I’m hoping to be there on the 15th ’cause I would love to watch the Plated Dessert Wars competition. But, my brother has something else planned on that day. I just wish they could postpone it or even cancel the whole thing just so I can go there with him for the event. *LoL*

Anyway, either the 14th or the 15th will be my scheduled visit to the 1st Philippine Chocolate & Ice Cream Show. My brother loves baking chocolate cakes so I guess going on the 14th will be okay. Might need something like apidexin after because we might buy or try too much chocolate there. *LoL* I’m looking forward to taking photos during the event, and possibly buy some things for Mai’s cooking.

So, if you’ll be attending this event, please let me know here! Let’s meet up! 🙂