My Best Friends For Life

Last week, we received bad news from one of my best friends, Jasmin. Her mother was rushed to the hospital and she was placed on critical care. I was disheartened by the news and I felt for her. I cannot imagine how I’d feel if that happens to my mother. I won’t even wish that on my worst enemy.

Please help us pray for Jasmin’s mother’s, Mama Josie, full recovery. I’ll be posting more about her in my next post. Thank you.

And, as expected in a time like this, the rest of our group of friends contacted each other and agreed to visit Jasmin and her mother at the hospital. We wanted to see for ourselves how they’re doing. We’ve been praying for them ever since.

I’ve got different groups of friends. There’s my group of friends from IRC who eventually became my very close friends, too (Tomador Inc). Then there are my friends at my previous jobs, my college friends, and my online friends (bloggers, gamers, etc). Lastly, but most importantly, there’s my “barkadang tunay”, my best friends for life (BFFL) – Jasmin, Tina / May, Carmina and Sheryl.

My barkadang tunay, my high school best friends - From left: Carmina, Sheryl, Tina, Jasmin and moi!
A new photo taken at the hospital. I know, it’s been years since we last had a group photo taken so Mina was ready with her digital camera and took the opportunity to have a 2011 photo of us taken even when we’re at the hospital, even with medicine cabinets around us or the hospital bed post blocking the shot.

We’ve been through A LOT together. We’ve had crazy and petty arguments/fights. There was even a time our group was divided because of misunderstandings. But, I guess time healed all the wounds and now, we’re all glad to see each other again.

It’s been YEARS (felt like decades) since we last saw each other as a whole group. Most of the time, it’ll be just the four of them ’cause I’m busy with work OR “someone” won’t give me the time to join them. But, now that I’m free to do whatever I want, I wouldn’t pass up future chances of seeing my gurls again.

We’ve got different personalities. Sheryl is the quiet one, but is breaking out of her shell. Mina and Jasmin are the most talkative among our group of friends, but Mina gets the trophy most of the time. *LOL*

Mina is also the second craziest person in our group (next to me). Okay, make that “wildest”. Hahahaha. That’s where we get along well. She’s a mother to a very cute baby girl (my goddaughter, of course) who I can’t wait to see.

Jasmin, Tina and I are the cynics in the group. Jasmin is the most energetic of us all and I love “discussing” things with her ’cause we don’t get affected by each other’s strong personality. We can spend hours arguing and not feel a bit of tension between us. Nice, eh?

Tina, well, since she’s been my friend the longest, is the closest to me. But, I’m close with everyone in our group. I guess we’ve got more patience for each other ’cause of how long we’ve been friends (2 decades!).

My best friends for life! -

Well, I used to be really close to all of them. I’m usually the person everyone confides in or asks for advice. I guess that’s because I got to experience some crazy stuff at an early age. But, because I was “absent” for the past years, I haven’t been that updated with their lives. And, last week, when we were at the hospital, was when I quickly got an update about what’s new in their lives.

All I can tell you now about how I felt that day about seeing them again was I so miss my gurls. I’ve actually thought of something so we’d see each other more often. But, I’ll discuss that with them first. For now, I’m just planning on our next meet-up. I can’t wait to bond with my gurls again. They’re truly my best friends for life.

Love this photo of us 5 just outside Save More near SM Sta. Mesa -

I’ll be blogging about Jasmin and her mother next. Please, I hope you can pray for her full recovery. Thank you.