Any Good New Online Game?

I'm bored

Some of you might find it funny that I still have time to get bored. With all the tasks and research I do at night for work and all the tasks I juggle after work and weekends for my blogs, my sideline projects, all the while maintaining a social life (most of the time, online… there’s no shame in that *wink*), I do still have a couple of minutes to hours where I get bored because I can’t find anything else interesting to do. If I only had a ton of cash, I might have invited friends to play bingo online for cash with me. But, since I don’t have that much money to spare, I’ve tried rekindling my love for MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games) like Ragnarok Online. After playing for about 30 minutes, I got bored. *LOL*

Pet Society

I remember playing Facebook games before during idle time. There’s Cafe World and Pet Society (click to see my posts on them here). Oh, this reminds me. I’m planning on giving away my Pet Society stuff. I’ve got a ton! I don’t play it anymore because it seems like the whole gameplay is too repetitive for me. I found it really cute at first, then I got addicted to collecting new stuff every week. Then, I got bored after over 6 months of playing. I had fun with Cafe World too because of the whole decorating, etc. But, same repetitive gameplay. I wanted something a li’l diverse.

I’m now on the lookout for a new online game to play. A couple of months ago, people have suggested I play Dragon Nest, but I lost interest the same night I played it. I need something that’ll spark my interest, something not too repetitive and with a gameplay that doesn’t revolve around completing quests, killing monsters to gain experience and money, partying with other gamers, etc.

I’m about to try playing Virtual Villagers again (the latest). It was really fun. Though some may argue it’s almost similar to Pet Society because you take care of people, but I love the randomness of the storylines and what will happen to your villagers. So, I might actually enjoy this one again and play it when I get bored. Until I find an online game that’ll intrigue me enough to play it for longer than an hour, I’ll stick this to my Virtual Villagers.

Any suggestions on a good online game?