My 2011 Game Plans

I know this is a super overdue post. Usually, we come up with our New Year’s resolutions before or right after January 1st of every year. But, let’s just say that I’m moving away from the word “resolution” because I always tend to not fulfill any of them by the end of the year. So, instead, I’m sticking with “GAME PLAN”.

My favorite desktop dictionary defines these 2 as:

  • Resolution – a decision to do something or to behave in a certain manner.
  • Game Plan – a carefully thought out strategy for achieving an objective (in war, politics, business or personal affairs).

My New Year game plans for my resolutions -

Do you see the difference? My understanding is you come up with your list of resolutions and then you strategize on how you’re going to achieve them. So, basically, game plans involve more actions.

I know, this might just be all words to you, but to me, it’s a biggie. Enough of those empty promises to myself. I better act now ’cause I’m not getting any younger. I still have my bucket list to fulfill!

Anyway, let me share with you some of my most important resolutions and game plans for 2011:

  • Submit an article to Reader’s Digest Asia and get published.

    • I’ve always loved writing. But, because I don’t think my writing style can be appreciated to the point of getting published, I haven’t focused on improving my skills. So, this year, I’ll start working on improving how I write. And, one of my major goals is to get published on Reader’s Digest Asia. I’m not sure if I can make this happen this year, but I’m determined!
    • One of the ways I can improve on my writing is to read more. Nowadays, I only read blogs most of the time. It doesn’t really help me ’cause I’m already a freestyle writer. I need to read more formally written articles or books.

My first edition of Reader's Digest Asia 2011 -


  • Reach my weight goal of 150 lbs. by the end of 2011.

    • My target weight is 150 pounds by December 2011 - I’ve already started eating healthier. I try to avoid sweets, pork or anything with fat or oil. I also request now for fish, chicken and/or vegetables when my mom goes to the market.
    • Continue with my less- to no-rice diet. I’ve already started this last month and a lot of people have noticed my weight loss. Imagine that! Just by lessening my rice intake, I lost weight. Okay, I went off the wagon a couple of times the past weeks, but as of this writing, I’ve vowed to only eat rice for lunch and limit it to 1/4 to 1/2 cup.
    • Whenever I think about having a midnight snack, I’ll resort to just drinking water instead. It’s been working these past days.
    • I’m now working on not eating dinner anymore. Like tonight. I only had a cereal drink for dinner.
    • Purchase that elliptical exercise machine I’ve been itching to buy and follow a strict schedule of exercising every morning.


  • I know this is a long post. So, if you REALLY got to read everything above this line, say “Hooray!” at the comments section. Don’t cheat! Yeah, I may be guilt-tripping you into reading this whole post.

Seriously save up! -

  • By the second quarter of this year, I should have a bank account with money earning interest consistently and pay off all my debts.

    • Yep, I need to save, save, save! The past months really made me realize how much I need to seriously save money. Though it might be a struggle now ’cause of the reason indicated on the next bullet point, but I’ll do my best to start saving up.
    • Because of the transition last year in terms of our shop’s management and ownership, I had to buy new computers. Half of the amount I used were our money, the rest, I had to “borrow” from my father’s friend. Well, technically, we swiped his credit cards for the second batch of computers so I’ll be paying off that credit for the next 11 months. But, I’m just glad I can call this business my own… of course, I still consider this a family business even though my parents always say it’s MY computer shop. 🙂
    • I just swore to fill up my Marlboro coin bank everyday. Ten peso a day. Plus, any 5 or 10 peso coin I see anywhere else aside from my coin purse and wallet goes straight to the coin bank. And I swear to not open it NO MATTER WHAT. Okay, well, except for real emergencies.
    • Control my compulsive shopping. Yes, I can say I’m a bit of a shopaholic now. I really need to get that out of my system. I’ve got tons of more important things to do with my money than spending them on senseless shopping.


  • Sales at my computer shop should double or even triple by the second quarter of this year.

    • I’ll be designing new tarps to advertise my photo printing and desktop publishing services here in our shop. I’ve already gained a couple of customers who prefer to have their photos and invites printed here so just a little adjustment on my marketing strategy should do the trick.
    • I’m saving up for my upcoming business that should be launched online, too. Stay tuned for that! It’ll be a collaboration between me and my father so this should be interesting.
    • Now, if you got to read EVERYTHING up to here, aside from “Hooray!”, say “Yeebaaa!” at the comments section. C’mon now, don’t be a killjoy. ^_^
    • I’ll be saving up for a renovation of my shop as I’m hoping to add 2-4 more computers by next year. Plus, I also want to put up a small studio here for those photo shoots.
    • Practice on making DIY invitations, especially for weddings. I’ve done DIY projects back in the days. Heck, I even made my own souvenirs and invitations for my 18th birthday. This should be really fun!
    • By the second quarter of this year, I should hire someone to help me man the shop. That way, I  can have him/her open earlier and close later. Plus, I can focus on my online money-making and possibly get an online job or finally start my designing business.


  • Cook more and learn how to bake!

    • Learn how to bake.. cupcakes! - I’ve already rekindled my love for cooking. So, I’m pretty excited to cook more dishes and come up with my own recipes to share on our food blog.
    • I’ve always wanted to bake. I envy my brother Kien who’s just good in baking. I want to make my own chocolate fudge cake!
    • I want to learn more about cooking so watching cooking videos on Youtube and reading food blogs is now one of my favorite hobbies.
    • I’m saving up for a Kitchen Aid Mixer and other cooking/baking materials/machines! That’s how serious I am about cooking more and learning how to bake!


  • Learn more about photography.

    • Though my main focus is on food photography, I also would like to learn more about taking photographs of various subjects. First thing I need to do is buy myself a new camera… probably a more professional point-and-shoot like the Panasonic Lumix LX3. But, again, I need to save first! 🙂
    • Save up for a DSLR by 2012. I’m not really in a hurry to purchase one. But, if it does happen this year, then, woohoo!
    • Prepare to start my Project 365 for 2012. This, I’m particularly excited about. Woot!

 How I looked over a year ago compared to today -

  • Take care of myself more.

    • I’ve mentioned this before and I know I neglected myself for the past years. Aside from gaining a lot of weight, I also noticed how haggard and boring I started to look. So, this year, it’s all about me, baby! *LOL*
    • I’ve already started taking care of my skin. Though my skin issues has nothing to do with me needing any acne treatment, I still have a lot of other stuff that I should get used to doing again.
      • Using lotion after I take a bath and before I sleep.
      • Put on petroleum jelly on my lips to prevent those cracks, especially now that it’s so fricking cold out here.
      • Always exfoliate and make sure to clean my face after a whole day of staying in our computer shop.
      • Apply sun block / sunscreen lotion on me whenever I go out. Though I’m not fair-complexioned, I don’t want my skin to wrinkle too early ’cause of sun damage.
      • Start waxing instead of plucking or shaving. TMI?! *LOL* ^_^
    • Put on some lipstick. I know, some may be surprised that I don’t use lipstick. I prefer my lips’ natural color. But, because of iron deficiency the past months, I now realize I need to put on lipstick. I’ll post about this soon so you can help me choose which color suits me best. ^_^
    • A day at the spa with my girlfriends or my mother is a MUST! Thank goodness for all those group coupon websites!


  • Boost my monthly earnings to $250-300 a month.

    • I haven’t been focused the past months on my online money-making. I guess I got so preoccupied with other stuff in my life that I lost focus. But, I’ve got solid plans now to increase my earnings. These, I will reveal soon!
    • I need to join more contests AND put more effort into it so I can bag more prizes. I wish I can win gadgets again this year just like when I won 2 Nokia 5230 phones and an iPad in 2010.
    • Because of how busy I’ve been the past months, I’ve slightly neglected my blog Pinay Online Money Maker. So, now, I have come up with a schedule when I’ll be writing posts for each of my blogs. That way, my other blogs won’t feel left alone.


  • Be a better blogger and reader/follower.

    • Continue helping others who look up to me for inspiration in blogging and making money online. I’m proud to say that I enjoy interacting with my blog readers and how glad I am to have influenced / encouraged people to start blogging and online money-making, too.
    • I’ve read about other bloggers setting a goal on comments they post. I prefer to do it my way. Actually, I’ve started my game plan already but fell off the wagon a couple of times because of too many other things I have to do offline and online. But, I’m determined to make this work ’cause it’s important to me to let my fellow bloggers I follow know that I actually read their posts.

    My blog contests in 2010 - Make a Wish and Thirty on 30 -

    • Host a giveaway for each of my blogs at least once a year. I love hosting giveaways! In fact, I love being the host more than I enjoy joining. I guess it’s because I love going through the entries.
    • Proofread my posts BEFORE publishing. Still need to remember this before I click on the Publish button.


  • Be a better ME.

    • I want to make sure my family and I perform charity work at least once a year, starting this year. I still haven’t figured out how to do this, but I know my mom has a lot of ideas.
    • The new and true ME - happier, stronger, fearless! - I’ve already worked on my temper. It has been uncontrollable the past years. Now, I don’t get upset, irritated or angry as quickly as before. I’m relearning how to control my temper.
    • Go out more with my friends. The past months, I’ve reunited with my long-time friends and words aren’t enough to express how much I miss them. Though a lot of things have changed in our lives the past years, I know our friendship will last forever.
    • Add more items on my bucket list. More adventurous activities this time. ^_^
    • Travel more around the Philippines and save up for trips abroad! Next stops are Bohol, Davao, Palawan and Batanes!
    • STOP PROCRASTINATING! Major issue with me, really.
    • Pray and be more connected to God… MY WAY. Though I’m not a practicing Catholic, I can proudly say that I’ve never been closer to Him than I was before I used to follow all the “rules”. I feel a closer communication with Him through my own ways. And I know He’s been blessing me and my family, and He’s guiding me through all the hardships I’ve experienced and preparing me for those I’m still about to go through.


Those are my resolutions and game plans for this year. Pardon the very long post, but I just wanted to write and publish them all so I can look back to this post anytime I need to be reminded of what I wanted to accomplish this year.

How about you? What are your resolutions and game plans this year? Share your post links! Would love to read them! 🙂