Someone Else’s Birthday Wish List (Most Probably)

My brother KenI’ve mentioned a couple of posts back that my birthday’s coming up. If you’ve known me for years, you’d probably know that I LOVE giving gifts, especially personalized stuff. So, though I’ve got a couple of things on my wish list on my upcoming birthday, I actually have other thoughts on my mind – what to give my brother on his birthday.

In a few days, my brother and I will be celebrating our birthdays. Nothing fancy though. Just us and our closest friends. We’ve got home-cooked meals planned out. But, mostly, my brother will be cooking so I thought to myself, I should get him something, right?

My brother is one of the many people I know who’s very vocal about what he wants to receive on his birthday. You may say it just makes the job easier for his friends and family, right? Well, here’s what I think his wish list would include this year:Kitchen Aid - top priority

Kitchen Aid – For sure, this is on top of his list. I’ve been meaning to buy him one, but I’ve got a ton of expenses all lined up to be paid this year so I promised to him I’ll get him one next year as his graduation gift. *LOL*

I was actually thinking of a fund-raising for this by hosting a giveaway. Sponsors will help us raise money to buy him that Kitchen Aid and the participants will get a chance to win baked goodies from my bro. Not sure though if that’s too selfish or what. What do you think?

Apple Macbook Air – He’s been wishing for this since time immemorial! He’s the big fanboy of Apple products and he eventually convinced me to enjoy my Apple iPad (that I no longer own… but I’m hoping to own an iPad2 sometime in the future *LoL*).

Apple Macbook Air

A Kitchen Makeover – Yes, with all the bells and whistles. But, definitely, he wants a new oven, a sturdy wooden kitchen table, cabinets and more tools for his baking.

Kitchen makeover

Toys – No, not the ones that grownups play with. The other day, we were at a toy store and he saw this couple buying their son a mini helicopter toy that can be controlled with a remote control (I don’t know what that’s called, but that’s how I’m going to describe it. Hehehe). He was like, “Gusto ko nyannnnn” (“I want oneeeee”) while tugging on the sleeve of my blouse. If I had the money, I might’ve actually bought him that fricking remote-controlled helicopter! *LOL*

Remote-controlled helicopter toy

Those are just 4 of what I know he wants to receive as gifts. But, do you know where I’m going with this?!

YES! His wish list includes a lot of expensive things that I can’t buy for him right off the bat. I wish there’s an official list of brother gifts that he could only pick from when I ask him what he wants. That way, I won’t feel guilty about not getting him anything he really wants. @_@

Well, okay, he’s not really guilt-tripping me into buying anything. I’m such a loving sister that I want to buy him everything he wants (Bro, don’t you dare disagree with this!). It’s times like this that I wish I was a billionaire. That way, I could buy him and our nanay everything they want – needs and wants.