Water Shortage in Malabon, Manila area

This is the second day that we don’t have water supply here in Malabon. Some of my fellow Pinoys who live here in Manila would say that we’re lucky we only started experiencing water shortage yesterday. I heard people’s horror stories of some places here that had no water supply for weeks now. I just can’t imagine how they go through life without a decent water supply.


I’m not exaggerating here. WATER is one thing I can’t live without. Okay, second to my laptop. And electricity. And internet. *LoL* Kiddin’ aside, I can’t stand not being able to wash my hands or take a proper bath. We’ve got piles of dishes in our kitchen sink that needs to be washed. Now, we only wash what we need to use.

Yesterday, I also had to have our 2 air conditioning units cleaned. The cleaning guys were already here. I didn’t know there’ll be water shortage yesterday so I had the cleaning scheduled the other day. They needed water for cleaning our AC units so I had them use water from our 15-gallon container. I told them to save some for us. I had no choice, but, to push through with the cleaning ’cause they came from Sta. Mesa, Manila. I just told my mother we need water delivered in the afternoon.

Good thing the store that supplies our mineral water delivered rain water to us last night. They filled our 2 15-gallon water containers. So, right now, we’re good. I took a half-body bath earlier. My mom wanted me to use our mineral water supply yesterday so I can take a bath, but, I told her it’s just a waste of clean water. I prefer to drink it than bathe with it. I told her I don’t look like I didn’t take a bath, anyway, so I’m all good. *LoL* Besides, she needed the water for bathing more than I do because she’s going to work the next day. It’s not like she can use makeup or something from www.eyecreamsthatwork.org to look like she took a bath before going to work.

Angat DamThis water shortage is a result of the receding water supply in Angat Dam. Maynilad (our water supplier) said that the water level in Angat dam is at its lowest so they can’t assure yet when regular water supply will return to the west parts of Metro Manila. They have been coordinating with the Manila Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) and with Manila Water Company of Ayala Group, (thanks for clarifying this, Ian!) who supplies water to the east side of Metro Manila, to come up with a plan to share their water supply from La Mesa dam with people in the west side.

Rain Water

Now, I’m praying for RAIN. Not a storm. Just rain. Heavy rain. We’ve got our containers ready at our backyard. As soon as we hear a drop of rain come down from the heavens, we’re ready. WE NEED WATER!!

How’s the water supply in your area?
Here, classes were suspended because of lack of water supply.
Now, I’m really saving water and we’re recycling water we use for bathing, etc., for our toilet.
How are you managing?
Let’s all pray this water shortage will end soon.