Weight Loss Progress Report #2

It was last March that I published my first weight loss progress report. On that post, I listed things that I’ve been doing to lose weight. On this second progress report, I want to be completely honest with how I’ve been keeping up with my plans to lose weight.


Half cup of rice for lunch, no rice for dinner.
Okay, for the past 2 weeks, I haven’t been doing this. I can start blaming my mother for cooking such delicious dishes, mostly my favorites, for the past weeks. I can also say it was due to all the food I’ve been eating at the events I attended. But, really, it’s all my fault.

Over the weekend, I felt so guilty. I mean, not that I want to deprive myself from eating what I love, but it’s all about the right proportions for me to continue losing weight.

And, so, I’m restarting my less carbs diet this week. In fact, while writing this post, I’m eating a sandwich (Gardenia bread with boiled hotdogs). Yes, I also promise to stay away from anything fried.


Drinking tea in the morning/afternoon and after dinner.
This one, I’m still continuously doing. I’ve been trying to convince my friends to try it, especially my best friend Tina, ’cause it did help me lose inches on my waist. I saw the slimming effects on my dad so I was convinced to try it.

I'm enjoying a cup of Lipton 'Brisk' Tea while writing this post - JustAnotherPixel.net

I know, most people would complain about the taste of tea. I’ve been there. Trust me, it’ll get better. I used to really hate the taste, but after a few days, I got so used to it that now, I can drink tea like it’s just water. But, of course, I make sure to drink lots of water (mostly cold) everyday ‘cause it’ll also aid in my weight loss.


15-30 minute workouts every other day.
Okay, honestly, I’ve stopped doing this. I’ve been too busy lately that I barely have time to work out. I Sweaty me while taking a break after a round of badminton - JustAnotherPixel.netusually end up sleeping at around 4-6am. I need to wake up at 10-11am to prepare for my shop’s opening. So, I don’t have the energy and mind power to do any workout/exercise.

HOWEVER, BUT, DESPITE ALL THAT, my bro Kenneth and I have sworn to start playing badminton as often as possible. We started last week, Friday. So far, we’ve played twice. The first day, we played for 2 hours. This morning, we played for 3 hours.

You see, yoga, going to the gym, or plain exercising just won’t work for me. I’m too hyper to stay still. I want to enjoy or have fun while I’m exercising. So, playing badminton is the only exercise I’m opting for now.

But, I’d probably hit the gym by the last quarter of this year since I need to focus on my oh-so flabby arms. So far though, I’m glad I started playing badminton again. I remember, when we were playing before, it helped boost my stamina. And I’m also starting to learn the ropes of its gameplay. I won’t be surprised if I’d be able to play competitively.

Alright, that last statement is just me dreaming. Hehehe. But, I know I’ll play better. 🙂


No to sweets. Yes to fruits.
Yes, I still prefer fruits over sweets. I had to scold my mother numerous times ’cause she kept on buying pastries like macaroons, polvoron and the like ’cause it makes us want to gobble them up. LOL I really wish I can make her stop from buying sweets. No matter how many times and how serious we are in telling her to just stop, she’s just too stubborn. I won’t stop from convincing her though ‘til she really stops.

Last week, when my bro Kenneth and I were at Glorietta, we were craving so much for something cool that we went to DairyQueen to enjoy a cup of Blizzard. Well, we ended up buying a 16oz cup each since we wanted different flavors. We weren’t able to finish the whole thing. We were too full already with still a half-cup full of the ice cream.

Our 16oz. cups of Dairy Queen Blizzard - JustAnotherPixel.net

We felt oh-so guilty afterwards that my bro came up with this brilliant idea. Like our very own food trip rule. Whenever we want to try something sinful, we should only buy one serving of it and we’d split it between the 2 of us. No matter how good it is. That way, we can still go on our food trips without feeling like we failed again in keeping up with our diet plans.

I’m glad we’re united towards one cause – to lose weight but still enjoy ourselves on our cheat days when we go out.

I’ve fallen off the wagon many times during the past month that I feel like punishing myself for it. But, I know that’s not a good idea so I’m just rehashing my diet cycle/habits. No, I don’t have any plans of taking any diet pills, using sensa or other food flavoring alternatives. I want to be disciplined when it comes to eating and my daily routines.


The Progress

Now, though I did give myself A TON of cheat days the past month, I think I’m ready to show you some body shots of how I looked last year compared to how I look now.

Body shots! Look at the changes! - JustAnotherPixel.net

See how BIG I was back in September 2010?! My gosh! When I was looking at that photo in preparation for this post, I cried out, “What was I thinking?!” (Yes, in English. I do that a lot LOL). There wasn’t any huge change on my arms, but on my body, my waist, and hips, I’ve lost inches! I can wear jeans that can barely make it up to my thighs back a few months ago. I’m getting there, you see! 🙂

I don’t have any notable weight loss when it comes to actual pounds the past month. I did lose about 8 pounds before I started on my cheat days. I know, I still have a long way to go before I hit my weight goal for 2011. But, I still have 7 months to reach it so give me a chance to prove I’m serious about this.

I’m happy that there are still people who are noticing my weight loss. Though now, it’s a li’l gradual ’cause of my, y’know, stubborness the past weeks. But, trust me when I say I’m more determined now than ever to stay on the wagon. Wish me luck! 🙂

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