I Will Miss You So Much, Bro

My brother Kenneth is leaving tomorrow for Singapore to try his luck earning a living there. No, no one forced him to do it. In fact, we’re doing pretty okay financially now. But, he decided to do this for himself. He’s determined. My mother and I support him all the way because we know and understand he needs to do this so he can be more independent/self-reliant and to find out what career he should pursue.

I guess you can say he lost interest in pursuing his career as a Nurse. I can’t blame him ’cause it’s really hard finding jobs here considering the number of nursing graduates every semester. But, it all boiled down to what Kenneth really wanted to do. He wants to work in the food and beverage industry. Hence, he trained as a barista and even had his OJT at a very popular Italian restaurant here in the PH.

We’re not that worried about him leaving the country. I believe he’ll be in good hands with his friends who are already working there in Singapore. Plus, I know he can handle himself. He’s old enough. So, all I can do now is wish him all the luck in the world and pray for God to guide him throughout this journey and phase in his life. This post is for him.


This post is especially dedicated to you. The only reason why I’m pretty sad right now, a day before you fly to Singapore, is because there are A LOT of things I’m going to miss about you and you being around. Here are some of them, in no particular order:

  • I’ll miss all the Korean / K-Pop songs that you LOVE playing. I hate them ’cause I can’t understand them. But, I get your explanation why you love them. I guess I’d have to play some of them when you leave just to remind me of you. *LOL*
  • Your cooking. ‘Yung mga trip mo lang minsan. Pag sinisipag, you cook desserts/pastries or mga ulam for me and you. Tapos, yung mga kwentuhan natin while you’re preparing or cooking.
  • Yung pagsigaw mo ng “Exhaustttttttt!!!” pag nakakalimutan kong buksan yung exhaust fan sa kwarto ko.
  • Wag ka na maghanap ng paid links dito sa post na ‘to kasi wala kang mahahanap. I just want to show you this post is heartfelt. *hugs*
  • Yung karinyo brutal natin and our own choice of words to show affection like “hind0t”, “tang@”, etc.
  • Yung mamarunong attitude mo na minsan nakakainis, pero I’ve grown to love kasi ganun din pala ako. Hehehehe.
  • Yung mga kwentuhan natin at the end of the day or anytime na free tayo… conversations that can last for hours ’cause we reminisce on memories from years back. Parang di tayo nagsasawang pag-usapan yung mga yun, noh?
  • I’ll miss yung kwentuhan natin about our latest kilig moments, saka mga crushes or yummy guys. *LOL* Manang-mana sa pinagmanahan. Birds of the same feather are the same birds, ‘ika nga.
  • ‘Yung laitan sessions natin where we make lait other people na parang ang gaganda’t gagwapo natin. Me karapatan naman eh. Saka yung mga feeling lang naman nilalait natin. Defensive?! *LOL*
  • Mga pambubulabog ni nanay sa pinto mo just to wake you up. Ang hirap mo gisingin!! I hope this won’t be an issue when you live in SG na ha!
  • Baradong bowl – TMI!!! *LOL*
  • Amoy vomit sa kwarto mo ‘pag nalalasing ka. Learn to control your drinking ha. Baka ma-deport ka dahil jan. Hehehe.
  • Your strong men’s cologne when you leave the house. Nagigising ako pag naaamoy ko. *LOL*
  • My partner when it comes to vanity. Yung tama lang. Mas marami ka pang alam na beauty products kesa sakin. *LOL*

My brother, my best friend, a soul mate - JustAnotherPixel.net

  • Someone who helps me make quick decisions about everything. Though kadalasan ‘di kita sinusunod, thank you pa rin. I usually just need to prove na tama yung decision ko. Hahaha.
  • Mga texts na bawasan ang bandwidth / speed ng download ng torrents ko kasi nag-Facebook ka or naglalaro.
  • Ang maingay na tunog ng mouse while you’re playing Crossfire in the other room.
  • Mga texts natin ng kung anu-ano dahil sa katamaran *LOL* Kahit na nasa kabilang room lang naman tayo, nagtetext pa rin.
  • Pagiging ate ko. Kasi, pag-alis mo, wala na maglalambing sakin para ibili ng ganito, gawa ng ganito, or hingi ng kung anu-anong favors.
  • My movie buddy.
  • My food trip buddy.
  • My shopping buddy.
  • My best friend. The only person who knows me inside and out, and loves me unconditionally. 🙂
  • My sweet li’l brother. Yes, you’re still my little brother, ‘yung kapatid na pinagdasal ko nun na dumating sa buhay namin. You will always be my sweet little brother, Kenneth.My baby bro and I riding a horse in Baguio - JustAnotherPixel.net

There are a ton of other things I’d miss about you and you being around. *sigh* Sabi ko, di ako iiyak while writing this post eh. I’m trying real hard to not show you how sad I am that you’ll be leaving. Naisip ko naman, nung umalis nga ako dati, nakaya nyo naman eh kahit na ‘di naman matindi yung reason nung pag-alis ko.

Kaya ko rin naman siguro ‘to. Kaya naman siguro ulit ni nanay ‘to. Don’t worry about her. I’ll be here for her, like you were there for her nung ako yung wala dito sa bahay.

I know naman na para rin naman sa atin ‘to eh. Let’s fulfill our dreams of opening that small restaurant or internet cafe, okay? We’re just here for you, praying for and thinking of you everyday.

I will miss you so much, kapatid. I can’t promise I won’t cry tomorrow. But, I’ll try my best so I can help nanay hold off her crying din ’til you leave. Basta, if you decide to come back, ANYTIME, we’ll be at the airport, picking you up agad. Hehehe.

I wish you all the best, my li’l bro. Ate is just a Facebook message/status post or an email away. Take care. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, KAPATID. *mwuahugs*

When he visited me in Cebu - JustAnotherPixel.net