Plans of Putting Up a Carinderia

I’m so lucky to belong to a family that are certified foodies (unintentional plug). My nanay loves to cook. She got it from her mother. At a very young age, she was taught how to cook because they had a small carinderia or food store, which was more like a canteen, where people can have a taste of their cooking and recipes.

This is why most of our businesses in the past years had something to do with food. I mean, how can you go wrong with selling food or putting up a carinderia, knowing how this business clicks in our society?

Filipinos love food! Anywhere you go here in the Philippines, you’d ALWAYS see someone selling all kinds of food in the streets. So, if you’re planning on visiting the Philippines, trust me, you won’t go hungry here even when you get lost. *LoL*

Just look at these photos of Filipinos who sell food on the streets of Manila:

Kuya selling sweet corn - Kuya selling sweet corn

Manang selling samalamig beverages - Thirsty? Try one of these street beverages. I’d love to try that pink sago’t gulaman or the calamansi juice.

Camoteque and Bananaque - Bananacue and Camotecue – I love ’em!

A mini food stop or store is one of the best businesses that one can put up here in the Philippines. You won’t really have to worry about getting an insurance for small business since you won’t be worrying that much with what you’ve invested because you only need a small capital to put it up. Plus, your customers don’t have too high expectations since we’re all used to eating at a carinderia.

We closed our carinderia when we left Navotas years ago. Now, since we already have our internet cafe here in our home in Malabon, we are now planning on putting up a carinderia beside it. We want to develop our area to increase the number of people coming and going here. That’ll definitely boost our internet cafe’s sales and so we might need to look at policies for business insurance since we might be needing it once we’re done with developing our place as a commercial area.

Aside from the internet cafe and carinderia, my nanay also wants to put up a pharmacy and clinic. We’re hoping that our blessings will continue to pour in so all these plans will push through. In the meantime, we’ll start planning on our carinderia.

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Image Source: My Sari-Sari Store (I love, love, love this photo blog!)