Who’s Your Host?!

Though all my WordPress blogs are on a free hosting (thanks to a very generous fellow blogger), I still am contemplating on which hosting company I should be in business with when the time comes that my generous host won’t provide it for me for free anymore. I doubt we’d go there ’cause he’s just uber kind, but it’s better to be prepared just in case, right?

Wordpress hosting - JustAnotherPixel.netOne of the hosting companies I’ve been really interested in is FatCow.com. Like any other hosting company out there, there are positive and negative reviews about them. But, most of the reviews I read, especially the ones on AlreadyHosting.com, were their customer service is very helpful. Though I tend to troubleshoot problems myself, I still would want to make sure that in case I can’t fix the problem myself that my host’s customer service will do everything they can to help me out. I worked in customer service before so this is extremely important to me, too, aside from the least downtime and server issues.

I also looked at other hosting, particularly the ones recommended by WordPress, and I’m not quite convinced because I’ve read a lot of negative reviews on them. But, like what I said earlier, all hosts have their own pros and cons, the good and bad. So, it’s really all up to me which one I find more reliable.

How about you? What hosting are you  using for your WordPress blog/s? Please, share your experiences at the comment section. Thanks!