Bucket List #7 – Read 10 Good Books

Bucket List #7 - Read 10 Good Books - JustAnotherPixel.net

I’ve mentioned in my previous post that I love reading since I was a kid. Back then, just like most kids my age, I prefer books that have illustrations. My grandmother and my mother tried to encourage me to read other kiddie books that didn’t have illustrations. Call it an attention problem or whatever, but they bored the heck out of me. But, as the years go by, I learned how to enjoy reading books without drawings or pictures. And that’s honed my imaginative self.

My favorite book of all time was this Bible for kids that my grandfather owned. He encouraged me to read it and there were beautiful illustrations that it didn’t take long before I got so into reading it. That was the first time I read about the stories in the Bible like Adam and Eve, Moses, Noah’s Ark, the Nativity, the Apostles, the Resurrection, etc. That book was a lot of fun to read and I swear, I read it like almost a hundred times, even when I grew older, ’cause of how much I loved how the writer told the most important stories in the Bible in a way that an 8-year old kid could enjoy.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember the title of that book. It’s hardbound, really thick and heavy. The illustrations are so awesome. All I can remember is that the cover and the first parts of the book had photos of Jesus talking with li’l kids. And there’s this kid blowing on a dandelion. Argh! I wish I could remember the title ’cause I’d really want to have a copy of that book now. We lost it some time, I guess, when we were moving. If you happen to know what that book is, let me know, please!

Anyway, going back to my love for reading, during my schooling years, I started to like pocketbooks. No, not the Sweet Valley High ones. Well, I honestly read about a dozen of those, but I didn’t like all the teen / high school drama. What I loved were those Nancy Drew (by Carolyn Keene) and Hardy Boys books. I even imagined myself growing up as a detective, just like the oh-so-cool Nancy (I hated the movie, by the way).

Oh, I almost forgot to mention this. Back in high school, I was a member of the Booklover’s Club. How nerdy, right? Well, the truth is I wanted to be in a club where I get to control what’s going to happen. I also didn’t want to be in a club that entailed too many activities. I remember joining the Glee and Dance clubs back in grade school, and it was really tiring having to stay after school to rehearse for our performances.

My close friends and I originally joined the Booklover’s Club because we needed open access to the library. There was a limit back then as to how many books the librarians would allow us to borrow. But, when we joined the club and became officers (I was VP), we were allowed to bring any number of books we could take home. It was really fun! Okay, I did sound a li’l nerdy there. Hehehe.

I love our librarian and club moderator, Miss Navarro. She is the ultimate book lover, I tell yah! She can finish a book in one seating, then she can tell us all about it like she took days to read and digest everything in the book. Some may say that listening to her, you won’t need sleeping pills anymore. People never appreciated her vast knowledge that she willingly shared with us. She was really happy that we were in her club ’cause a lot of students started to gain interest in us after we joined a couple of competitions in high school, including a dance contest and volleyball during the club intramurals. But, ultimately, she loved that we were interested in what she had to say about books. I believe she was really the one person who made me truly love reading. I will never forget her for that.

Reader's Digest collection - JustAnotherPixel.net Later in high school and up to college, I switched to reading Reader’s Digest. Oh, I love them! I actually started reading only the jokes pages. But, as soon as I decided to read the other stories and articles, I was drawn! I got so addicted to it that I asked one of my closest friends, Jasmin, if I could borrow their VERY old Reader’s Digest magazines. And, I’m pretty ashamed to say this, I wasn’t able to return them to her. Waaah! How can I repay you, Jaan?! (I hope she doesn’t get to read this *LOL*)

I honestly miss reading. The last time I read a book was like almost a decade ago. And, when I finally gotten an iPad and Liz Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray, Love”, I realized how much I really miss and love reading. So, now, I’m more than determined to continue reading amidst all my longgggg to-do list, crazy hectic schedules, and making money online.

So, to rekindle my love for reading, I am determined to subscribe to Reader’s Digest. I can already afford it and it’s the only magazine I would love to read again.

Next, I want to finish reading “Eat, Pray, Love”. This book really hit me hard ’cause of a ton of things Liz wrote on there. I’ll write more about that next time. I want to finish reading it first then re-read it before I actually write about it. ^_^

Now, here’s where I need YOUR help. As my next bucket list item, I want to read TEN (10) GOOD BOOKS. So, to all book lovers out there, I hope you could share your own list of good books for me to read. A couple of things to note before you send in your recommendations:

  • I don’t usually like fiction, BUT if you believe I would learn some grand lesson from it or that the story is just so amazing to pass up, then, go ahead and send it in.
  • I prefer books that were written from 1990 onwards. I tend to easily get bored when reading really old books. So, I’m hoping you’re going to send in some titles that were written and published in the last 2 decades.

I’m genuinely looking forward to your book recommendations!

Image credits: Reader’s Digest collection