Meet All Our Awesome Pets!

I’ve blogged about our beloved pets before (read here, here and here), but I haven’t shared here about our new pets. We now have a total of 5 pets here – 3 dogs and 2 cats. Yes, we’re both cat and dog lovers! 🙂

Some may say that you can’t be both a dog and cat lover because of their individual temperaments and you take care of them differently, too. Cats are more independent and you’d usually have to come to them for attention *LoL*. Dogs are more attention-seekers and generally more caring, loyal and sweet towards their owners. But, I guess most people who are drawn to owning cats choose them because they’re not as high-maintenance as dogs. And, they’re quite funny, too.

I’ve been a dog and cat lover ever since I was a kid. But, I got close to a really caring cat who I named Stripes (pronounced as stri-pes) when I was about 8 to 10 years old. We’ve had dogs back then, but I preferred playing with my pet cat. I don’t have a photo of her though, but she looks like the cat pictured below.

My pet cat Stripes looked like this cat -

After Stripes, we didn’t adopt any more cats in our home. So, that’s when I got really close to dogs. And, the oldest who’s been with us is our half-breed Labrador, Stacie. I super, duper love her! She may be a li’l stubborn ’cause she’s the alpha dog around here, but she’s loyal, smart and sweet, too. She also scares the heck out of people who are strangers to her. She’s been with us for I guess 9 years. Sorry, I lost count.

Stacie, the alpha dog! LOL - JustAnotherPixel.netOne of the tricks Stacie knows is catching pieces of bread. We don’t know how she learned to do it, but I guess it’s because of her breed. Too bad she wasn’t able to bear puppies. We tried multiple times to get her pregnant, but were unsuccessful every time. I love how black her fur is and how disciplined she is.

By the way, all our dogs are now chained ’cause we don’t want them running around eating stuff when we’re not around. We used to let them loose (except for Stacie), but after they got sick and two of them passing away (RIP Mocha and Negneg), we HAD to protect our dogs from themselves. But, we let them go and play with each other once in a while.

Our macho dog Levi - JustAnotherPixel.netNext is our pet dog Levi. We don’t know exactly what his breed is. He’s a cross-bred dog and my father failed to ask the owner who gave him to us about Levi’s parents. Levi is the favorite dog around here and he knows it. He’s very disciplined and super smart. We never potty-trained him, but he learned it all by himself.

He became a li’l stubborn when 2 new puppies (Choco and Negneg) came into our home. I guess it’s because he thought it was okay to be as naughty as those puppies were. *LOL* But, still, Levi is so cute and funny! I love, love, love him! 🙂

Do you know he pees standing up?! Yep! I haven’t been lucky enough to take a photo of him peeing even when I’m carrying my phone and camera around. But, once I do, I’ll post his photo here ASAP! I guess he saw my dad and his friends peeing standing up at the canal at our backyard so he followed suit. Really cute! My bro even wanted to take him to Singapore. *LOL*

Next is Choco. She’s been the naughtiest, most stubborn dog we’ve ever owned. I guess it’s because when she was still a li’l puppy, she was super spoiled. But, now, she’s more disciplined and knows when to stop barking her heart out. *LOL* She’s smart, too, and she even learned how to sit, roll over, and behave. I want her and Levi to have li’l puppies. I wonder how they’ll look like! *LOL*

Choco, the naughtiest dog we've ever had! -

Finally, our 2 pet cats. First, Maui. She came to us and decided to stay. We figured it was because she was already pregnant at that time and needed a house and family to take care of her. And that’s exactly what we did.Maui, our hunter cat LOL -

She’s a VERY sweet cat. She’s very “talkative”, too, and responds whenever we “talk” to her. A little naughty, though, like any other cat, ’cause she already broken 2 bowls and a plate while she was trying to steal food from our table. That’s why now, we place our food inside the microwave or in the refrigerator right after each meal.

Maui is an amazing hunter. Ever since she stayed here, she caught and killed a lot of rats and mice already. Yes, RATS, too. I actually took photos of some of her catch, but I prefer not to post them. *LOL*

She gave birth to 4 really cute kittens – Fluffy, Orange, and 2 white kittens we didn’t get to name ’cause there were 2 families who wanted to adopt them ASAP. ^_^

Maui and her oh-so cute kittens -

I don’t want to talk about what happened to Fluffy, but all I can say now is Orange is the only kitten left here at home, with Maui.

Orange is really sweet and funny. When it’s the first time he sees you in a day, expect him to follow you around and sit between your feet when you stay in one place. He’ll meow the whole time ’til you pay attention to him.

Our new cat Orange -

He also doesn’t complain or force you to let him go when you hold him. My father LOVES him and they’re the best of friends. *LOL*

Orange usually sleeps like this:

Our pet cat Orange's usual sleeping position -

Orange is very friendly, too, towards our pet dogs, except for Stacie because she usually wrestles him ’til he cries out for help. *LOL* A li’l scary when you look at them, but I know Stacie was just playing around with him. We call it karinyo brutal.

Right now, only our 2 cats can come inside the house. We used to let them eat inside, but my mother kept on complaining ’cause she ends up cleaning their mess. *LOL* Good thing our living room is open so we don’t need a home dehumidifier that much since all the dirt from our pets isn’t stuck inside our home. We also make sure to clean our home at least twice or thrice a week.

I love our pets and as much as I wish to adopt more, I can’t. I don’t have the time right now to care for more pets. My father is the one who feeds them twice a day so I can’t give him another responsibility. But, I really, really, really, REALLY want a TEACUP PIG! Yeah, it was all Barney Stinson’s fault (How I Met Your Mother). Just look at how cute they are! Waaahh!

I want a teacup pig!! -

How about you? Do you have pets at home? Share your stories at the comments section. 🙂