I Love Online Shopping for Gifts!

Yesterday, I received this notification from our Post Office that they already have a package waiting for me:

Post Office Parcel Notice - JustAnotherPixel.net

I don’t want to reveal what the items are. All I can say is they were supposedly my surprise gifts for Mai, but, due to unfortunate events, I was forced to tell her I have gifts for her. I don’t want to go into details as to what happened. But, she’s pretty happy and excited to receive them. Me, too! *LOL* Woot! I’ll post photos of all the items included in the package as soon as I pick them up next week.

I think I mentioned in my previous posts that Mai went back to Cebu for a two-week vacation. I used my time alone here in Manila to shop online for gifts for her. Yes, I had to do it online ’cause we can’t afford to close our internet cafe just so I can go shopping, especially when I have no idea what to give her. Great thing I found some great gifts that I know she’d love online.

For almost 2 years, I haven’t surprised her with anything because we’re always together. Yes, like 24/7! *LOL* I tried buying those gifts I was planning on giving her while she was here, but, I’m too much of a paranoid to finish my order. Hahahaha. I tried doing it while she’s taking a bath. But, I couldn’t decide and pick out the right items before she’s done. *LOL*

I love online shopping! - JustAnotherPixel.net

This is my second time shopping online. The first thing we bought online was a li’l naughty so I can’t really reveal what it was (*evil grin*). All I can say is I really enjoy shopping online. A few of the reasons why I do are the following:

  • Number 1 reason is a lot of the items you can find online can’t be bought anywhere else or in the country. You can find really unique gifts online.  Take for instance these items I found on I Want One of Those (clever name, by the way!):
  • Block Speaker Docks Block Speaker Docks
    My bro and my mom would love this!
    Equalizer Music Hat Equalizer Music Hat
    The equalizer lights up! Cool!
    USB Microscope USB Microscope
    For the geek in you. CSI-inspired *LOL*
    Baby Plane Spoons Baby Plane Spoons
    To moms: No more lies. *LOL*

    I remember my brother requesting that I buy my gifts for him online ’cause he saw this crazy toy on one of the popular online stores. Too bad, though, ’cause the store doesn’t ship to the Philippines. I hope there’ll be more online shops that will ship here.

  • There’s no pressure of having to pick out something or decide immediately. You can save what you have on your cart for next time.
  • No annoying salespeople nagging you or following you around. It’s annoying! Some of them even look at you like you’re someone suspicious. *LOL* It just irritates me. I mean, if I need help, I’ll ask for it.
  • You can cancel or edit the items you ordered anytime without thinking of what the cashier would think. *LOL* Unlike in actual shops, if you pick out something, it’ll be a bit awkward to take out some items on your cart or what you’ve already bought. I mean, we do that a lot, but, at least, online, no one can see you. Hehehe.
  • Great if you want to shop on a budget. You can see how much you’ve ordered and take out items you don’t really need to ensure you don’t go over your budget.

Online shopping may be a bit expensive though since you also have to worry about the shipping fees and dealing with Customs. You can save on fees charged by Customs if you have your items shipped through regular mail, but, you’d have to wait longer to receive them.

Shopping online has been a fun experience for me and I’d love to do it again real soon!

To my dear readers, I’d love to hear your answers to my question today…

What items have you bought online?

If you posted photos on your blog, leave the link in the comments section, too.
I’d love to take a look at them for possible gift ideas! 🙂