Please Support Me and My Stage Nanay!

I just joined NomNom Club‘s giveaway where you can win a Samsung Microwave oven.

My nanay, if you don’t know yet, have been really supportive of my blogging, especially with Certified Foodies. She has also seen how much money I’ve been earning online and the prizes I’ve received from joining these contests. And, so, she actually came up with this idea that she’ll pose for my photo entry instead. So, here it is:Click here to support me and my Stage nanay -

I took that photo just a few hours ago, after our short post-Valentine’s “date”. I super love her for being so game even when we were tired from all the walking, grocery-shopping and traveling we had to do.

For this contest, the photo with the Most # of Unique COMMENTS wins. So, I really hope you can support us on this. Here’s how you can show your support:

  1. Like NomNom Club on Facebook.
  2. Go to my photo entry. Leave a comment. Any short comment would do!
    The winner gets picked based on the # of COMMENTS. ^_^

That’s it! If you feel like joining, too, click here for the complete mechanics.

UPDATE: My nanay posted a bribe to all who’ll support us – her specialty, ginataang bilobilo. I literally ROFL when I saw it hahahaha.

Thank you in advance for your support! We need a new microwave oven! The one we were using broke 2 weeks ago. That’s why we want to win this, especially because I’ve heard good things about Samsung. ^_^