Are You Ready for 2012?

Yesterday, we heard and watched devastating news of an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.9 hitting Japan and causing tsunamis that ruined lives and properties across the Northeastern part of their country. I know I wasn’t the only one deeply saddened by this disaster. Everyone was praying for Japan and those who were, and still are, affected by everything that transpired yesterday.

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When I hear news about natural disasters and even wars or major violent clashes like that in Libya, I can’t help but wonder if those prophecies about 2012 marking the end of the world is true. Okay, I’m not a believer. I’m not a very religious person, but I do believe in God. And I strongly believe He will not let the world end like that. PLUS, there’s been predictions like it. For instance, people said the world will end back in 2000 and at the start of the millennium. And we’re now 11 years past that. Also, these disasters that are happening to us now have also happened in the past years so they can’t completely be signs of our doomsday, right? But, still, it’s a pretty scary thought.

Let’s talk about global warming. I mean, the damage has been done. We’ve caused Mother Nature to retaliate against us not taking care of our environment more than we should. All we can do now is to prevent further damage. But, how can we do that without sacrificing our progress in technology and other sciences?

Again, it’s a scary thought – our world ending by December 2012. One that I don’t completely believe in, but it makes me think about what I’m doing with my life RIGHT NOW. Makes me think of what I should be doing if I only have less than 2 years to live on this Earth.

Yeah, I have my bucket list. But, most of the ones I listed there are FOR ME. I feel like I haven’t done enough to prove that I am a kind, generous, loving and caring human being. And, above all, I feel like I haven’t fulfilled my purpose on this Earth yet. Less than 2 years is not enough for me to find out why I was born into this world. I mean, it took me 30 years to be in this situation I am now where I’ve finally figured out that I want to manage my own business that’s related to technology/computers AND that I truly have a passion for blogging, design and writing, and I would be completely happy pursuing it.

Yes, I’m still experiencing quarter life crisis. My brother, who’s only 23, is also experiencing this. He wrote about it on his blog What The Fat. I’m telling him to not stress himself too much about finding his purpose, a piece of advice based on how I “practiced” or experienced it myself so I’m allowed to preach about it.

He’s experiencing issues about where he thinks he should be at his age. He graduated as a Nurse and passed the board exams with flying colors. But, now, he’s pursuing a different career. And he’s not the only graduate from a medical school or with a Nursing degree who is experiencing this. Most Nursing students nowadays end up working for call centers (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Imagine, just weeks ago, 29,000 were added to the pool of licensed nurses in the Philippines. That’s a LOT.

I took up a course I had true passion for – Computer Engineering. But, in all honesty, I didn’t learn a thing from my school. That’s why when people wonder where I studied after learning about my business, I always answer with “it’s a secret!” or “never mind”.  My course and my school weren’t the ones responsible for where I am now. It was ME who pursued this and made it possible. Of course, with the help of my mother (and people from my past). That’s why, though I’m a bit worried about what my purpose is in life, I know that I’ll eventually realize it. I just have to continue what I’m doing and not actively search or discover it. I trust that it will come to me.

Still, I believe less than 2 years is not enough. So, I don’t think the world will end in 2012. But, hey, we’ll see then.

See yah in 2013! Oh, I don’t like the last 2 numbers!

See yah in 2014 then!

Let’s all pause for a few seconds to pray for everyone in Japan and nearby islands and countries (including Hawaii) who were and are affected by the recent earthquake and series of tsunamis. Please stay safe everyone. God bless!