Anti Littering Law in the Philippines – It’s About Time!

Anti LIttering Law in the Philippines - I’ve been meaning to blog about this ever since it was re-implemented last month, September 16th. When I saw it in the news that the MMDA were actually fining people who are violating the Anti Littering Law, I got a big grin on my face. It’s about time!

I hate it when I see people throwing their candy wrappers out the window when I’m riding a jeepney. I also hate it when I see co-passengers in a bus throwing their trash on the flloor or inserting them in any corner they can find on their seats. I mean, c’mon! How hard is it to keep your freaking candy wrappers and throw them in the trash later?!

Even in our internet cafe, I hate it when we’ve got 2 trash cans inside and our customers throw their candy and Voice wrappers (that’s the only food we sell here, no junk food) at the computer stations. I’m getting tired of reminding them to throw their candy wrappers in the trash can. I’m getting sick of it that I’m planning on posting a note that anyone who leaves their trash at their station will be fined Php 5.00, no matter how small it is. I want these kids to learn as early as now that they have to be responsible when it comes to their trash.

Aside from fining violators on the streets, the MMDA also fined Public Utility Vehicle (PUV) drivers who don’t have trash cans inside their jeepney, bus or taxi. I saw this recycled container of Stick-O now being used as a trash can inside the taxi cab we rode in last week to Monumento. The driver or operator of the taxi not only prevented people from littering, but they also recycled instead of throwing the container away. Two birds with one stone. I give them points for that. It was an ABC taxi, by the way. :)

Trash can inside an ABC taxi, Manila, Philippines - Their action towards the Anti-Littering law -

I’m also glad that they are implementing the Anti-spitting law, too. I just find it REALLY disgusting when people (yes, both men and women) spit on the streets. How grosser can you get?!?!

Another thing that I hope they implement more strictly is the No Smoking campaign. Even when I was a heavy smoker, I don’t smoke in public places. I also don’t just throw my cigarette butt anywhere. I hate it when people do that. I don’t care if you’re smoking top rated cigars. Throw it properly in the trash can once you’re done!No Smoking sign -

I also hate it when people smoke INSIDE the jeepney. I mean, c’mon! That’s just so inconsiderate. I swear, there were a lot of times I was really tempted to offer these inconsiderate people money, more than the amount they paid for the cigarette, just so they’d throw their put out their lit cigarette. Even when there’s a huge sign inside the jeepney saying NO SMOKING, they pretend to not see it. And I find it really annoying when there’s a sign inside the jeep, but the driver himself smokes like a chimney.

*sigh* I just hope the MMDA will continue in enforcing the Anti-Littering law. Us Filipinos need to be seriously disciplined. Now na!

  • Yashiro

    I think I should invite you to join our environmental organization. It is called SAVE-ME which stands for Student’s Action Vital to the Environment and Mother Earth Movement.

    I think what MMDA should do is to provide trash can on certain areas which can be easily seen by the public and they should maintain it. This can sure discipline Filipinos in throwing their garbages. They should also make a campaign or ads on proper throwing of garbages.

    • blankPixels

      Do you have an info page for SAVE-ME?

      Yes, I agree. There should be more big garbage cans so people would be more encouraged to throw their trash properly. The info ad would be great, too!

    • HaShe

      I just wanted to warn that up here in Subic Bay we had to have the public cans removed in the residential areas because people abused them (details are ugly/gross). The ones in the business areas have also become an eyesore. It is better to ask them to take their trash with them. If you have FB please join Subic Bay Earth Day.

  • EihdraG

    Mabuti naman. I usually keep the candy wrapper either in my bag or in my pockets, that’s why my bags are full of candy wrappers because I always forget to throw it in our trashcans when i get home.
    Good thing my hubby doesn’t know how to spit, or else he might be one of those people who spits just for the heck of it..

  • Ana_cute193

    hi.. can i ask you something? what do you call the sign “no littering” thank you..=)

  • Paul

    It is about time! Could someone please email me a copy of the Anti Littering Law in the Philippines or tell where I can get it.My wife and I have have been having a REAL problem with our neighbors in the subdivision we live in throwing trash,old food and urinating outside of our window.Some of the men have even exposed themselves and urinated in
    front of our window and infront of our CCTV camera in a mocking fashion to my wife and I.We have shown the recording of what they did to the HOA and we have a blotter on them. The husband has also tried to attack me with a tool.Thanks.