July 2010 Blog Summary & Top Entrecard Droppers, Advertisers

It’s that time again that I’ll share with you how this blog, Just Another Pixel, did in the previous month and updates on my online earnings.

July was a bit of a slow month for me compared to June when it comes to my online earnings. But, I still feel pretty lucky that I earned as much as I did last month. I also still have pending payments on some of my online money-making programs so I’m hoping that it will boost my August total earnings.

I feel so blessed this month because, aside from my online earnings (check the summary at the bottom of the post), I have won online contests / giveaways and my other blogs are starting to gain visitors, too. But, before I tell you about that, here’s how my blog did last month:

Blog Statistics for July 2010

Alexa Ranking:  123,290 (previously @ 138,644 )
Unique Visitor Count: 517,321 (501,561 previously)
          15,760 visitors for the month of July. Previously at 15,530 for June.
Top Blogs Rank: #40 (at #53 last month)
Google Page Rank: PR4 (Yeheeyy!! Thank God! )

As you can see, my statistics improved last month. I got more people visiting here and I’m happy that I’m gaining more loyal visitors who leave me thoughtful comments. So, I’m giving a shoutout and link love to the following people who have left the most comments last month:

To be included in this list, when leaving comments, please leave your blog’s URL, too.
Or, I’ll just Google it. *LOL* 😛


Thank you for your comments! - JustAnotherPixel.net

Thank you so much, sis Eihdra, for leaving the most comments! *hugs*
Jennyholic, Confession Of An Addict Life's Learning of a Filipino Work at Home Mommy


Another thing, I said last month that I’m starting to improve as a blogger. Not just with updating my blogs, but, with interacting with my visitors and with other bloggers. This month, I will be joining blog memes because I want to get to know more bloggers. I tell yah, there are a lot of inspiring stories and bloggers out there and this is one way for me to discover them.


Updates on my Blogs

I wanted to share with you what’s new with all my blogs just so I can post all summaries in one place. But, the Top Entrecard droppers and advertisers of 2 of my blogs will be posted on them individually.


  • Our blog about our life as internet cafe owners – iCafe Blog – has been gaining traffic, too. Most of the visitors, though, are internet cafe owners like us.

    iCafe Blog Printing Prices
    I recently posted a guide or our price list for our document and digital photo printing services. If you’re planning on putting up your own internet cafe, our blog would be a big help as we’ll be posting more tips and more stories, of course, about the crazy life of internet cafe owners.


  • I’m still working on my design blog – blankPixels – and I’m hoping to finish the theme before this week ends. Stay tuned for that.
  • I have finally completed and fixed the issues with my blog Pinay Online Money Maker. I hope you can all view that blog and read my tips / guides on how I make money online.
    I am still editing and updating some of my old posts to keep up with the changing times. 🙂


Top Entrecard Droppers - JustAnotherPixel.netJuly 2010

Top Entrecard Advertisers - JustAnotherPixel.net July 2010

Thank you all for dropping and advertising on my blog! 🙂


My Online Earnings Summary for July 2010

Paid to Click sites earnings


Paid Review sites earnings $90.00
Ad networks (Adgitize) $15.42
Total Online Earnings in July 2010 $154.45
Total Earnings in Phil. Peso PhP 6,982.68
Plus: Nokia 5230 Navi – sold! PhP 10,000.00
Total Earnings in July 2010 in PhP PhP 16,982.68

As you can see, I only earned $154.45 last month online. But, because of the Nokia 5230 Navi phone that I’ve won from F-Secure, my total earnings increased to Php 16,982.68.

I am starting to focus on other ways I can make money online, too. I’ll be featuring more programs on my blog Pinay Online Money Maker so stay tuned, okay? 🙂

Regarding the Nokia 5230 prize, I had to sell it because I already have a phone. Everyone in my family didn’t need a new phone. Plus, we wanted to sell it as brand new to get more value from it. We were able to sell it for Php 10,000 (Thanks, Mama Ging!). We didn’t want the phone just lying around instead of being put into good use by someone else.

My family, Mai and I are saving up for renovations for our home. I’ll post photos here of our garden. Plus, my brother will also be undergoing training as a field Nurse to hopefully work on a cruise ship and so he needs to be prepared to handle any travel emergency. So, we really are dealing with a lot of things financially. But, we are still thankful that we are blessed. God provides, trust me. 🙂

How was July 2010 for you and your blog/s?
Let me know in the comments section! 🙂