Migrating to a New Server Yet Again?!

The past 2 weeks have been really hectic for me as a freelancer. I have accepted a couple of online tasks aside from the web design project I’m currently finishing. I’m happy that I’m this busy, don’t get me wrong. I’d rather be doing a lot of things (and earning from them) than idle. 🙂

I know I’ve been holding off on migrating this blog, Just Another Pixel, into a self-hosted WordPress. I know ways to keep its PR4, but I’m pretty okay with staying here on Blogger. I don’t think I really need much customization on here anyway since this is a personal blog after all.

Next year, me and a friend of mine (holler at Joy of Notepad Corner) are thinking about buying our own web hosting and transferring all our blogs there. My five WordPress blogs are currently hosted on another blogger friend’s servers. I’m kind of embarrassed to contact him whenever I have issues that only him can fix, but I’m happy with the performance of my blogs after I was able to resolve the DNS issues. My generous host has been very kind and nice so I think I might stick with his hosting for awhile.

But, if my friend still wants to continue moving to another host, I might join her and move a couple of my blogs to another server. She’s been reading a ton of web host reviews. I know there isn’t one perfect web host so I guess we’re going to base it on what most of our fellow bloggers would recommend. I’m not sure about getting hosted on a local web hosting service. I’m too paranoid about security, especially with all the hacking issues that rattled a couple of bloggers I know. @_@ We’ll see what we’ll decide on by February.