Christmas Shopping in Divisoria

Last Tuesday, my mother and I decided to go to Divisoria for some Christmas shopping. It was a holiday here in the Philippines so we were expecting a huge wave of shoppers crowding the different stores in Divisoria.

Before we headed out to Divisoria, the night before, I listed what I wanted to give to my friends and my godkids this Christmas. Most of my godkids are already grown-ups so the typical toys I give them during Christmas time won’t be of use to them anymore. So, I searched for great Christmas gift ideas for 2010, and even asked some of my friends what they’re giving their godkids this year. Most of the suggestions were really expensive toys. Well, ultimately, I ended up thinking I’d rather give them money than spend that much on Christmas gifts alone. That way, they get to pick however they want to spend that money (we call it aguinaldo here in my country), right?

Christmas shopping -

If you think shopping for your godkids is the easiest task, well, for me, it isn’t. I guess it could be because of my limited budget or I’m not really close to most of my godkids so I don’t really know what they would want to receive. I don’t want to be tagged as the boring godma, y’know. So, the safest choice is to give them money instead and just pick some gifts for the ones who I really know.

Now, shopping for friends is also a difficult feat. I guess it’s the obsessive-compulsive side of me that makes the whole gift-shopping thing hard. But, no, I believe it’s the pleaser in me who wants to make sure that the recipients of my gifts would feel special and would think that I really took time to find them the perfect gift. Hah! If only my budget allows me to spend thousands of pesos on Christmas gifts, all my friends would be very happy! *LOL*

Christmas gifts -

I LOVE gift-giving! I enjoy it more than receiving gifts, actually. I just love sharing my blessings with people and seeing the smiles on their faces. I guess that’s why Christmas is my favorite holiday, just like any kid out there. But, my reasons is I love the spirit of giving and the desire to be close to people you love. *sigh* I love Christmas!

Anyway, I wanted to show you some of the things we bought from Divisoria (YES! I was taking photos.. but not inside the crowded malls). But, first, I want to show you this store where my mother brought me. She told me they sell a lot of items and you can buy them at very affordable prices. She wasn’t kidding! My jaw literally dropped when I entered the warehouse.

Look at all these girly items for your girly godkids! -

My nanay at this warehouse of different gift items for young and old - JustAnotherPixel.netThat’s my nanay, picking out items for her gifts list.
I got the love for gift-giving from her.

Plastic fans and other stuff sold at very affordable prices in Divisoria -

I forgot the name of the store, sorry. There was no sign outside. But, gosh. I went crazy with the shopping. I picked out items I’m not even sure who I’ll give to. I just told myself I’ll give the rest out as Christmas giveaways to our computer shop customers. There were hair clips, toys for kids, hair accessories, clothes accessories, purses, clocks, school supplies, and a whole lot more! I even shopped for myself. *LOL*

Purses for boys and girls -

Everything I bought only amounted to Php 600+. Big savings, indeed! I’ll try to ask my mother about that store. She knows even the very outskirts of Divisoria. That’s why she’s the BEST companion to go Divisoria-shopping.

Warehouse filled with lots of gift items in Divisoria -

Afterwards, we went to the new wing of 168 Mall. We didn’t get to buy a lot of stuff there ’cause I believed Divisoria Mall stores sell them cheaper. And, I wasn’t wrong. We bought a few more items and here are some of them.

Some of the items I bought from Divisoria -

Makeup we bought from Divisoria -

My right wrist got twisted because of how heavy the huge plastic bag I was carrying. We would’ve bought more items if I weren’t complaining too much. *LOL* I promise, next time, we’ll bring our stroller/cart so I won’t have to worry about carrying too much.

Oh, by the way, I was surprised that there weren’t too many people at Divisoria. The traffic was really heavy, but the amount of shoppers weren’t as many as I expected. I’m guessing most of them preferred to spend it with their families since it was in the middle of the week. Or, maybe only a few got their 13th month pay early.

How about you? Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet?