2011 Thanksgiving Day 7 : Blessings

Thank you for all the blessings

2011 has been a truly fruitful year for me and my family. There have been a ton of opportunities that came our way, but there are some other blessings we’ve received that I am so thankful for too.


My father’s successful minor eye surgery…

He had cataract removed from his left eye. The doctor also recommended he undergo lasik surgery since his eye’s grade was over 1,000. He now can see clearly and his vision should be at 20/20 very soon. I now envy him because he doesn’t need to wear any graded glasses anymore. I’m hoping to undergo the same lasik surgery this 2012.

Meet Bochok and Bechay, our new Persian cats

The new additions to our family…

I’ve already posted about them – our 4 new puppies, 5 new kittens and 2 new cats. Though it can be real chaotic at times, I can’t help but smile whenever I see all our pets at home. They’re truly a part of our family. 🙂


Our health insurance….

Because of this, we don’t have to worry about spending too much on medical checkups. Without it, we would’ve spent like over Php 50,000 for my dad’s checkups before his eye surgery. My nanay and I also had a series of medical tests the past weeks and we’ll learn about the results this week. We might’ve not undergone any of these checkups and learned what we need to work on in terms of a much-needed lifestyle change if it wasn’t because of our medical insurance. It’s just too costly.

So, if you have a current health insurance, make use of it. I’ve worked for different corporations before and I had pretty good health insurance plans, especially when I was with ePLDT, that I didn’t get to take advantage of because of my fears of knowing anything negative about my health. Again, PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. It’s better to know now than later.


I'm now a proud owner of a Blackberry Bold 9900 phone!

My new smartphone…

I know, this might sound too materialistic, but I’m thankful for my Blackberry Bold 9900 (it was on my gadget wishlist for 2012, but I managed to purchase it before 2011 ended) and all the things I’ve bought for myself in 2011. They symbolize more than the material aspect of the whole thing. If you really know me, you’d probably say it’s about time. I don’t usually spend on gadgets or anything for myself. I think I’ve spent more on other people over the years. It may be the people pleaser in me. But, I learned in 2011 that I need to reward myself, especially after years of working hard. I need to spend on my own happiness too. This way, I’d be more encouraged and inspired to wake up everyday and do all my work all over again. Plus, I’ll be needing this BB in my upcoming projects. 🙂


My Nikon D3100 DSLR camera

My new DSLR camera…

I got this as a gift / reward for web design projects and assistance I provided for a friend of mine. Now, we can take better pictures for our food blog. My bro and I are also planning on launching our travel blog this year so this DSLR will really come in handy. 🙂


My computer shop business is earning steadily…

Ever since I hired an assistant early last year, my computer shop’s earnings have improved. I still have to work on a couple more adjustments and additions to my services, but at least now, I almost hit my sales quota everyday. Now, I take care of our electricity and phone bills, shopped for some necessities here at home and for Ken, while almost done with 1/4 of what I still owe for buying these new computers. I’ll be done by June so that’s great! 🙂


We were spared from a huge loss when typhoon Pedring hit the country

Looking at how much damage and loss the people from CDO and Iligan suffered from typhoon Sendong made me realize how lucky we all were that we lost nothing valuable during the last strong typhoon that hit our part of the country.


My brother’s doing well in his culinary journey

He’ll be done with culinary school before July 2012. Even before he graduates, I’ve seen a lot of promise and I can’t wait to continue my support towards him reaching his long-awaited goals in life and career.


The knowledge / realization of how blessed we are…

Whenever I feel down or sad, I always look back on all the blessings I have received. It does help lighten up my mood and keep me going.

You might think it’s too easy to be thankful for being blessed, but it’s one of the things we neglect because we tend to compare our lives with others. Remember that there are always people who’d be more successful, more handsome or beautiful, smarter, or more popular than you are, but you also have to realize that there are other people who look up to you too because they think you’re better than them.

There’ll always be someone better than you are or who’s living a happier life than you do, so stop the comparison and be thankful for what you have and who you are now. I’ve learned that the moment you acknowledge how blessed you are, the quicker you get back to the path you should be leading. 🙂