Join my Giveaways this November 2011

I’ve been forgetting to also promote giveaways I have running on my other blogs here. For the past months, I think we hosted like about 10 giveaways on our other blogs already. It’s fun hosting a giveaway. If only I have the resources to do it more often, I would! ^_^

Right now, we’ve got 2 giveaways running. There’ll be another one coming up as one of the giveaways ends today, November 8th. I hope you stay tuned and always check on my other blog, Pinay Reviewer, as it’s where I post about my own latest giveaways and my finds or the ones I joined.

Though it’s been my promo or giveaway alerts blog, I have decided to turn Pinay Reviewer into my full-on review blog where I feature different products. From fashion, makeup (products, tools, and I’d probably post my own tuts there too), gadgets, or even eyelash growth products review, you’ll find in there. And this blog, Just Another Pixel, will be kept as my personal and travel blog.

Here are my current giveaways:

I might have a Crumpler giveaway soon on Pinay Reviewer plus some other giveaways, too. Just make sure you subscribe to updates on all my blogs to keep posted. 🙂