Top Web Hosting Companies

One of the things I love about the internet and online shopping is the convenience it gives us. Now, when you want to buy something online or even offline, you can check out other people’s reviews on the products or services to help you decide if you should continue with the purchase or not.

Just like the other week, a friend of mine was asking me to help her setup a website for her online shop. Not a blog, but an actual website. So, I went scouring the web and stumbled upon this web hosting reviews site where you can compare the 10 best web hosting companies to-date.

Out of all the top 10 web hosting companies listed as of January 30th (yes, they update the list regularly), I’m only familiar with 7. The top 2 web hosts are Just Host and iPage, which I have tried myself when I designed a website for this certain cosmetic surgeon a few years back.

I like this listing of top 10 web hosting companies over on The Top 10 Best Web Hosting website because you see the comparison and important basic information you need about the web hosting companies as soon as you open their website. You see the lowest prices each hosting company offer and how much disk space and bandwidth you get for it. Also, they even include the performance of each hosting like their uptime and speed. Plus, there are a lot of reviews from customers that you can read and base your decision on. And, as I’ve mentioned earlier, they update the reviews regularly.

They also have separate listings for top 10 web hosting companies in the USA and in the UK. They even have a top 10 listing for reseller hosting which I know those who are interested in selling web hosting (I might get into this business in the future) will find very useful. And, so far, Just Host is topping the lists so I might try their services for my friend’s upcoming online store.