Thirty on 30 Blog Contest Winners – Congratulations!

The Winners - Thirty on 30 Blog Contest -

Finally, after weeks of waiting, here are the winners of my blog contest, Thirty on 30.

I was planning on not revealing the winners here and just let you all watch the videos of the random picking. But, I know there are some of you who might have problems downloading and watching the videos so I decided to just list the winners here. If you want to watch the videos, they’re at the bottom of this post.

NOTE: If you see your name/blog listed as one of the winners, please, fill up this form.

Changes in my Life blog-writing winners -

Shout-out to my friends Joy of Notepad Corner and Cholo for helping me with the decision. 🙂


First Prize: $40.00 Paypal cash

Old & New Me!
written by: Seth


Second Prize: $25.00 Paypal cash

Changes In My Life
written by: Mommy Les

Mommy Les, I admire you for your strength. That decision you wrote about is truly one of the hardest things anyone could go through. I can completely relate. I salute you for that! 🙂


Third Prize: $15.00 Paypal cash

The Change That Had the Greatest Impact in My Life
written by: Chin Chin


There were a lot of inspiring stories that were submitted and it took me weeks to finalize my decision.
I have decided to give out 3 consolation prizes to the following entries:

Consolation Prizes: $5.00 Paypal cash

Changes, Challenges and Courage
written by: Ellen Joy


These Are All The Many Changes in My Life
written by: Kayce


Tested by Time
written by: Nicquee




Fave Sponsors Post Winners -

Again, there were a lot of lovely entries here. I actually only picked one and
the other 2, I raffled off among all the entries that I liked.

Prize: $10.00 Paypal cash each

Pregnancy Diaries
by Ada Engkantada

Hands up for Georyl !
by Cornelio

I Received the Message in a Bottle!
by Jennyholic



First Comments Raffle winners -

Prize: $10.00 Paypal cash each

Yeah Boy!
Lucky Zoan



3 winners of Real Love Shirts -

All About Mommies
My Daily Notes



3 winners of Php 500 Sodexho gift certificates -

Chika Bits
While I’m Waiting…
I am Jennyholic



3 winners of Php 500 Prepaid load -

Deej Speaks
Lucky Finds
A Heart Full of Love



3 winners of Php 200 Prepaid load -

Thinking April
Lucky Zoan
Pinoy Working Mom



3 winners of 30-day Adgitize Advertising -

Heart’s Content of a Mama
Everything’s Extraordinary

If you are not yet a member of Adgitize, feel free to sign up now
and I’ll email you with your coupon code. This should help you increase traffic
to your blog. Prepare a 125×125 banner for your advertising.



3 winners of Blog Makeover -

It’s Not Just a Blog
Yeah Boy!
I am Jennyholic



1 year hosting package -

Sweet as Candy


Special Award - Most Points Earned -

For earning the most points, I decided to award an extra $5.00 Paypal cash to:

I am Jennyholic

for earning 25 points!


Congratulations to all the winners! Again, if you see your name listed, fill up this form.

To all who didn’t make it this blog contest, better luck next time!
Keep posted for more giveaways soon! 🙂

Here are the videos of the random picking of winners:

For my Fave Sponsor’s Post winners, it was really hard to pick the other 2 who’d win so I decided to raffle off the last 2 prizes among all the entries I liked.

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For the First Comments raffle, I randomized the list and the first 3 will win the 3 $10 prizes. I was pretty shocked with the results ’cause there were two people who had a lot of entries. But, only one of them made it on the first 3 spots. Hence, the “wow!” message at the end of the video. *LOL* I really wish I recorded the mic during this drawing.

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I had to pause the video ’cause a customer paid for their computer rental. Talk about multi-tasking. *LOL*

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