The Last Photo of Me and My Lolo Pedro

This is another entry to Yugatech‘s “Show Me Your Oldest Photo” contest.

  The last photo of me and my grandfather, Lolo Pedro -

Photo: The last photo of me and my Lolo Pedro. This photo was taken sometime in April 1983, a month before he passed away.

As soon as I found this photo, I was teary-eyed. My Lolo Pedro, my nanay’s father, passed when I was 3 years old. And, I hate the fact that I don’t have a vivid memory of him in my head. I know, just by looking at our photos together and from the stories I’ve heard from my parents and my lola (his wife), that he loved me SOOOO much.

He wanted to have a grandson. But, he still loved me so wholeheartedly. He was very protective of me, as what my nanay says. He passed away on the 21st of May 1983, a day before her wife (my grandma) and my father’s birthday. That’s just heartbreaking just thinking about it – my lola was supposed to celebrate her birthday the day after! *sigh* It all happened so suddenly.

I still consider myself lucky, though, because I got to be with him for 3 years. My brother never met him. I wish my grandpa was still around when he was born. He’ll be so fond of my li’l brother. 🙂

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