Help! Are my Blogs Down or What? Let Me Know!

I got a bit alarmed when someone told me that they cannot view my blog about how I make money onlinePinay Online Money Maker – when I can view it without any issues on my end.

I checked Down for Everyone or Just Me, and a couple other websites like it, and most of them said that my blog is down. Even Tweetmeme shows it as down. Now, I don’t know what to do!

So, I need your help. Let me know if you can view these blogs. They’re all in the same hosting and they all seem to be having the same issues. I would really appreciate your feedback. And if you had experienced this before, I would also appreciate any suggestions in getting this fixed. My mind’s a bit rattled now. *LoL*

Pinay Online Money Maker

iCafe Blog

Pinay Reviewer

If you can access all of them, please, please, let me know!
If not, please, tell me what error you got.

Everyone who responds to this will get link love.
Thank you!