Prizes I’ve Won Online (So Far)

One of the other things that I love as a blogger is joining online contests and giveaways. I mean, c’mon! Who doesn’t love getting things for FREE, right?! With a little effort, there are tons of contests and giveaways you can join and you can get amazing stuff for FREE!

I even hosted my very own giveaway (first ever) – Make a Wish. I was amazed by the amount of support I got, both from my sponsors and entrants, which is why I’m looking forward to a new blog contest before this year ends, probably in August since Just Another Pixel is turning 2! 🙂

Make a Wish Blog Contest Winners -

I’m so glad I started joining online contests and giveaways this year because if not, I wouldn’t have won any of these prizes. Just look at my list and eat your heart out! *grin*

If you don’t believe that there are REAL winners in online contests and giveaways (I can’t blame you, really, since there are bogus giveaways hosted by bloggers and website owners who were just after the traffic), well, here are my own proofs that there are REAL contests and giveaways out there. 🙂


500 Globe Prepaid Load and Globe Tattoo

From Abe Olandres of Yugatech, I won 2 times:

  • I won during his Merry Tweetmas Giveaway last year. I got Php 500  Globe prepaid load (about $11). This was the virtual prepaid card he sent me. Woot!
     500 Globe prepaid load from Yugatech -
  • I won again in his Gadget Giveaway #2 – Gimme your best shot (click to see my entry).  No, I didn’t submit any photos. I can’t think of anything creative ’cause I was stuck at home. *LOL* But, I won a Globe Tattoo for blogging about the giveaway.

    Globe Tattoo Air21 package from Yugatech - It took the Air21 delivery guy a week to deliver this to me. The first day he tried, we were out. The next time, he sent me a text message, but, I was fast asleep so I replied to him late in the afternoon. *LoL* I had to ask Abe about it before they contacted me, by the way. I’m glad I finally got it after a week. Here it is:Globe Tattoo prize from Yugatech - JustAnotherPixel.netI only got to use this 3-4 times, I think. Globe Tattoo’s connection is too freaking slow for me. So, the Php 100 load that came with it just expired. Grrr. I only got to use about Php 25+, and a couple of pesos of that were not even for internet browsing. It’s just so intolerably SLOW here in our area in Malabon.

    I’m thinking of giving it away after I check if Smart Bro’s plug-it’s connection is faster. I just don’t trust Globe when it comes to internet / broadband connection. But, I’m a loyal Globe SMS subscriber.

    I love, love, love gadget giveaways. That’s why most of the contests I join involve gadget prizes.

    Thank you, Abe, for the awesome giveaways! I’m hoping to join your future gadget giveaways.


Nokia 5230 phone from
DJ Mo Twister

I won a Nokia 5230 phone from DJ Mo Twister‘s Twitter and Blog giveaway (Follow him – @djmotwister). I love DJ Mo and winning a phone from his giveaways is just icing on my cake.

The first time Mai and I went to pick up my prize at Magic 89.9‘s station, there were no phones available. So, I had to go back a few days after. I didn’t expect they’ll be out of stock. I called them up before I went to the station the second time, which is what I should’ve done the first time. *LoL*

We stayed up late the night before so we weren’t able to go to the station at 6am to catch DJ Mo. Argh. Mai and I wanted to meet him so badly. Tsk. Anyway, we only saw DJ Suzy of The Big Meal. We didn’t get a chance to take photos with her ’cause she was live and chattering about. Magic 89.9 station with DJ Suzy of the Big Meal at the booth -

Here’s the phone, along with the 2 accessories that came with it – the earphones and the Plectrum stylus, the one that looks like a guitar pick. The casing wasn’t included. I bought that and my phone fits perfectly!

Nokia 5230 from DJ Mo Twister -

I’ve been using this phone for almost 5 months now and I love it! It doesn’t have WiFi, though. But, it’s all good. I don’t use WiFi when I go out anyway. I merely use this phone for texting, calling and for Bluetooth transfers for photo prints at our internet cafe. Nice, huh?


Glutamax Whitening Gift Pack

Glutamax Whitening Gift Pack -

I joined Glutamax “The New Me” contest in February this year. Unfortunately, I didn’t win the top prizes. But, those who did win really deserved it.

Click here to read my entry and transformation story about how I successfully quit smoking.

I went to the Glutamax “The New Me” awarding in April and met a couple of bloggers. I also saw the winners and some of the guest stars in the event – Nyoy Volante, Jinky Oda (Glutamax’ previous spokesperson), and Julia Sta. Maria.

I was one of those who won consolation prizes. And this is what I got – a GlutaMax whitening gift pack. It included a deodorant, facial cream, soaps, glutathione pills, and lotion. I’m not really into beauty products so we gave away everything except for the soaps. I love ’em, eh! 🙂

WordPress themes from Smashing Geeks

I won a total of 3 WordPress themes from Smashin’ Geeks. I’m now using 2 of them on 2 of my blogs – Pinay Reviewer and iCafe Blog. Still thinking if I should use the other one for my design/digi artworks blog. Anyway, I love ’em! And they’re for free! Here are they:

Wordpress Themes from Smashin Geeks -

The last 2 were won by Mai and I. Ahhhh… I love WordPress! And thanks, Smashin’ Geeks!


Nokia 5230 phone from F-Secure

Yes, I won another Nokia 5230 phone. I was really hoping to win the Nokia x6 from F-Secure Phone Hunt giveaway. But, I was one of the 15 lucky winners of their giveaway. And, I was the ONLY one who won from Asia! Woohoo! I think Nokia 5230 and I were lovers in our past lives. Errmm.. Never mind.

It was a really fun contest, I tell you. I’m not really good in geography and I haven’t travelled outside my country yet. So, it was really interesting searching the web for clues on where the phones were “lost” or where the daily video hint was taken. They’ll show clues or buildings in the area and you have to guess at least the country where the video was taken. I love it! I won on Phone Hunt Day #5, to which I answered Netherlands.

Here’s the Nokia 5230 phone (with navigational pack) that I won (left) and my old Nokia 5230 from DJ Mo:

My 2 Nokia 5230 phones - JustAnotherPixel.netJoin F-Secure’s Facebook fan page or follow them on Twitter for more info on their product and anti-theft software for phones. They also share tips on online security/safety.

So far, those are the major prizes that I’ve won. I also received Entrecard credits from Levy of Living Life to the Fullest and her husband Noel. I joined their Thanksgiving contest and won consolation, too. Thanks, sweeties! 🙂

Lastly, there are other freebies that I’ve received online. Among them are these Jollibee Gift Certificates that I received as tokens of appreciation from Jollibee for being one of the beta testers of their online delivery site.

Jollibee Gift Certificates - JustAnotherPixel

There’s also the $10 I received from Wordlinx for re-tweeting their contest. I also should’ve won a limited edition XXX shirt form Julius Babao if I only trusted my gut and not change my answer when I joined his Twitter trivia giveaway. ARGH! *LoL*

So far, those are the only freebies and prizes I remember receiving this year. I’ll post another set once I receive new prizes.

I’ve joined over a dozen online contests and giveaways already. Most of them, I didn’t win. But, still, I continue to join and try my luck because it’s really fun! I’ve been joining a lot of contests that I had to bookmark all of ’em to keep up with myself. *LoL* Mai was even teasing me, saying that I’m now an online contest addict that I’ll join anything, even if the prizes would be fat burner supplements. I don’t care! They’re free and they’re still prizes! *LoL*

If you haven’t joined any online contests and giveaways yet, better start now. Keep posted on this blog, by the way, since I’ll be posting more online contests and giveaways here that I’ll personally join or I’d highly recommend you enter.

I already have a blog where I post about the latest giveaways, promos, contests that I discover. So, please visit my blog – Pinay Reviewer.

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If you have a blog contest / giveaway directory or blog you follow
or bookmark, please share them with me.

Personally, I follow these blogs since they post giveaways that are open to EVERYONE worldwide OR open to Filipinos who live here in the PH.

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Care to share your own list of winnings/prizes?!
Go ahead! Make me jealous! 🙂

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