The Web Designer in Me

Some of you might not know this, but, I was once a web designer. I am now more into blog designs, especially after I fell in love with WordPress, and I’m now working on a WordPress design project for a blogger friend. I don’t want to reveal the details yet. Not ’til I’m done with it. But, let me briefly share with you my first projects as a web designer.

When I got promoted to Quality Specialist in the second call center I worked for, I was requested to start an internal website for the program I was handling. That was my major project. And, yes, I made it using only Notepad and Photoshop. But, it looked really professional… well, for my taste. Here’s the layout. I grabbed it from my DeviantArt gallery, which I haven’t updated for the longest time.

I actually had a few more projects after that, but, most of them were collaborations. I really thought web designing will be my calling. But, I got really intimidated by the web designs I’ve seen that during my last web design project, I suggested to my client that we use a ready-made web template instead. I knew when that happened that I’m not really meant to be doing web design. I can do personalizing of websites, but, starting from scratch, I didn’t want to pursue anymore.

I mean, c’mon. With the vast resources on the web today for your web design needs, you can really save a lot from designing your own websites. I mean, if your time permits it, it’s easy to learn simple web design. I managed to memorize all the most commonly used HTML tags, which is why I prefer to design websites using only Notepad and Photoshop back then. I’m not even into programming or coding back in college. Once you learn even just the basics, you’d learn how to setup your own website just using web templates.

I found this website where they offer 6,000+ website templates, flash templates, corporate ID kits, Flash photo galleries, etc. – Dream Template. All their website templates come with fully valid XHTML / CSS slicing so it’ll be easy for you to edit them to your liking. I use Adobe ImageReady to manage slices of the web templates I design myself and/or buy from these websites so you can also try using that.

Dream Template offers a good deal for web designers out there. If you sign up with them and choose the Premium membership option, you’d get access to 9 more sites where you can get free vectors/icons, stock photos, WordPress themes for blog designs, and more!

I’ve browsed through their web templates and found this particular design very refreshing:

Dream Template - Web Template  -

This flash template is perfect for photographers who want to put up their own online portfolio:

Dream Template Flash Photography -

So, if you are still unsure of the design you want for your website, sign up to Dream Template and check out what they offer.

For now, I need to go back to working on my first WordPress blog makeover project for a blogger friend. Will post about it once it’s done! 🙂