Inspiration: Sex and The City

Sex and the CityI’ve recently started re-watching Sex and The City for the Nth time. You might be thinking, oh, not another one who’ll claim she can relate to the characters of this series; that the series is too cheeky for them or it’s nonsense. But, the truth is, I believe there’s a Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda in all of us women, thus, their stories and issues are a bit relatable, which is further proven by how successful the show has been around the world and even the movies that were made after (not a big fan though – I prefer the storylines of the TV series). I know it’s somewhat too late to be writing about this series now. I’ve been meaning to before, but I wasn’t as free to write whatever here then.

I can’t really pinpoint who I can relate to the most among the four ladies because I haven’t been through a lot of things they experienced. Plus, they live in New York, one of the most progressive cities in the world. But, this TV series has affected me, in a way, and I’m not ashamed to say it.

Samantha of Sex and the City

Most of my friends who watched the series told me I’m a mix of Carrie and Samantha. The latter because of my wild side and how I view sex altogether. I believe that women should never be ashamed to completely enjoy sex. We have to make sure we’re satisfied EVERYTIME, no matter what, even if it means teaching a man how and where to touch you. *wink* And, also, maybe a little of Samantha’s confidence and independence, I got. But, I think when it comes to the independence part, I’m more of a Miranda.

Miranda of Sex and the City

I help my mom manage the finances at home. I haven’t had the chance yet to move out of our home, but it’s not really connected to being independent. I’m ready to do it, but as long as I don’t think I need to, I’ll stay here to help and accompany my mom.

Charlotte of Sex and The City

What I’m saying is, though I still want to be treated like a lady the same way Charlotte does, I can take care of myself too. That’s why I hate women who play damsels in distress just to hook up with a man. It’s such a turn on for me if a guy can appreciate my independence, or love that about me. I don’t believe in dumbing ourselves down just to be with a man. If he’s man enough, he can handle a smart, independent woman, even if that means I earn more than he does.

Carrying on from that last statement, I actually enjoy spending money on a guy. My last relationship with a man, he wanted to take care of everything whenever we go out. But, I earn my own living, so I told him that I’d love it if he’d let me pay sometimes. And I think when we got to that phase in the relationship, he appreciated me more. There was just an unfortunate incident that resulted to us breaking up, but I know I sort of raised his standards of women because, the last time I checked, he’s engaged to a wonderful and successful woman. And because of that experience too, I can no longer settle with a man who can’t handle all of me. What’s the point, right?

Carrie of Sex and the City

Carrie – most people I know say they can relate to her more than anyone else in the series. I guess, for me, I can relate to her in some levels like how she freaked out when her relationship with Aidan seemed to be so perfect. I had exactly the same experience. I learned my lesson the hard way. Not all men are the same.

Miranda – I can relate to her too because of her cynicism. My friends who really know me will tell you I’m cynical and I can be completely blunt about it, especially when I care for someone and I believe they deserve to know the truth. In my opinion though, I should be tagged as a realist rather than a cynic. I believe that we all have to acknowledge everything that may or may not happen so we can have a Plan B. I’m a little OC like that, however I’ve already began to be more spontaneous. I think, at this day and age, I need a little more adventure in my life.

I’m already on season 3 of Sex and The City, the part where Carrie just admitted to Aidan she cheated with Big while they were together. Argh! I wanted to strangle Carrie for what she did to Aidan. Though I understand the part where she got tempted and lured into sleeping with Big (I’ve been there, done that), everything was just ridiculously stupid of her. And it’s true that some of us, no matter how successful or how morally behaved we are, we can still make those numbingly stupid mistakes. It happens to the best of us. What’s important is how we get back up and learn from the experience.

Sex and the City - Charlotte, Miranda, Carrie and Samantha

I miss writing like this. Watching the series, listening to Carrie’s thoughts and seeing her type away on her laptop for her column made me realize how long I haven’t written here on my blog in my own voice. I know, I get paid posts here since it’s one of the ways I now earn money online and I make sure that the keywords are inserted into really thought out posts, but still, I love writing away, not worry about strategies to make a paragraph or sentence work around the paid keywords assigned to me. LOL

I know, I’ve promised before that I’ll be writing more here, but because of my other responsibilities, I end up with a pile of drafts and ideas that I don’t end up publishing. I’ve got over 27 drafts on this blog that I don’t want to publish anymore because the momentum is no longer there or the timing’s inappropriate. Next time, I’ll make sure that if I write something, I’ll post it right away.

Anyway, going back to Sex and The City, have you watched the series? Which of the characters can you relate to the most?