Go for Lasik Surgery…. ?

Over a month ago, my father was complaining about clouded vision. And when he had his eye checked, it was confirmed – he was developing cataract on his left eye causing his blurry vision.

EyesightWe knew we had to have the cataract removed now before it’s too late. It was another bump on the road financially, but it was important to us that we get his eye fixed right away. And so we did.

Thankfully, our medical insurance covered all the medical tests he had to undergo to ensure he’s fit for the minor surgery. I think the total costs of his lab / diagnostic tests would amount to about Php 20,000+, which is why I highly recommend you take advantage of your existing health or whatever insurance you may have (well except for auto or motorhome insurance of course). It can really save you a lot of money.

My dad’s doctor is Dr. Ronnie T. Pimentel, one of the well-known ophthalmologists in the country, so we know he’s in good hands. Doc recommended that since his eye’s grade is at 1,000+, he would include lasik surgery too.

Honestly, I was scared for my dad. The stress on him and us was twice as much ‘cause of his situation. And I prayed that the surgery will go well. It was an out-patient, minor operation, but still, like what I said last week, it’s still the eye so it’s not minor for me at all. He can completely lose his sight if it doesn’t go well.

Thankfully, it did. Last Thursday, my dad underwent the surgery. And in about 30 minutes, we were out of Metropolitan Medical Center. It was that fast and successful. And now, almost a week after, he’s seeing quite clearly. 🙂

Dr. Pimentel is also my eye doctor and when I had my eyes checked last year, he recommended I undergo lasik surgery as early as possible. Both my eyes have a grade of 950. I know, it runs in the family! I had really bad eyesight since I was a kid.

After my dad’s successful lasik surgery, I am really thinking about undergoing the same surgery by next year. It’s really hard having to wear glasses or contact lens all the time. I also had a minor scarring on my left eye because of my contacts so I badly need to get my sight fixed too.

Lasik eye surgery

I am real scared, I admit, because of one of my ultimate fears – losing my eyesight. So, I’m seriously having second thoughts about it. But, I’ve heard of success stories from people who have undergone the surgery. I have a cousin who did it and she’s got 20/20 vision now. And I seriously envy my dad ‘cause he doesn’t need to worry about wearing glasses anymore.

My nanay wants me to go through with it so now, I’m preparing myself for lasik surgery next year. Still scared, but I guess I’ll get over this by then.

Please share your thoughts on this. I know I need it before my sight becomes any worse.

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