2011 Thanksgiving Day 3 : I’m Alive!

I’m supposed to complete a 9-day Thanksgiving series of posts, but I wasn’t able to write anything for the past week. So, expect a bulk of new writings in the next days. I’ll just sum all my posts up afterwards. 🙂

Thank you for LIFE

When was the last time you stopped and thanked God for being alive?

With our busy lives and countless priorities and distractions, I know how easy it is to forget to be thankful we’re alive. And I know a lot of us, especially my fellow Filipinos, recently prayed and thanked God for being alive today after seeing the destruction and all the lives that were lost from typhoon Sendong. But, do we really need a drastic reminder like this to know how lucky we are to still be here?

It’s one of the things I’ve learned this year: I should be thankful for my life by living it to the fullest. I know I haven’t really done anything to do that, but I know that it includes doing what I love and following my heart, an integral part of reaching the path towards my purpose in life.

After we were spared from typhoon Pedring, I often think about what else I need to accomplish to make me and my loved ones happy. I still have my bucket list to fulfill. And I haven’t done anything major to give back or help my fellowmen. So, I don’t think I really have done anything yet to truly say I have lived.

I know the world ending in 2012 sounds like all crazy talk, but seeing what has been happening lately all over the world, it’s scary to think that we may be getting there. It might not happen next year, but eventually, I believe our world, as we know it, will end if we don’t act on saving our planet now.

For 2012 and from here on out, I vow to live my life and do things that I know will fulfill me emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I vow to thank God for being alive by sharing a little bit of myself with others in any way I can. And I vow to keep all negativity away and focus on things that I know will make me smile and keep me inspired to look forward to tomorrow.