The Remnants of The Vow

No, I haven’t been married or taken a vow of commitment to anyone yet. I meant the movie, The Vow, starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum.


When I saw the trailer of the movie months ago, I couldn’t wait to finally see it on the big screen. And last week, I finally got to watch it with my bro. Not my ideal movie date, but we were at the mall completing an assignment and agreed on watching it since he also loves it. My bro and I are both hopeless romantics (have you read our article on the maiden issue of Breakfast Magazine? *wink*) so it was a no-brainer choosing which movie we wanted to see.

The Vow movie posterAnyway, going back to the movie, it reminded me so much of 50 First Dates, which I LOVED. I know it’ll be painful to watch another heart-breaking story about the experience or what you go through when a loved one loses all memories of you. For me, it’s worst than knowing they fell out of love. Don’t you agree?

I really don’t like writing movie reviews. I prefer to sit back and watch, be in the moment and not worry about having to remember the important parts of the story to write about it later. My mind’s not programmed for that so I’m just sharing with you what I felt while watching the movie and, just like the title of this post said, what I think about now that I have watched it.

The story wasn’t actually as heart-breaking as you would’ve imagined. Throughout the movie, they show us glimpses of how Paige (Rachel) and Leo (Channing) met, how they fell in love, and how much they care and make each other complete. So, to lose all that in a freak car accident is the worst thing that can happen I can imagine. Well, aside from death, I mean.

I can imagine being completely in love with someone, my world almost revolving around that love, the relationship, being married. And, then, because of a terrible accident, he forgets about me COMPLETELY. The hardest part about the situation of Leo in the movie is Paige is a completely different person – the person she was years before she met him…. before she became the person Leo fell in love with and who loved him oh-so tenderly.

Oh wait, that’s not the worst part. Paige came back as her old self, still in love with her ex who she broke up with years ago. Ugh. If I was Leo, I might’ve started a war. *LOL*

Kiddin’ aside, the movie made me think about the possibility of meeting someone who will stand by me, no matter what happens, and be there ’til I find myself again, accident or no accident. Y’know what I mean? It’s not just about Paige losing her memories, but for me, the movie delivered a different message to me. I need to be with someone who would be there even when there are times I don’t know who I am, and I’m lost…. times when I’m confused about what I wanted to do with life and he’ll be there to push me, rather gently, towards knowing what I wanted to do in life. Someone who’ll hold my hand while I find my way back. Someone who’ll be EXTREMELY patient with me when I act stubborn or like I don’t care. I can be a bitch sometimes, you know.

I’ve been in love and loved truly, deeply and madly before. I know how it feels like to be loved completely, but I want something unconditional. Something beyond myself, beyond what I can imagine and what I have experienced. I want that once in a lifetime love.

A once in a lifetime love

I mentioned earlier that The Vow is not a truly heart-breaking movie. The saying, “Love is patient” never rang truest than in the love story of Leo and Paige. Leo patiently waited for her to fall in love with him again, for her to let him help bring back how they were before the accident. And, eventually, how selfless of Leo to let go and accept the fact that Paige might not be able to love him again the way she did before. For me, that’s true love.

No romantic gestures, no matter how inexpensive (like buying best gifts for your wife under $20) or major, can beat unconditional love. And I hope, one day, in the near future, I’d be able to experience that again, not just for someone, but for the other person to feel the same way towards me. I know I’m worth it. 😉

Leo (Channing) and Paige (Rachel) in The Vow

If you ask me which one’s the best – 50 First Dates or The Vow – I’d probably say the guy in the first movie picked the shorter straw in life so I can’t really pick since he never gave up even knowing the fact that she’ll forget about him again the next day. But, I felt the love more in the second movie.

How about you? What do you think of the movie The Vow?