Me? A Mom?

Some of you might be shocked about this revelation. Yes, I really, really, REALLY want to be a mother. And it was just last year when I realized how much I wanted to have a kid or kids of my own in the future. How it all happened is a whole different story that I’ll just save for next time.

After my last relationship ended, I tell yah, 95% of the people around me, most especially my parents, were badgering me about bearing a child the soonest time possible. But, it wasn’t them who convinced me I wanted to be a mother. It was all me.

It’s funny what my parents were saying to me the past few weeks. My dad even told my mom, “Kahit panget”, meaning he’ll be okay if the father of my kid/s isn’t handsome. I literally laughed out loud when my mother told me that. Hahaha.

Me and my mother at the airport -

Most of my female friends have their own kids already. And I  envy them! I know I’ll be an awesome mother because I was raised by one – my nanay, the most important person in my life. I may change some of her ways, but I want to be the oh-so loving and caring mother she is. She raised 2 awesome adults (trust me, a lot of people who know me and my bro would agree LOL) and I know I can do that, too, with her around, of course.Kids at my computer shop -

I think that dealing with kids at our computer shop is some kind of training for me. Oh, trust me. My young customers are noisy, naughty, and some are even disrespectful. Oh, they can really cause forehead wrinkles that’s why I try my best to keep my cool. But, I learned how to “manage” them. Now, they know they can’t curse while playing Crossfire or irritate other customers when I’m around, which is like always ’cause I don’t have someone else manning the shop for me.

Aside from knowing I’ll be an effective disciplinarian, I believe I can also raise my kids to be as smart as I am. My brother and I both excelled in school without being too bookish. I know we’re also street smart because our parents let us live our lives the way we wanted. Well, that mostly applies to me, but I know it’s important for parents to let their kids realize their own dreams and plans in life. Otherwise, they’d end up really unhappy and, most probably, be one of the bad people when they grow up.

Though some may say it takes more than just patience and being a disciplinarian in raising a kid, I still firmly believe I will be an awesome mother (Yes, expect me to use “awesome” more these days. Blame it on Barney Stinson). I can’t reveal what my plans are in the near future, but I do wish, of course, that there’ll be someone special with me while I course through the journey of being a mother.

I am fervently praying I’ll be given a chance to become a mother… to raise a kid or kids of my own. And I know my friends wish me well in that department. For that, I thank you.

I dedicate this post to my awesome mommy friends and to ALL mommies out there. Whoever said being a MOTHER is easy should try it themselves (well, except for men). It may not be a walk in the park, but it sure is all worth it in the end.

This post is especially dedicated to Badeth, Chikay, my best friend Mina, Eihdra, Joy, Grace and my mother, of course.

My mommy friends and my mother -

Just looking at those photos makes my heart melt. You’re all my inspiration! 🙂