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I just wanted to post links here to my latest posts on my other blogs. Some of you might have seen them already (those who joined my last blog contest). If you haven’t, I hope you’d find time to check them out.

blankPixels - The Geek Side

  • This is, well, my geek blog. I write about my love for design, photography, gadgets, blogging, etc. I also share tips and guides here based on my experience.
  • Latest posts:

    • Tips from a Newbie Food Photographer, Part 1
      If you’re just starting to enjoy taking photos of food and sharing it on your blog, you might want to check out my tips on how to improve your photos. I’m no expert, but I’ve learned a lot of things through self-training myself to taking professional looking food photos. Stay tuned for Part 2!
    • How to Setup Email Subscription for your Blog through Feedburner
      I still see a lot of bloggers out there who don’t offer email feed subscriptions on their blog. For me, this is important because I’m actually one of those readers who prefer to receive alerts or updates through email when there’s new content. So, if you don’t know how to set up Feedburner for your blog yet, check out this guide.
    • Looking for a Wedding Photographer? The 12Masters Photography
      If you are getting married or you know someone who’s about to and is looking for a wedding photographer, then, look no further. I am highly recommending my HS batchmate Marvin of The 12Masters. He takes awesome and kick-ass photos! Check out his online portfolio.


Make Money Online / Work From Home for FREE with blankPixels / Pinay Online Money Maker

  • Most of you might have seen Pinay Online Money Maker already. It’s my blog about how I make money online. I share detailed guides/tutorials, tips and my trusted sites list to help you start making money online, too.
  • Latest Posts:
    • How to Make Money Online with Nuffnang
      Nuffnang is one of my highly recommended ad network simply because they have an office here in the Philippines. They also organize the coolest blogger events and contests so you better sign up with them now. 🙂


Certified Foodies - For the LOVE of Food!

  • Wai Ying Fast Food in Binondo, Manila
    My first food trip with my mother in Chinatown. Wai Ying now tops the list of my favorite Chinese food joints. Check out what we ordered and how affordable they all were.
  • KFC Double Down Sandwich
    I know! I’m guilty! I finally got a taste of KFC’s Double Down sandwich. It wasn’t that bad. It’s just too salty and sinful for me. But, it’s good. Check out my full review.
  • Very Easy Homemade Quesadilla with Salsa Recipe
    A very simple recipe of chicken quesadilla. I love the salsa I made. Check it out! 🙂


I’ll be doing this possibly every week just to share latest updates on my other blogs. Keep posted because I’ll also be hosting giveaways over at my other blogs really soon. I’m actually cooking up the next one, probably at my food blog or geek blog. Will get back to you after my vacation!